Log 6: Parasite

Prompt: Aging

Episode: Nanosec

Notes: Megatron (and my first real attempt at writing in a villain POV)

The arm barely responds to my commands and even now, only minutes after its installation it is failing. Sparks fly from the flimsy steel casing, inferior parts engineered by inferior beings.


The human—Sumdac is his designation—apologizes again; at least he is able to recognize what is causing the problem.

He is good for little else.


Without a body I am extremely limited in the actions I can take.

He is necessary.

For now.

However, there is a problem I am becoming increasingly aware of.

Organic beings on this planet age significantly faster than I (and I can only assume those meddling Autobots) do. Their lifespan is measured in something they refer to as decades. There is no decent Cybertronian equivalent for such an infinitesimal period of time. Breem comes close but is still not small enough.

This means more importantly that there is a very finite period of time in which I will be able to acquire the tools and teach this fool the skills to construct a new body.

Because though Sumdac is utterly incompetent, the world recognizes him as the foremost robotics engineer in the field. His research is plastered all over their primitive

Internet. Even though I am the basis for all of his inventive work, it requires some...skill I will admit...to reverse engineer something of use from it.

All the more imperative that I divulge some more information so he can develop the means to create my true form again.

"Tell me Sumdac, how much do you know about nanites?"

He launches into a primitive explanation, one that is beneath my need to pay attention.

Pitifully devolved species.