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Author's Notes:Hi everyone! This is the sequel to my story; 'What Happens Now?' Just a bit of background: Edward and Alice had slept together in a moment of weakness and both regretted it immediately...that's when Jasper and Bella found out. This led to a bit of a love triangle between Edward, Jasper and Bella- they had grown closer because of the betrayal. In the end, Bella was turned into a vampire (no one knows by who yet-except me.lol) but the Cullen's and her family believed she had left town to start a new life alone.

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Parvulus mos videor in an dissimilis vultus.

Is ero putus of pectus pectoris quod pallens of vis , etiamnunc vires is habitum ero pondera nostri universitas.

Suus cruor mos vomica , suus tergum mos frigus , is mos suo vox quod is mos reign.

Suus procellosus solers vadum exsisto impervious ut vulnero - suus mens impenetrabiilis.

Is est par ut haud creatura pro suus.

Unstoppable vis ero inter nos.

That is who I am in Latin. I embody those words.


The child will appear in an unlikely form.

She will be pure of heart and weak of nature, yet the strength she holds will be the balance of our world.

Her blood will boil, her skin will cool, she will join the power and she will reign.

Her tempestuous skills shall be impervious to harm- her mind impenetrable.

She is equal to no creature before her.

The unstoppable force will be among us.

That is who I am in English.

The words may change but the meaning's the same.

I am a creature to be feared.

I am Ruina

Authors Note's:Hi, sorry everyone for how crap that prophecy is, but I didn't know what to write for it. Just imagine someone you should be very afraid of.lol

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