I know, this should be illegal, but I can't help myself from starting another story. You see I've been falling more and more in love with Sam lately, not that I didn't love him before, but now I'm paying closer attention to the character. I still love Dean, but something about Sam has just got me captured lately, and I had to do a Were!chester flick in which just he gets turned! So for all my loyal followers who love these fics in which one of the brothers turns, here is a feast for Sammy lovers. I'm trying a new approach with this one, we shall see how that turns out so I beg of you to bear with me. Sorry if you're a Dean lover, but don't be afraid to check out his werewolf tale, "I am the Wolfman", that's got plenty of wolfy Dean for ya and it just got updated! Thanks for reading, enjoy the show!


Sam sighed heavily as his brother once again went over his "ninja" like maneuver, it consisted of jumping out from around the corner, kicking his invisible assailant in the face then jabbing it through the heart with a knife. The two were outside an old house waiting for their latest hunt to arrive home, a witch who had been killing locals for fun. Real nice lady she was.

"Dean for the last time, you're not a ninja." Sam glanced at his brother, who gave him a glare in mid stab.

"Whatever dude, when is this bitch gonna get home?" Dean returned his attention to stabbing and Sam rolled his eyes.

"She gets out of the office at eight, it's now eight fifteen so in the next few minutes Red Ranger." Sam smirked at his own joke and Dean sent him another glare, but before he could get out his own insult a car pulled into the driver way, the set of headlight narrowly missing them.

The brothers jumped down into the bushes in the back lawn and watched as the middle aged woman stepped out of her car and headed into the house. Using the signals they had been taught since childhood they also made it into the house, finding the back door unlatched they silently stepped in. The house was dark, the darkly painted walls not aiding them in an attempt to see their target. Dean pressed himself against the wall and Sam did the same, nodding they rounded the corner guns at the ready, to find the woman sitting with a cup of tea in one hand, a book in the other and a evil smirk on her lips.

Her long black hair cascaded down her back, her pale skin made her bright red lips appear to glow and her tall thin build made Dean almost regret having to kill her. To bad she was an insane killer.

"I was wondering when you boys were going to show up, but I guess late is better then never." She put her cup down and watched the brothers with easy eyes.

"Yeah well, Sammy here is picky with the details, wanted to make sure we were killing the right chick." Dean kept his gun pointed at her and Sam didn't take her eyes away.

"Well, what are you waiting for, take your best shot." She grinned and Dean glared.

Then he fired…only to find she vanished into thin air. They heard laughter echo throughout the house, the lights and fire suddenly going out.

"I really friggin' hate witches." Dean mumbled as he spun around, Sam and him back to back.

Sam stepped forward and rounded another corner, only to be blinded by bright sparks of assorted colors, he backed up but only found a wall which he slid down as he lost his footing.

Dean ran to aid him but was suddenly smacked in the head by a board out of no where, immediately knocking him out cold.

"Sorry honey, but this boys all mine." The witch had suddenly reappeared and stood over Dean as her spell held Sam down. Grinning she turned around and clapped her hands together at Sam struggling.

"Oh, hush now! I just ant to, well lets see, what do I want to do with you?" She ran long, thin fingers over his face as he glared up at her.

"Hmm, I remember you giving me such puppy dog eyes last time we met…" Her voice trailed off an a smile spread on her face.

"That's just it!" She began chanting something and he looked around wildly.

Sam really hated witches to, and whatever stupid spell she was using worked quiet well at holding him down. He was fighting with all his strength, but nothing helped.

Suddenly he was feeling dizzy, his eye sight was becoming fuzzy and he swore he felt like he was changing. As he slipped into unconsciousness he thought about how much he really hated witches.

Sam slowly came into consciousness, his eyes opening to find the room was oddly lit. Since when did he see in black and white? This fact suddenly clicking into place that something was definitely wrong he scrambled to get up, but found it much more difficult then usual. His legs and arms all got tangled and he ended up falling flat on his face, which he now saw was much different then usual.

Looking down he found he had a muzzle, slowly placing his hands under himself he pushed himself up onto all fours, which was much comfier then usual. Looking down his mind went into overdrive panic as he found incredibly large paws in place of hands and feet, wolf like legs, thick, dark brown fur everywhere and very un-Sam like body.

"Crap." He thought as he examined his new self curiously.

Turning around he found a nice fluffy tail at the base of his spine, his back legs a cross between human and wolf with a thick build but digit grade feet. His barrel was thick with muscles and a dark mane covered his back, neck and face.

"Well, this is just great…" Sam huffed a sigh and turned his attention to his unconscious brother.

"Now how to break this to Dean without him killing me.." Sam went beside Dean and eyes him suspiciously. He lowered his muzzle and nudged Dean with it, whining he needed to awaken his brother.

Dean hated witches. Really, truly, sincerely hated witches. He didn't open his eyes, afraid doing so would make his head explode, which was already on the edge of doing so. He heard a soft whine and felt something cold and wet rub against his hand, he didn't recall this witch having a dog.

"Sam? Sammy?" Calling to his brother he winced in pain and decided to open his eyes.

What he saw more then surprised him, actually kinda scared him, and that didn't usually happen. A giant wolf like creature sat a mere foot beside him, it's bright hazel eyes watching him carefully. Dean raised his gun immediately and the creature laid its ears flat and gave him the best puppy dog eyes he'd ever seen with a soft whine, actually they looked kinda familiar….


"Oh dear god, don't tell me your Sam?" Dean sat up and watched the thing give a sigh and nod with a eye roll.

"Well this friggin' sucks.


I like to start things off with a bang, get right to the wolfyness so let me know what ya think!