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The Road So Far

What he saw more then surprised him, actually kinda scared him, and that didn't usually happen. A giant wolf like creature sat a mere foot beside him, it's bright hazel eyes watching him carefully. Dean raised his gun immediately and the creature laid its ears flat and gave him the best puppy dog eyes he'd ever seen with a soft whine, actually they looked kinda familiar….


"Oh dear god, don't tell me your Sam?" Dean sat up and watched the thing give a sigh and nod with a eye roll.

"Well this friggin' sucks.

"Sam, put the dog out…"

Sam huffed a offended snort then put his muzzle right next to Deans ear and let out the loudest series of barks he could manage. The next few moves happened much to fast for Sam to follow, but it still looked pretty damn funny. Deans eyes snapped open in shock, he jumped away so quickly he fell off the bed all while he grabbed his knife and threw it blindly, managing to get it in the wall feet away from Sam.

Sam began to follow, his pads barley making a noise against the pebbled ground that no longer painfully penetrated his flesh, as it had when he was human. Dean started to cross the street easily, when suddenly the world slowed before Sams eyes. He heard a car coming around the corner loudly, and much to quickly. He heard the wheels squeal in protest as the rounded the bend much to fast, then he saw the blur of black approaching Dean, mere feet from his brother, who was totally oblivious to the fact at how fast it was all happening. Before Sam realized what he was doing he leaped at Dean, paws outstretched as he slammed his full weight into his brother, sending him blissful feet away from the car. Then time caught up, as the car slammed right into Sam.

"Well, ya see, Sams not exactly my dog…he's my brother."

Dean poked Sam gently on the shoulder.

"Come on Sam, we gotta head out."

No reaction.

"Sam, come on."


"Sammy…Sam! Come on ya lazy ass."


Before Dean knew what was happening Sam shot up, whipped around, there eyes met for a millisecond, Sams angry and Deans wide with shock, and then Sam jumped a top him. "oof" escaped Dean as the air was forced out of his lungs by an oversized dog that had him pinned beneath two large paws in less then three seconds.

A silent snarl was on Sam's face, his muzzled contorted in anger as his large fangs gleamed mere inches from Dean's face, his eyes narrowed and gleaming in anger.

Deans face was frozen in fear, he held his breath as this unexpected outburst literally sat on top of him ready to rip his throat out.

Then Sam did the thing Dean least expected, his face broke into a grin and he made a low gruff noise that was his canine laugh. Dean breathed for the first time and watched his brother snort with laughter as he fell off the bed and onto the floor, his paws going over his muzzle at an attempt to hide his laughter.

Dean put a hand on his head and let out a sigh, his head feeling as if it were splitting. Sam whimpered softly and bumped his brother with his muzzle, he looked up at Dean who returned the gaze.

"Not bad wolf boy, not bad."

"Join me in celebration Bobby?" He shouted from the kitchen, Sam grinned at his brother, being back on two feet and no longer being covered in fur. He stepped out of the symbol as he went to grab a shirt, and immediately knew something was wrong.

Pain shot up his spine so hard Sam screamed as he fell back and slammed into a cabinet, glass slicing into him and shattering as he fell to the floor.

In the kitchen the sudden shatter startled Dean, and the scream emitted from his brother in pain made him drop his beer, sending the green glass about and the frothy liquid all over the floor.

"What the hell's happening to me?" Sam thought as he felt pain rip through him once again, then his mind began to fog.

Dean rushed into the room to find Sam on his back, his face contorted in pain and blood seeping from his back as some invisible force seemed to be torturing him.

"Sam! Talk to me here, what's wrong? What's wrong?!" Dean grabbed his brothers shoulders and pulled him closer, Sam's eyes were clamped shut and his jaw clenched as he tried to fight the pain within' himself.

Sam felt his conscious leaving, this rage filled instinct seeming to seep in with each burst of pain that rocked his body. One last blast hit him, making him shake and quiver as he realized what was happening. His eyes shot open, meeting Dean's immediately that went wide with shock and fear.

"Run." Sam said desperately as he realized what was happening, his muscles spasmed as something dark began to take him over, but all Dean could do was stare into his brothers now ice blue eyes, eyes suddenly filled with rage and hanger.

"Sammy…" Dean whispered, but it was too late.

Sam's eyes flicked dangerously, he shot up from the floor and was on Dean in a blink of an eye, roaring in rage he went for Dean's throat with sharp fangs.

Dean stayed there all night, Sam eventually settling as he fell into a light sleep that could easily be disturbed by the slightest movement. Dean went in and out of consciousness, his instincts always keeping him slightly in the realm of reality, never allowing him to drift off completely. His thoughts remained the same though through the whole night, as they had before this incident and as they always would.

"Look out for Sammy."

Dean watched as his little brother, his Sammy, attacked this demon full on. He snarled wildly, his blue eyes flashing dangerously, his nose crinkled in disgust to reveal, sharp glistening fangs. He swiped madly with his claws, the thick, black razors slicing easily through the demons flesh, emitting screams of agony from the thing. He watched in awe and in despair, as his brother plunged head first into the neck of the demon. He almost closed his eyes, because the sight was so disturbing he didn't know if he could watch, but was some how drawn to.

Sam dug his fangs in, blood spilling like bright red ink against paper white skin, it quickly covered his face, his chest, his hands until finally with a scream the demon left the corpse it had possessed.

Dean fell back to the floor along side Bobby, he looked to the older hunter who was ghostly pale and mouth was open in shock.

Finally Dean managed to catch his breath and utter one word,


He glanced up at his pack mate, the expression of fear, sadness and worry making Sam whimper softly as he watched the man scoot away from him. He looked to the door once, but he already knew he couldn't leave his pack mate. He shook with adrenaline and rage as he slowly turned and shuffled back into the room, chains dragging with a unpleasant jingle as he returned to his spot. With a sigh he laid down and watched his pack mate, he could not leave him, not now, not ever.

"Dean?" He said, his voice cracking from not being used.

"Sammy, that you?" Dean said, not yet allowing the smile come to his face.

Sam stood slowly, hissing in pain as muscles sore from running around on all fours protested.

"Yeah, yeah it's me…what exactly happened to me?" Sam asked as he gimped out of the symbol, Bobby and Dean holding their breath until they knew for sure the spell worked. Sam crossed the line of chalk and nothing happened, Dean waited a few moments, Sam staring at him in confusion and waving his hand in front of his brother in annoyance.

"Hello? Earth to Dean? I think I deserve at least an explanation."

When nothing came Dean grinned and pulled his brother in a hug, Sam blinking in confusion.

"Ok, last time I was the one who got knocked with a spell, what happened to you?" Sam said with a annoyed tone, but smiled and returned the hug all the same.

"Its been a long two weeks Sam, it's just good to have you back." Dean released him and patted him on the shoulder, grin unwavering as he looked into his brothers once again hazel eyes and dimpled cheeks.

"About that, I'm now just kind of remembering bits and pieces…why is my view point so low in these memories?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow, face scrunched in confusion.

Dean laughed and headed out of the room, his brother shuffling behind with a lost look and Bobby shaking his head as he closed the door behind them.

The animal snapped awake, bright blue eyes opened and fell on Dean, whose own eyes went wide in shock and terror.


The thing only snarled before quickly turning and jumping out the window, sending glass all over as Dean tried to desperately to grab his brother, only to find thin air.

He stared out the broken window into the night, a large dark figure loping out of sight and into the woods.

Sam watched his pack mate fall off the cliff and instinct screamed in his mind as he raced after him. He leaped with full force, not worrying about what waited below, only about saving his brother.

The word clicked into his mind a little bit more of Sam surfaced, only to realize that he was sailing off the edge of a cliff toward a river below. Air whooshed through his fur until he hit the water, sinking below before his paws worked to carry him to the surface. He searched with keen eyes and didn't sight his brother, panic clenching at his heart. He turned around and around as the current carried him further, his eyes wild with fear as he couldn't find his brother. Then he spotted it, a large mass floating not to far away.

He quickly swam over, paws paddling him effortlessly toward his brother until he was right beside him. He slipped under water, lifting his brother back to the surface so he could breath. He rested the limp body over his shoulders and struggled back toward the rivers edge.

Paws finally felt slick rocks and mud, as the water began to become shallow he staggered toward dry land with his brother over his shoulders. Sopping wet fur dripped water onto dry rocks, blood of both the brothers mixing with the droplets as they rolled off the thick fur.

Sam listened intently and heard his brothers soft breathing and weak heart beat, he was alive, but he needed help. More of Sam's mind began to surface, almost like it was coming out of a thick fog and he knew he had to get him back to that house.

He shifted his brother onto his shoulders in an army like matter, his mid section wrapped around Sam's thick neck, arms and legs hanging loosely off both broad shoulders. His leg was searing in pain, blood flowing from it steadily as he climbed up the hill, sometimes taking leaps and bounds when he could gather the strength.

Reaching the top he turned his nose to the wind and picked up the trail back. Limping in pain he began a quick pace back toward the house, wincing each time he put weight on his wounded leg, pain shooting through his entire body with each step.

But he tuned it out as he listed to his brother's heartbeat, the unhealthy slow pace pushing him to go faster. He panted heavily, muscles beginning to tire and blood loss beginning to wear him out with a slowing pace.

Hours passed as Sam carried on, never stopping or slowing even as his legs began to wobble beneath him. The sun was beginning to rise, the first soft red glow illuminating the dark forest in a warm light. Sam looked up and saw the house through the trees, making him push harder against the pain and exhaustion that coursed through his body.

He stumbled as he felt the change coming, but his steps didn't waver as claws thinned away, fur disappeared, revealing gashed bare skin, muscles and bones twisted to resume a human form. The weight of his brother on his shoulder became heavier as strong wolf muscles disappeared, but Sam clenched his jaw in determination, muzzle shrinking into a human face. Every ounce of the nights battle caught up to him as he set his bare foot on the porch step, he slowly bent down and laid Dean beside Bobby's feet, who had been watching awe struck the whole time. With his brother safe he collapsed in exhaustion, his vision swimming in darkness as the world faded away…

"Calm down Sam, I spiked your food so you'll be unconscious the whole night." Bobby said with a dead serious face.

Sam and Dean both whipped around to face him, expressions shocked and speechless, he only watched Sam then glanced at his watch.


Sam's large lanky form suddenly felt very heavy, his knees buckled beneath him, his eyes fluttered shut and he fell to the ground with a thunk. Dean stared in mid chew, it would have been amazingly funny if not for the fact that his brother had been drugged…by Bobby. His expression froze with a one eyebrow raise, he looked at Bobby as if to ask, "what the hell?!"

"Did you wanna run after him in the woods again? Didn't think so, now he'll be out most night."

Dean went to say something then closed his mouth, went to say something again then only stared at Bobby in confusion.

"I was worried about you there for a moment, was it a vision?" Dean asked, reaching behind him and grabbing the keys for Sam's bounds.

Sam nodded, watching as Dean unlocked the locks and removed the chains, then did the same on his back legs that were also bound and hobbled.

"Any idea what it was about?" Dean asked as he moved back by Sam, sitting next to him on the floor.

Sam nodded slowly and looked up at Dean with hurt eyes, fully back to hazel his brother also noted.

"Well?" Dean asked, not fully understanding.

Sam put a paw on Dean's chest, then met his eyes with such worry and concern it made Dean shift nervously.

"It was about…me?" Dean said, taking a deep breath as it sunk in, Sam's vision usually consisted of death and all.

The crowd of people, including the firemen who had finally showed up at last minute, clapped and cheered as Sam brushed himself off. Dean only gave him an annoyed look, but Sam read right through it and knew he was just happy to see his little brother safe and sound.

Sam met Zooeys eyes and gave her a nod, she only giggled and nodded back, their secret to be kept all her life.


"Say goodbye bitch."

With that there was an explosion, from the gun…and the floor beneath Dean.


Without thinking Sam reacted. He immediately bounded from where he stood, paws reaching desperately for his brother as he flew through the air.

It all seemed to play in slow motion, like he couldn't get to Dean fast enough as he sail through the air toward the wall. Finally he felt his paws connect with Dean then time seemed to speed up, Sam tackling his brother to the ground before he hit the wall. Sam clung to his brother, tucking him close so his head wouldn't hit the hard ground, breathing hard he opened his eyes and looked at Dean.

"Uhh, Sammy wanna let me go?" Dean gasped, the large weight on top of him making it hard to breath.

Sam stood, tail wagging happily as he realized his brother was okay, but what about the witch? He turned around and found her on the ground, holding her shoulder as blood seeped slowly from a bullet wound.

"Well, if it isn't the other pain in the ass Winchester." She said, eyes flashing angrily to meet Dean's as he stood.

"Turn my brother back." Dean growled, raising his gun once again toward the witch, Sam moving closer to him ready for the next attack.

She smirked at him, wincing slightly in pain as she stood.

"What do you say?" She grinned, eyes laughing at him.

"Turn my brother back or I'll put a bullet in your head…Please." Dean grinned, cocking his gun.

"What if I told you Sam could help you win the war like this? Put a stop to ole Yellow Eyes for ya?" She said, eyes shining with a mischievous glint.

Dean clenched his jaw, anger boiling deep within' him as he watched her.

"You shut up and turn my brother back now bitch." He uttered, gun following her as she slowly shuffled toward her alter.

"I'm just saying Dean, no more weak, pathetic Sammy to worry about. Just a strong warrior by your side, wouldn't that be nice?" She turned and caught his eyes again, one eyebrow raised in a questioning manner.

"No, now turn Sam back." He said simply.

"I don't know if I should, I mean, what does Sam want exactly? Did you ever consider that, Dean?" She said, eyes snapping to Sam.

His ears laid back, doubt if going back to being human was what he really wanted. Dean chuckled at her question at first, but stopped as he saw the doubt in Sam's eyes.

"Sam, you can't be serious? You wouldn't want to stay like this, right?" Dean asked, anger and hurt mixed in his voice.

Sam looked at Dean, a soft whimper escaping him as he looked into his brother's shocked eyes.

The truth was, Sam didn't know. Everything he had been taught screamed at him not to listen to this woman, don't become what you hunt in order to seek revenge. Stay human, that was the whole point, not to loose yourself in the evil of the world…

But he didn't feel evil, didn't feel the need to kill or wreck havoc on the world around him. So would it really be that bad to become stronger to find the Yellow Eyed demon? His mothers killer, Jessica's murderer and the whole damn reason their lives were screwed to Hell. What was one more thing to add to the list? If in the end he could do greater good, why not become this thing.

"Come on Sam, be honest with yourself, you know it's what you want. To become something stronger, something greater, and I can give that all to you…Just walk away and you have the gift forever." Her eyes flashed with excitement as Sam seemed to sway her way.

"Sam, come on dude…You don't really want this? I mean, sure it may have its advantages, but you know what dad always taught us…" Dean looked at him, brow knit in confusion and hurt.

Sam backed away from them, thoughts from both sides racing in his mind as the decision became more and more complicated.

"Sammy…" Dean whispered almost desperately, glistening tears coming to his eyes.

And with that Sam knew his decision, never would he want to make an individual choice that would hurt his brother so much. He'd already done that to many times, he wasn't about to do it again.

Sam raised his head higher, ears perked he returned to Dean's side and stood beside him, he looked up at his older brother and nudged him with his muzzle. He was ready to be just plain old Sam again.

Dean smiled as their eyes met, then both looked at the witch, Dean raising his gun and Sam growling with a angry snarl on his face.

"You heard him, now how bout you turn my brother back before things get ugly." Dean said with a smile, glad to have his brother by his side.

"Fine, you hunters don't even know what's good for you." She glared, but whispered something quietly beneath her breath.

Sam felt funny, his paws buckled beneath him and he wondered why spells always did that to him.

Dean glared at the witch and with a smile she snapped her fingers and disappeared.

"Hey! Wait, this better friggin work or I will hunt your ass all over again!" He yelled to nobody.

Looking down he saw Sam, and worry took over as he crouched down beside his brother.


One Week Later

The warm breeze blew gently through the open window as Sam and Dean in the Impala, both gingerly eating their meals. Dean had parked the car on a large hill in Meantor that over looked the lake as the sunset on the water, the view breath taking and bringing peace to them both.

"Well, I have to say I rather enjoyed this vacation. Despite half of it I had to take care of your lazy ass." Dean smirked at his younger brother, eyes sparked with joy to have his old Sam back.

"You try being a werewolf for a month and having it all ripped away, lets see how your body handles it." Sam joked back, sighing as he felt the warm summer evening all around him.

Their was a pause between the two, neither had spoken of the fact that Sam had almost stayed a werewolf, and it was something neither was looking forward too.

"Sam…what did it feel like?" Dean asked suddenly, his curiosity that had been building since this all started finally surfacing.

Sam clenched his jaw, knowing the truth might hurt Dean, but also knowing he couldn't lie to his brother.

"Honestly, when I learned to control it…amazing. The power, the stealth, the senses…they were unbelievable." Sam spoke quietly, his eyes not meeting Dean's.

"Do…do you think it really could have helped us stop all the things we hunt?" Dean asked, regret beginning to burrow in his chest.

Sam sighed, eyes looking off to the sunset as he considered his response, the reflections of gold and blues dancing on his gaze.

"Probably, but Dean…I chose this because I knew that Dad never would have wanted us to become the things we hunt. Even if it could help us…it goes against everything he taught us, and although I might be able to live with the decision, I knew you would never look at me the same. I didn't want that Dean…not ever." Sam met his brothers eyes, his face solemn as he nodded.

They both sat in silence for a few moments, considering the words previously spoke. Dean sighed then turned the radio on, revving the engine he turned to Sam and smiled.

"Well, all I can say is, I'm glad to have my pain in the ass little brother back."

Sam smiled back, Dean nodded then turned his eyes to the rearview mirror and Sam to the window.

They pulled out as the sun sank beneath the lake, the pale blue moon shining brightly in the night. Crickets chirped, frogs sang and the sweet scent of the summer evening still seemed to call Sam.

He watched the night scenery pass by, the fields and woods rolling by as he looked on with a sad smile. He was glad to be back, was glad to be Sam, but he would always miss that wolf within him that had given him the strength to over come so much.

He looked up to the moon, her beauty and magnificence taking his breath away. He could almost feel the wind in his fur, the dirt beneath his paws and night around him, mysteries and secrecy waiting to be discovered.

Then Sam looked to his brother, Dean with a small smirk on his face as he sung the lyrics of Metallica to himself, fingers tapping off beat on the steering wheel. Sam smiled, knowing he'd always choose being right here over running through the night, knowing it always be the right choice.

He would always have one thing that was more powerful then any spell, any magic or even the pull of instinct that had beckoned Sam so many times. He would always have a reason, a voice to help him along the way like it had so many times in his life, always be by his side, through thick and thin.

Sam would always have his brother, he would always have Dean.