Thick thunder clapped overhead, quickly followed by a sharp stream of white-hot lightening illuminating the near-onyx sky. The heavens dumped water unforgivingly in the form of a heavy rainstorm all over The World That Never Was. The storm forced more darkness and shadows to lurk about the city, giving it a more demonic and frightening appearance. The Heartless scurried about, desperately trying to avoid the rain but without much luck.

Plep. Plep. Plep. Plep…

Footsteps tapped softly and wetly along the paved streets, those feet belonging to a rather unhappy Organization member, completely drenched in the downpour from above. His cloak was nearly soaked through (although it was of a leather material), and the hood that was hardly keeping the water out of his hair and eyes had long been thrown off, allowing his fiery colored hair to become soaked.

The man muttered within his mind curses at his Boss for making him do this. He absolutely hated the rain, and yet he was the one sent to check up on mysterious Heartless behavior? It was entirely unfair. Probably it was due to something he did to him sometime ago…with Xemnas one could never really tell when he'd seek out revenge in the form of a mission.

Suddenly, there was a shift in Heartless levels. Number VIII could sense it. "The heck?" The man walked towards a group of buildings, seeing movement that was revealed by a most recent burst of lightening.

It's probably nothing. The man reasoned. Probably just some Heartless fighting over what they think a Heart. Heh. They're so stupid at times. Even stupider than Demy-

But what he saw was NOT what he imagined…

Not at all…

The Heartless were gathered around a 'subject', in an almost neat, semi-circle fashion. It was fairly hard to tell by the creatures' twitching, but…it almost seemed as if the Heartless were…bowing, to the subject. The Heartless were all shadows, some of the lowest there were but still, the concept…the fact and ability to generate such control over the Heartless was simply stunning…

And as jade green eyes traveled forward to the side of the building, he was able to see the 'subject' of interest here.

Although the rain had grown thicker and distorted the man's vision greatly, he could make out a boy, a teenager, with pale skin and blonde-ish hair. But what interested him more was the sight of bright crimson staining his chest. It seemed that, even with the rain, more blood kept coming. He also sensed no Heartbeat thumping in his chest.

So…he was Nobody?

The redhead shooed the Heartless away, and yanked the boy up from the ground by his arm, eliciting a sharp moan from the boy.

He…was still conscious?! Number VIII was thoroughly surprised. Not one of them had been conscious after losing their Hearts for quite some time. And this boy's blood still flowed freshly. A smirk on the man's behalf.

Xemnas will be pleasantly surprised with this one…


"Axel, who is this boy?"

"I found him outside. Kid's got no Heart."

"No Heart? So he is a Nobody…"

"I can sense his strength. The child is very powerful."

"Very powerful indeed…"

"But he will need to be fixed up. He looks like death himself."


Silence, before the soft, rapid patter of footsteps came running up a nearby set of stairs. Number XIII stopped at the top, looking over at the group of elders hovering around something, or someone. She asked, "What do you need, Xemnas?" Her tone of voice made her sound like she was slightly annoyed, by The Superior dismissed it.

"You are to take him and treat his wounds. Neither Vexen nor Zexion are here at the moment, and I know you know how to perform their tasks." The way Xemnas said it made it seem like more of an order, than a compliment. Then again, it was. A puzzled look on the girl's part caused the members crowding around to back up, allowing her to see whom 'him' was.

The boy was young, possibly 16 or 17 years old. He had the same physic and structure as Axel: lean and thin, muscular and lanky, but with less muscle. Every part of him was drenched completely in the ice-cold rain that had been falling all of the past two days. His hair was a dirty-blonde color, the edges tipped with a mid-tone chocolate brown, completely wet and hanging down, resembling Zexion's hairstyle greatly. His eyes, from as far as she could see, were a frosty orchid-purple color. His body was pale from blood loss and from the weather, giving his skin a nearly translucent color. He wore khaki shorts, tattered at the edges purposely, and some black boots. What was once the black shirt he wore was now shredded and stained with water and blood.

"Um…alright." Xed spoke after looking the boy over. "Please, come this way."

The boy, without hesitation, followed the girl's orders. She walked down a long corridor, looking back over her shoulder occasionally to ensure that he was following behind her. And he was. He said nothing, she said nothing. And they were both okay with that.


"Sit down right there, please."

The teen sat down on the edge of the table, as he was directed to. Number XIII disappeared into a room connected to the infirmary, before coming back out with a small tray of medical tools and the like. "Please remove your shirt." She rummaged through the tray as he took off what was left of his shirt, revealing the extent of his injuries. Glancing up, she examined the deep, bloody gashes carved into his chest, right where his Heart would've been.

The girl placed a cloth soaked with antiseptic up to his torso. She warned, "This'll hurt a little, okay?" But as she began to clean the cuts, the boy didn't flinch at all, or hiss in pain. And she knew from first hand experience that this stuff hurt. Cleaning slowly and carefully, she dared to look up at the face of this boy, to only realize…

…He was looking back at her.

His eyes revealed to hold deeper hues of purples and blues, fixed intently on Xed. His face held no emotion whatsoever, yet his eyes…his eyes held everything. Feeling the heat rise to her cheeks, the girl pulled away from his gaze, feeling uncomfortable.

After the cuts were cleaned, she pulled out some gauze wraps and began wrapping up the wounds. Throughout this, she'd flick her eyes up at the boy to see if he was looking at her still. And every time, he was, which made her feel rather awkward…

Fumbling with the cutting knife, she started to cut through the end of the gauze, feeling very odd with the teen's gaze fixed heavily on her.

"My apologies."

Hearing the sudden voice startled Number XIII, causing her to accidentally slip with the knife and slice the backside of her hand. She hissed slightly from the sudden jolt of pain, and looked up quickly at the boy whom had just spoken. His voice had been soft with a slight accent, something that resembled Australian. She waited a moment for him to talk. He did not.

Seeing as he wasn't going to speak again, Xed finished the job and secured his wrappings tightly, but gently.

"There. Are you feeling better?"

"You're bleeding."


"Your hand."

Looking at the back of her cut hand, she realized it had been bleeding. Only a little, but enough to cause a few drops to hit the floor below. "Oh…it's not that bad—"

The boy gently grasped her hand with his own, which was still cold. Xed was immediately surprised, but before she could react he brought her hand to his lips and licked the blood from her skin.

Wha…what…? A visible shiver within the girl from her shock immobilized her, rendering her motionless.

After licking to blood away, he kissed her hand chastely, bringing a blush to Xed's face. He looked up at her slowly, his once empty eyes holding something new. A type of lust, maybe? He rewarded her with a devilishly handsome smile, one that would've had any girl's Heart fluttering insanely.

And Xed was getting as close to that as a Nobody could get.

"My name…" the boy offered, "…is Kai."

The blush never leaving her face, she replied, "I'm Xedramon. Or Xed…"

"Xed…" he took in her name as one would take in the scent of roses. "My God, that's a beautiful name."

She smiled her thanks.

"And what a lovely smile." His own grin never left his face. "Truly fitting. I must thank you…

…My Angel."


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