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"Kai's behind this! I just know it!!"

Four days had passed since the mysterious death of Number VII. Everyone had grown wary as the event still lingered on their minds and lips. It had been dismissed as a freakish accident. However, no one wanted to be next.

"Demyx, Vexen said Saix had just been killed. I was with Kai the whole time, so he couldn't have possibly done it." Number XIII looked up at him, to see if she had calmed his nerves, even a little. The fright in his eyes said 'no'.

The boy looked to his friend, desperately. "Xed, he's bad news…I can feel it."

Xed sighed. "I don't think he is…but if it'll make you feel better, I'll be careful around him. Okay?"

A smile passed onto Demyx's face.


Seated on a high ledge in the empty part of the castle, a pair of impatient eyes surveying the silent white floor, in case of any movement. He was laid back, guitar in hand as his fingers played effortlessly upon the thin strings. He allowed his mind to wander; from the dinner a few nights ago to the looks some of the other members had been giving him. Especially the ones that boy Demyx had been presenting to him.

A thin scowl leaped upon his face.

The boy was very irritating. He looked as dumb as nails but was almost as sharp as one. And worst of all he would never let Xed out of his sight.

He plucked the sting harder.

"My, what an angry sound…"

His eyes darted to the ground to see a portal open up and Larxene step out. She smirked in her normal cocky way. "What could be the cause of that?"

"Perhaps your appearance." Kai grinned dashingly, letting his guitar fade from his hands. "I always get tense in the presence of a beautiful woman."

She crossed her arms and sniffed indignantly. "Cheap lines don't work on me, kid."

He licked his lips. "You're quite stubborn. Keep an attitude like that and I doubt anyone would ever care for you."

A bitter laugh. "Care? Do I look like the type of girl to actually WANT someone to care?" She smiled in that overly sweet, rotten fashion that she was so skilled at. "You've got a lot to learn, brat, about the people here."

He smirked, eyes shining. "Oh, but I already know so much." He leapt down from his seat, and landed with perfect grace.

"Is that right?"

"Why of course." He walked towards her, grinning ear to ear. "Much more than you would probably care for me to know. You're a cold, sadistic *itch that hardly smells appetizing…"

Her cruel grin diminished, replaced with a look of anger and confusion. "What the hell does that mean?"

His grin widened further.


By decree of Axel and Demyx, tonight was Movie Night.

Some of the Nobodies were gathered in the living room as things were being set up. The redhead had picked out a few movies that contained massive explosions and/or girls in bikinis. The water wielder had picked out…well, movies with water in them. While the two argued over which movies would be watched in what order, Zexion, Xigbar, and Luxord waited impatiently on the sofa.

"Oh, just pick something already!" The bleach blonde man exclaimed, annoyed.

"I agree with Number X." Zexion added in, looking up from the novel in his lap. "If nothing is decided within a minute, I am leaving."

"Who wants popcorn?"

Xaldin and Xed walked in from the kitchen, each carrying numerous bowls of different types of popcorn. Xigbar immediately snatched the bowl of cheddar popcorn from the man's hand, eating with vigor.

"Great popcorn, Xal." Number II complimented, mouth full.

Demyx whined, "Hey, save some for me, Xigbar!"

"Wait…guys, do you hear that?" Luxord said, looking around. Everyone immediately quieted down, and listened intently. Within seconds, they could make out a loud, shrill scream, and then utter silence.

It sent a chill down everyone's spines.

"W-what was that?" Xed asked, nervously.

"Don't know…" Xigbar stood up. "…but it sounded like Number XII."

"Then let us hurry." Zexion opened a portal and everyone filed through as quickly as possible.


Upon arrival, the stench of coppery, salty, fresh blood filled everyone's senses.

"Holy *rap…!" the one-eyed man said, as his eyes laid upon Larxene's lifeless, extremely pale body lying on the ground. They all stared in disbelief for a few seconds, before running over to check if there was even a little life left in her. There wasn't.

A small movement and pained groan caught the attention of the brunette, and she turned towards the sound to see Kai standing up slowly, a large gash on his forehead.

"Kai!" Xed exclaimed, running towards him before Demyx had the chance to pull her back.

"H-hey…" He groaned, clutching his head.

"What the hell happened here??" Luxord shouted.

"I don't know…" The teen shook his head slowly. "We were talking, and then I just…blacked out…"

"This is very worrying…" Zexion said, thoughtfully, his indigo eyes scanning the area for any clues. "First Saix and now Larxene…"

"This is like one of those old slasher horror movies…" Axel added in.

The slate haired man stood up. "I will alert Xemnas. Take care of Larxene's body." Xigbar, Luxord, and Xaldin nodded, as Zexion left through a portal. Axel was ordered to help, as was Demyx, even though his eyes were only on the duo across the room from them.

"Are you okay?" Xed asked, concern in her eyes. "You're bleeding a lot…"

"I'll be fine." Kai reassured her, smiling in his dashing way.

She hugged him, and he hugged back, his grin widening. Her body was so warm against his, so soft, and he loved it. More so, he loved the daggering looks he was receiving from Demyx. The boy was glaring at him with so much malice so much hate, and it amplified as he hugged her closer, and stroked her hair slowly and with care.

Ah, if looks could kill…


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