Nine Months Later - Prologue

Nine months.

Nine months of pain.

Nine months of nausea.

Nine months of getting fat.

Nine months of being a woman.

Nine months of dealing with that dobe.

Nine months and now it was finally time.

"Come on Sasuke push!"

"I am pushing dammit!"

"Yeah Sakura he is pushing!"

"Naruto shut up!"

"Jeez I'm only trying to be encouraging!"

"It's not helping at all!"

"Sasuke. . .Sasuke stay with us you have to push!"

"W-why is there so much blood?"

"Naruto just try to get Sasuke to push!"

"A-alright. Come on Sasuke-baby just do what Sakura says and push. You're doing really great."

"Dobe. . .w-what would you know. . .ng!"

"I see the head!"

"You do? Ewwww gross. . ."

"Naruto! I told you to stay with Sasuke now get back up there."

"Geez. . .it's my kid too."

"The shoulders are the hardest part; just push hard and after this is all easy."

"Just one big push Sasuke and our child will be here."

"Ah. . .rgh. . .!"

"That's it just like that! Here it comes."

A cry suddenly filled the air.

"Congratulations; it's a beautiful baby boy."