This is during season four sometime after "Frozen." It will probably end up having a few OC, but other than that, this is all based on House. There are no pairings right now, and if I do decide to put one in, it will be just hinted at.

Disclaimer- Unfortunately, I do not own House.


There were some days when House loved being a cripple. Today was one of those days. He and Wilson had already sped through four out of the five handicapped lines, and were now about to get onto the huge cruise ship. House almost chuckled when he thought of Cuddy and his ex-ducklings. They were probably still in the first line with about a million others.

All of the department heads at PPTH had been invited to go on a seven day cruise. They were also allowed to invite guest. Since House's only real friend also happened to be a department head, he had pulled some strings, and managed to get all of his former employees invited as his plus three. Of course, he had only really managed this because two of the other department heads had cancelled when they discovered that Dr. Gregory House was indeed coming.

"Okay, I give up. Why are you so smug?" Wilson asked after glancing at his grinning friend.

"Two reasons actually. One, I can't wait to see how Cameron, Chase and Foreman react to having rooms right next to each other. Two, I still can't believe that you agreed to leave Cutthroat Bit- I mean Amber with the others and skip ahead using my cane and wonderful acting skills," House replied smugly.

"You need someone to make sure you don't get arrested or trip, fall into the water, and drown," Wilson said sarcastically, "And furthermore, you and Amber do not do so well in the same- wait. What's this about Chase, Cameron, and Foreman all having rooms right next to each other?"

Grinning again, House mock whispered, "I managed to get them all balcony rooms. They are all in a row, AND they connect through the balcony if someone unlocks the doors that divide them. I, of course, have every intention of making sure that they will walk out onto their balconies, and BAM! They all have a nice reunion. Plus- I will be there to oversee it all and make sure that they are properly pissed.

"So, that's why you got them invited…you wanted to screw with them. And there I was thinking that you were actually overcoming your asinine ways and being kind." Wilson sighed.

Feigning horror, House said, "Me. KIND?! How could you? But no worries, soon, you'll see first hand my diabolical plan…"

Five minutes later the two of them were loaded onto the ship, and made their way up to their rooms, ready to embark on what would soon be much more than a vacation. Or a practical joke.