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House was pacing. He was in his room, roaming like a caged tiger. At the same time, he was wondering what the hell had made him do something so obviously idiotic.

He had waited, in what amounted to a tiny, badly stocked, and poorly equipped onboard hospital, for about two hours after he had been possessed to deliver the idiotic notes to his former employees. And, there he was, back again at his incredibly moronic "stroke of genius."

Why had he thought that they would even consider coming in response to his note? They were on vacation, and the only person that he actually still worked with was Foreman. Plus, Foreman wasn't in House's command anymore. He was Cuddy's lapdog. There was absolutely no reason why anyone of them would come rushing to the call of their former boss. So why had he done it? This was what was bothering House the most. So far, he had only been able to come up with one reason, and he didn't like it. He was lonely. So lonely that he had actually gone out of his way to contact them, even in such a way that he knew that they wouldn't respond.

House sighed. There was no escaping it. He was lonely. And he missed Wilson, even though his room was only just down the hall. Ever since Wilson had started dating Cutthroat Bitch, he had not really been there for House, and when he and House were together, he was removed and even unfriendly. As House thought of this something Wilson had said earlier rang through his memory.

Where are we going?

No where. I just know it hurts you.

Had dating a woman who was so very much like himself made Wilson re-evaluate their friendship? House had no way of knowing. All he knew was that he missed his one and only friend.


The theatre was abuzz with hundreds of voices, but as soon as the lights began to dim, it quickly became quiet once again.

House was sitting next to Wilson, and on Wilson's other side sat Amber. The two were holding each other, and House had to resist the temptation to puke. They were sitting in the second row of the middle column of seats, in one of the several onboard theatres. How is it that a ship can have three huge theatres, and its medical center is so tiny? Whoever decided that is a total moron.

They were waiting for the show to begin. It was some sort of game show, in which someone who had volunteered was chosen from the audience to play. Part of the fun was that they did not know what they were going to play until they were chosen. It was the type of thing that disgusted House, and he wouldn't be anywhere close to the show if it hadn't been for Wilson. And strangely, Chase. Chase had insisted that this was a perfect time for all of the PPTH gang to do something together. House still wouldn't have done it if Wilson had not been going. He would never admit it, but he had been desperate to spend time with his friend. House wanted to make sure that he didn't let Wilson slip away.

When the lights had fully dimmed, a low magnified voice came through the sound system announced, "Hello! And welcome!" Suddenly, the stage lights came on and a handsomely dressed figure that was onstage was illuminated. "Today, we have quite an interesting game to play, but first we need a contestant!" he waited as a young woman wearing hardly anything came up to him and handed him an envelope. "And, it appears that our lucky player is…" he opened the envelope and paused dramatically. "A Dr. Gregory House!"

House sat rigid in his chair. He hadn't volunteered for this. Suddenly, he noticed Chase grinning like a maniac. It was suddenly rather obvious that someone else had.

"Is Gregory House here? Ah! There our man is!" The host had stopped directly in front of House, and was pointing at him. Wilson gave him a shove. House reluctantly got to his feet, grabbed his can and limped toward the stage. All the while thoughts were buzzing around in his head, waiting to be acknowledged. Chase had volunteered him for this. To get back at him for the room thing.

Damn it! He was being forced to get onstage in front of hundreds of people. It reminded him strangely of being forced to give a speech for Vouglar. Except this time, the audience was not waiting to hear a speech about medicine, but rather to watch him play some unknown game. When he reached the stage, the host walked over and shook House's hand, while at the same time grinning viciously. With a shock, House realized that he recognized the man. He was… OH SHIT! He was the man who had been having an affair with his daughter (House almost grinned as he corrected himself…son.) He was a man who House had embarrassed and later reported. This was not going to be good.


Chase watched as House limped to the stage looking extremely annoyed. He was grinning uncontrollably. House did not have all the power anymore! He watched, enthralled as the host shook House's hand. Suddenly, House's features went from looking annoyed and pissed off to… recognition? And then… not fear but alarm. What had happened?

Suddenly it hit Chase. He had strangely felt that he knew the man when he had submitted House's name, but had blown it off as a guilty conscience. But now, he recognized the host as the father of… crap. The host was Martin Simms.

"Let's see what game should we have our contestant play?" Simms asked the audience. "Hmm?"

The same scantily dressed assistant came and handed him another envelope. "It seems that Mr. House here will be playing…" Simms opened the envelope. "Extreme Paintball!"

Chase breathed a sigh of relief. He had been afraid that Martin Simms would somehow try to punish his old boss for past embarrassments, but it seemed not. How could you punish someone by playing paintball?


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