GOD I'm horrible. And it's horrible that the readers have to put up with my year-long spouts of writer's block. Sorry to those who have waited.

But if you wanna know the real reason I haven't been able to update... I've hit a dead end with this story. Why? The friggin pairing issue, the long-aged question of Eden/Jay versus Eden/Tony. Many want Jay to win (and I can't blame them) but to me, Eden/Tony would feel right. Yeah, that sounds crazy given how much of a jerk he is, but hey, I love the jerks. Either way, I don't want to labor through the final chapters being pissed off with the end result.

And I don't want to disappoint ANYONE, including myself, so I simply don't know what to write it anymore.

So I'm giving the fic away. Anybody who's interested in rewriting 'Recipe', PM me. Send me your thoughts on how you would end it and with what pairing. More importantly, a snippet of a rewritten version of the story, or preferably an original scene you would add to the fic. It only has to be about a page, but if you want to go longer, go crazy. Whatever scene it is, make sure it impresses me.

Out of all the submissions (and hopefully there'll be some, I'm begging you!) I'll be able to cherry pick the best out of the bunch, and that person can redo the story, ONLY BETTER!!!ii!!