"Edward say it now"


"Come on"

"Will you let me go"

"Yes of course" crosses fingers behind back

"Find Sillybella101 doesn't own anything not even me though shes keeping me captive"


I was rudely awaken my someone nudging me over and over and over "Go away" I mumbled "Come on Bella we have to practice" Alice groaned nudging me again "No" I mumbled "Still sore"

I felt myself being lifted from the bed my eyes popped right open "Alice, Put me down" I screeched.

"Nope" Was all she said.

Rosalie was already down stairs filing her nails. "Finally" she said putting her file away and standing up.

"Cant I at least get ready" I sighed

"Nope" she said again "Your already five minuets late" I looked at the clock which read 6:05 am

I wanted to drop and fall asleep right there me and Rose where assembled on the stage "Hit it" I heard Rosalie Yell then the music started and Alice came and stood right next to me.

I knew the dance so well I could do it in my sleep. (I tell you what happens when the talent show comes around)

It was noon by the time we finished practice for the day. And I felt like crap I was so sore and nasty feeling I needed to hit the showers and go back to bed.

I grabbed some clothes then walked to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror while the shower warmed up.

"EW" I said the sweat was clearly visible on my forehead. I shuddered.

I stepped into the shower and poured a whole bunch of shampoo into my hand. I then scrubbed it into my hair for at least five minuets giving myself a scalp message.

I used almost a whole bar of soap on my body then washed my self clean. When the hot water ran out I turned off the shower and stepped out. I wrapped the warm blue towel around me and walked into Edwards's room.

I looked at the cell phone Edward had gotten for me it said it had one new message "Bella," I said "Im staying hunting for a little while longer I miss you so much I love you – Edward"

I wonder how much longer. The rest of Sunday went by very slowly. Also that night I had a very disturbing dream. I dreamt that it was just me on stage I started dancing but I slipped and fell and when I stood back up, of course I was nude. I ran off stage then woke up. I couldn't fall back asleep for some hours but when I did it only felt like a second when I had to wake up again. Today Monday was the dreaded day.

Edward still wasn't back and I was sitting in Alice's bathroom while she put my makeup on and did my hair she also bought us gangster outfits.

We where going to wear Camo baggy Capri pants with green spaghetti straps and our hair pulled up into pony tales well except for Alice we also we're going to wear a lot of chains and big gold hoop earrings. She also painted the tip if our nails camo.

"Wow" I said as she finished my makeup. "Cool isn't it" she said.

We took Rosalie's BMW I sat in the back while they sat in front. We made it to the school 15 minuets before the bell was going to ring a poster on the front of the door told us to head into the auditorium. Edward still wasn't back and I felt queasy. What if I mess up? I shook the thought out of my head we looked on the paper that told us the order. Well at least we're last I thought going back stage.

Mike and Jess we're sing a song one of there voices was to high another just off tune. Turns out Mikes was high and Jessica's was off tune. Angela then played a beautiful piece on the piano the song was called Vesuvius.

Pretty soon they announced that it was our turn. The curtain was closed and I stood there all alone. I still couldn't believe Alice talked me into it. The music started and the curtains opened I took a few steps forward and… slipped but a miracle happened that I caught my self while I was falling backwards and somehow managed to do the flip. When I was upright again I started the dance. (I can't explain it so look it up) When I did the superman part Alice and Rosalie came on stage then started to dance right behind me Rose on one side Alice on the other. When the chorus finished we just started to do some hip hop dancing.

And then everyone started clapping, even though it wasn't over right before the corner of right before the chorus started again I saw… Edward and Jasper and Emmett. Dancing it was the freaking awesomeness thing. (Just picture them up on stage dancing to soulja boy)

When it was over and we where all back on stage I hugged Edward and said "That was so freaking cool" I inhaled I was out of breath.

He smiled "That's why I couldn't come home, because of them" He said his head moved towards there direction.

"We had to practice Night and day… 24/7" he said

I could swear I saw him shutter.

"Hey" I said "At least you can sleep I got 4 hours of sleep each night"

"I'm sorry sweetie" he said kissing the top of my head "I'll burn Alice's shoes and credit cards for you" "ok" I said.