"The Birth of His Son"

By: priestess123

Written for Naka-kon 2008 during the Iron Fan Fic Contest.

Prompt: Joyful Event

Fandom: Dragonball Z


Vegeta was irritated. He had been sitting in this damn hospital waiting room for almost three hours and nobody had bothered to come and check on him.

'Just how long doest it take to give birth?' he thought angrily as he sat hunched in a corner. If it had been up to him, he would be training but Mrs. Briefs insisted that he come along when Bulma announced her water had broke. He growled to himself. 'Damn woman.'

As he muddled around in his thoughts, he picked up footsteps moving down the hall. Suddenly, a very excited Mrs. Briefs burst into the waiting catching the Saiyan off guard.

"Great news, Vegeta!" she chirped as she rushed over and grabbed his arm. "It's over! Bulma's done it! You're a daddy!"

Vegeta's eyes grew wide. He was a father, huh? He knew, deep in his heart, he should feel something about the birth, but his stubborn Saiyan pride would not allow him to express it.

"Where is it?" he demanded as he stood. Mrs. Briefs smiled.

"Both of them are in a room down the hall, want to go see?" she asked.

Vegeta shrugged, "Sure, fine, let's see this brat."

Mrs. Briefs smiled as she led the Saiyan Prince down the hall to Bulma's room. She could tell Vegeta was happy even if he didn't know it himself.

"Right here," she said motioning to a door. Vegeta paused, slightly hesitant. 'Why now?' he thought. 'Does the thought of my own child scare me?'

"It is okay, Vegeta, you CAN go in," Mrs. Briefs coaxed gently. Vegeta gritted his teeth and pushed open the door.

Dr. Briefs was sitting beside the bed, newspaper in hand. He looked up when the door opened to find a startled Saiyan staring into the room. The old man smiled and stood up.

"Ah, Vegeta, my boy, congratulations! He's a fine son there, you have," he exclaimed.

"A son?" Vegeta asked slowly as he took a few steps into the room. "I have a son?"

Dr. Briefs stepped around him and pushed his wife backing into the hall. "We'll give you guys a few minutes alone," he said and quickly shut the door.

"What!?" Vegeta exclaimed as he turned back around. Too late, the woman's parents were gone. Great, he thought. Now what?

"V-Vegeta…is that you?"

Vegeta turned back around looked at the bed. Bulma was laying there rubbing her eyes, just awakening from her nap. In her arms lay a small bundle.

She took in the look on Vegeta's face and laughed quietly. "Don't be such a wuss, Vegeta, he isn't going to bite! Come say hello to your new son, Trunks." She said lightly as Vegeta growled and moved in closer.

She sat up slowly and adjusted the baby in her arms. Vegeta stood next to the bed and looked down. There he was. HIS son; the newest Saiyan, the next one in line to carry his name. THIS was his son. He leaned in for a closer look. Already, Vegeta could tell this boy would be powerful. His little face was turned toward Vegeta's, his bright blue eyes starring straight into his.

"Say hello, Trunk," Bulma whispered. Trunks lifted his hands towards the man above him.

Vegeta blinked. "Hello," he whispered automatically as he reached forward towards those little hands who quickly wrapped around his fingers.

"See, he knows his daddy already!" Bulma said smiling. "Don't you Trunks?" she cooed. The baby gurgled.

Suddenly, Vegeta felt it. The feeling one gets when he knows he had become a father. A feeling that had been locked away for a long time that now he could finely express.

"He is my son," Vegeta announced proudly as a rare smile slowly crossed his face. Yes, he could feel it, pure and simple. He could feel the joy.

-The End-