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I sighed contently as I felt Edward kiss my forehead, for the millionth time. I looked up at him, stringing my hand around his neck to bring his lips closer.

He pulled away before our lips touched; smiling as he quickly unstrung my hand and gently placed it back in my lap and quickly swooping to catch my nose in a short peck.

I glared at him but I was too comfortable to fight with him, and didn't want to embarrass myself in front of Emmett.

Alice and Esme were conveniently chaperoning us. Esme was innocently sitting on the couch, while Alice was on the floor with her wedding planning binders surrounding her. Emmet was watching T.V.

I was very content sharing the cushiony chair with Edward; it was pushed up against the farther wall away from everyone's prying eyes. Emmett had many snide remarks about our insistent cuddling that would normally really irritate Edward, but he didn't flinch once, and easily ignored him. He seemed more comfortable then I was.

His hands were driving me crazy. They were slowly rubbing my back, playing with my hair, and running up my neck, leaving chills from his cold touch. My heart was pounding in my ears.

He laughed out loud when he would hear my heart sputter as his fingers would trace my lips, pausing, until my heart slowed down to its regular rhythm, only to speed up again as soon as he resumed his investigation.

I fidgeted crushing my fingers into my fists trying to breathe steadily.

His cold fingers patiently unwound my tight fists and he twined his fingers through mine tickling me lightly and intoxicatingly.

I pulled my palm from his grip and determinedly rose, intent on escaping to spare my dignity. He let me get as far as actually standing up, before he wrapped his hands around my waist, possessively pulling me back down in his hard lap.

I grumbled.

He just laughed.

My attempted escape, made him hug me closer, twisting so we faced each other. He took full advantage of this arrangement and leaned forward until his breathe brushed my cheek. He bent his head dragging his lips down to my neck. My heart literally burst in enthusiasm.

I could faintly hear Emmett chuckle through the pounding in my ears.

I didn't care.

I ran my fingers through Edwards's messy hair. Clutching him to me as my breathing became erratic.

"Hey, let's keep it PG, guys." Esme said sternly.

Edward broke away, his eyes bright and a devastatingly impish grin on his perfect face.

I gasped at the air, my lungs fighting desperately before I could protest. As soon as I opened my mouth Edward covered it with a quick kiss that I could barely catch. Breaking away before I could close my eyelids.

He smiled at me guiltily, his eyes full of apology.

I suddenly got very mad, and could feel the heat in my face glow. "This is ridiculous, Esme, Charlie's not even here!"

Edward pressed his lips together.

Alice giggled.

"Now Bella, Charlie told me to keep an eye on you two. And I promised that I would." She said I couldn't see her but her voice was full of humor.

"Let's go to your room Edward," I whispered pointlessly.

"Bella, you know were not allowed too." Edward said, a wide smile cracking his stern facade.

"This is stupid, we freaking sleep together every night! Were engaged! And you're older then everyone in this room!!" I shouted in exasperation.

This time Edward couldn't control his laughter, he positively shook with it, bouncing me up and down from the vibration that cracked down his chest.

This time I pulled myself off his lap easily, seeing as he was busy with his splitting ribs. I walked over to the couch sitting in between Esme and Emmett.

Edward was still laughing.

I fumed on the couch.

Alice smiled brightly from in between the pages of Instyle wedding. "Hey do you wanna help with the planning?" she asked hopefully.

Too hopefully, which meant she already knew my answer.

"No." I said flatly.

Her smile faltered but she didn't push it.

"Bella…" Edward crooned from somewhere behind me.

I crossed my arms; glad I couldn't see his eyes, knowing I would crack.

"Oh she's mad Edward, I can feel the heat waves penetrating from her red face," Emmet laughed.

Edward appeared in my vision, his gold eyes tinged with warmth and amusement, a huge smile on his lips. His hands found mine; he was kneeling in front of me, seeking forgiveness. "I'm sorry Bella…" he didn't look sorry, in fact it looked like he might crack with laughter again. "We'll go to my room, I promise" he said suggestively, lightly pulling at my hands to lift me up.

I smiled allowing him to scoop me in his arms.

"Ed-ward." Esme voiced, cutting his name into two separate syllables.

He just laughed, and ran up to his room with me cradled in his arms.

We were on the bed before I realized that he had opened the door. He slowly kissed up my neck to the edge of my lips, pausing. "You have no idea how cute you are when you're mad, do you?"

He was kissing me before I could answer.

I prodded open his tight lips, with my tongue.

He pulled back…

"I have a confession to make." He said solemnly.

"Whatever it is I don't care," I said wrapping my arms around his neck to bring his lips back to mine.

"Can I get that in writing?" he said against my lips concern saturating his tone.

I paused, reviewing his tone and feeling his form, he was… nervous.

"Oh, God what is it?" I asked. Pulling back to read his eyes.

They were two innocent.

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