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Bella's Lie

Time was passing at a relatively agreeable pace, but I still found myself twitching in slight apprehension, almost as if a bomb was about to go off at any second.

It seamed that Esme was prepared for everything. We were all lounging on the Cullen's immaculate leather couches, strewn around the living room. Renée seamed at ease, giggling occasionally from where she sat, cradling her glass of wine. Charlie was less convinced, he looked as fidgety as me, glancing around at our surroundings, his spine stick straight not touching the back of his seat from where he sat by Renée.

Conversation bubbled. Renée seamed suspiciously content. I examined her, noticing the flush in her cheeks and the empty wine glass tight in her clutch. Alice winked as she refilled her glass. I gulped pulling at my nonexistent collar as the heat managed to dose my head. This was not good. This was not good at all.

I sat beside Edward supporting my glass of juice. Surprisingly enough Rosalie offered me the cup saying how it'd help my throat. I was shocked at her unexpected jut of kindness and polished off two glasses, my throat noticeably better.

The smell of smoke didn't exist in this pleasantly cool room. I had the tiniest inkling that Carlisle had a little "talk" with his children about the rules of regular human behavior and normal socially decency, in other words, "Don't set the guest on fire."

"I just can't believe your getting married Bella," Renée said suddenly, her eyes looked a little smug and her voice held a slight edge. "I mean, I guess it isn't that surprising considering the way you proposed to poor Michael Caudry"

My eyes widen and my heart stopped.

Everyone in the cramped room's head swerved and focused on me. I felt a pool of blood gathering in my cheeks.

"I thought that you've never had a boyfriend in Phoenix?" Edward said plain shock and surprise wiped on his face. He didn't even try to hide the astonishment in his voice.

That's when I died.

"Who's Michael Caudry?" Alice said excitedly. I slowly let my upper body slip until my butt dragged across the couch so I could shrink into a smaller target from all their enamored yes.

"Oh my Bella, I can't believe you've never told them the story?" Renée said smugly. She very well knew that I had never told them this story. The most embarrassing thing that my life had ever held, which I kept safely hidden in the back of my head trying to repress it into nothingness. But this was an experience I could ever forget, it haunted me and sometimes jumped up on me when I least expected it, causing me to cringe as the memory swirled around in my head, before I could dutifully subdue it and try to repress it again.

A dangerously thoughtful look crossed Renée's face. But what was worse then that look, was Edwards's sudden sharp gaze on her as he tried to lift the story straight from her head.

"Please mom!" I shouted desperately, my reflexes taking over as I involuntarily stood up. "Don't think about it!" the entire room took an audible breath as each Cullen tried to hide their intense amusement. Charlie looked baffled and Renée slightly confused.

I whipped my head around, narrowing my eyes as they fell on Edward.

His eyes were bright and his hand was over his mouth, trying to contain his laughter.

"Oh but honey, it's such a good story…" Renée said deviously, my vision went blurry. I can't believe that this was happening! I focused on Alice her eyes were rolled back and you could only see the whiteness through her open eyelids, then she blinked and a huge grin split her face. This time Edward couldn't control himself.

"I have to go to the washroom." Edward said rapidly, trying to contain his shaking composure, he rose quickly and ran, too swiftly from the room, I could hear him laughing all the way down the hall.

"Renée please don't stop, I definitely need to hear this." Rosalie said delicately, a wicked grin set on her mouth.

"Yes please Renée I need this to be confirmed." Alice said as she was laughing through her teeth. I felt a sudden wave of cheerfulness hit the room; everyone broke into a fit of hysterics.

Even though I was laughing so hard I needed to wipe my eyes from the tears pouring down my face, I knew that I had never been more embarrassed in my entire life.

Eventually everybody soothed and a calming peaceful air dosed the room, it lifted my spirits, until Edward slowly came back. His face was determinedly set in a mask of detached composure, but his eyes danced with amusement. I tried to catch his eye but I knew that he couldn't look at me, in case he started laughing again.

Did I mention that I wanted to die?

Edward gracefully lowered himself back in his seat looking at anyone but me. He finally caught Alice's eyes and they both quickly turned away, huge smirks captured their mouths.

I'm going to kill Renée!

As soon as my sudden hostility ruptured, burning my eyes with angry tears another more powerful dose of serenity filled the room. Charlie, me, and Renée sunk deeper in our seats, I felt my eyelids droop and I suddenly noticed how deliciously comfortable these couches are. I rested my head in my hands willing my eyes to stay open. I heard a loud clang, I looked over at Charlie, who had consequently fallen asleep, snores echoed in the air.

"Jasper" I whispered trying to create anger in my very small voice.

"Yes Bella?" Jasper said calmly.

"I'm going to kill y-…" I barely remember what I was trying to say. I felt Edwards cold comforting hands catch my face as I dropped into unconsciousness. My last thought before I slipped under was "This couldn't have gone any worse..."

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