Hey Everyone! So it's been awhile and if you are reading my other stories, don't worry I'm still working on them. School is both difficult and time consuming so it may be awhile before I update. Sorry. This was part of my devotions from Joshua chapter 22. I would incourage you to read it. Forgive any errors, in grammar, history, customes, and so on and just enjoy it. Remeber that Jehova is God and he loves you very much.

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A Witness that Jehovah is God!

I have journeyed long, but I do not feel the affects of the journey. The dust does not bother my eyes; I do not fell tired from the long journey that we had taken. I can't believe this is happening! Hadn't they been there? Didn't they seen the Jordan rivers open or the walls of Jericho come plummeting into the ground? Had they forgotten already? Had they forgotten the crushing defeat at Ai for the sins of Achan? God does not tolerate sin. I can not believe they've forgotten already! An altar of all things! Purged from the sins of Egypt to be captured by the sins of the Canaanites! We travel even if it means war, and at last we reach our destination. Many people have come to confront these wicked men.

I enter the tent of the great sinners trying to calm my wrath. First the man, who we have traveled so far to see, comes forward to greet me. A warm smile graces his lips when he sees my face. How can you smile when you've done something so wrong? Then his smile melts away as he sees the look of anger in my eyes.

"My brother..." He starts, but I do not let him finish.

"Why?" I demand from him. "Do you not remember Him! He has given you so much and you have forgotten Him already! Would you turn us all away from the one true God?"

The man's face dims in concentration, yet I refuse to think he doesn't know the great sin he as committed. You have to know. I think as I stare deep into his eyes. Then, to my surprise, the man in question smiles; he throws back his head and laughs loud and strong. Beckoning me closer, he pulls aside the doorof the tent and I look outside. There sits the altar, there sits the whole reason I came here. I want to walk up and destroy it demanding these heathen people remember the All-Might God. But I wait, somehow I wait.

"The Lord, Jehovah knows, and let Israel know also." The Man begins his voice carrying over the group of people who have come. "If we had built this altar to burn sacrifices to heathen gods, then let the one true God destroy us now. If we have so soon forgotten His great works, then surely we should all die." The man's eyes fill with tears as he speaks, "Yet our children, will they not wonder who God is when we are all dead and the great miracles are as mere stories? This," the man gestures towards the altar, "is a witness to us that Jehovah is God!"

Suddenly I relies my mistake and I see that the other leaders around us understand also. A great cheer goes up all around and I want to laugh also. I am filled with deep relief and astonishment. I look at the man I had moments before been so angry with, and my eyes fill with tears as well. "Jehovah is God." I whisper, then I embrace him as my brother.

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