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AN: I got this idea the other day and felt the need to write it. Hopefully this will be my last story like this.


by JDPhoenix

Jason had never been so completely numb. He had been asked to defend his planet at the age of fifteen, there were not many things that could phase him. But this did. He dropped the phone and sank down. He was just an inch too far from the couch for it to support him, so he sank down to the floor. Trini, who had been in the kitchen, ducked her head into the living room to see who was on the phone. She came running when she saw him. She shook his shoulders, asked him what was wrong, but he just stared straight ahead, a look of complete anguish on his face. Eric's voice, muffled by the phone, reached her ears and she grabbed up the phone, asking him what was wrong. She dropped the phone too, and turned back to Jason. She hugged him tight around the shoulders and cried.

"It's not your fault," Tommy said. Trini had called him after the third hour. Tommy had already heard the news and had rushed over. Between the two of them they managed to move Jason to the couch. Tommy sat beside him, drinking a beer. Jason's was on the coffee table in front of him, untouched. "Listen, Jase, I can't do the whole 'making you feel better' thing, if you don't give me some idea of how you need to feel better."

"He was my friend. I'm the one who got him into the Silver Guardians."

"No, you weren't. Wes may have taken someone based on a fellow Ranger's word, but Eric wouldn't. That's why Mr. Collins put him in charge of picking new recruits. He got in on his own merit."

"I introduced him to Emily."

"Yeah, you did. And I have never seen her as happy as she was the day they got married. Jason, you know better than anyone the risks we take in life. He was a Silver Guardian, for Heaven's sake. There was always a risk."

Jason reached forward and grabbed the beer.

The funeral was an event in and of itself. People from all corners of the galaxy came to pay their respects.

"Wes," Jason said, hugging the man, "they let you come back?"

"Time Force couldn't keep me away." Wes nodded his head towards the front of the church. "How are they doing?"

"Emily was prepared, she dated me long enough to get used to the idea of losing someone. I'm just worried about--"

A small boy barreled into Jason and buried his head in the man's hip. Jason lifted him into his arms and laid his forehead against the boy's. He pulled away after a moment and nodded to Wes. Wes smiled sadly and joined Jen and Alyssa. Jason carried the boy up to the front of the church. Emily was speaking with one of her husband's colleagues.

"Anubis," Jason said, holding out his free hand.

"Good to see you again, Jason," Anubis Cruger said, firmly shaking Jason's hand. "Schuyler?" he asked gently, touching the boy's shoulder.

Sky pulled away and whimpered into Jason's shoulder.

Emily said, "He doesn't like all these people."

"I wouldn't either," Anubis said. He spied Katherine Manx coming in and excused himself.

"Emily, I--" Jason said.

"Jason Lee Scott, don't you dare," Emily said firmly. "James knew what he was getting into and so did I." She sighed, looking out over the crowd. "Let's get this started." She squared her shoulders, lifted her chin and walked up onto the stage.

"Sky?" Jason said, forcing the boy to look up at him. "Your mom, she's something special. You're gonna be all right."