Of course, I do not own any characters or any plot of it. I just wrote the poem; that is all. JKR is the mastermind behind everything else, and what inspired the poem in the first place, of course.
A pen, I believe,

Is the size and shape of a music note,

Scurrying along a page.

Words found to be inner flame of one's soul.

Bold, wet ink

Crashes toward a hand,

And strong fragrance of pages and flavor of letters

Is window to the world.

Such stories are from these notes,

Impacting lives of the world

Day by day.

Stories continuing on as

Generations pass by.

Hogwarts' Ms. Rowling followed this manual,

Imagination that crawled into bestsellers

To touch stubborn minds.

Not a single spill laid obstinate ink on her paper,

It did make a mess

Few times she became too stressed.

Her BFF became Hermione,

Harry her homeboy,

Who whispered to her, gave ideas

When she caught writer's block.

Joyous tears were brought to Rowling by Slytherin scarves,

An inquiry whether Draco and Hermione

Would be a good match.

Maybe hate would diminish

Creating new aspect of love.

Hermione wished a Death Eater

To be the source of her happiness.

Draco forced himself to treat Hermione

Like dirt so he could love her.

"Carpe diem" was the way their lives

Should have been,

But too many conflicts stood in their way.

The pen affecting that music note

Scripted what their memories could have been.