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Lily never thought it would happen like it did, she never thought her mothers past would catch up with her. But it did and it hasn't left her alone. She thought that it died with her mom but apparently her debts were still owed and they were looking for her to pay it.

She found out three weeks ago that she was being followed by people who were loaded with money, nasty and had all the connections they could ever need. That's was what she was scared of, their unrelenting need and want to get her.

So here she was sitting in a small hotel room in the back streets of a Sydney hiding from them…she needed to get away and it was going to be hard but they weren't the only ones with connections. Tomorrow she would go and see a close friend who was very good at hiding people, getting people out of countries and that's what she needed.


Lily sat across from Sebastian, he was a tall well built man who would scare anyone who didn't know him for the real man he was.

"I need to get out of here" Lily was frantic, they had picked up her trail and came round to the hotel last night, she had narrowly escaped the room out the window and watched from across the road as the men screamed in anger and tore the room apart looking for her or any sign of where she could have gone.

"Where to? And why?" Sebastian was never one to do something without a reason…friend or not.

"There are people after me, moms old 'friends' I need to get out…to start a new in a different country…somewhere like America" She answered

"Done…I will have everything for you tomorrow until then you need to leave, I can't let you compromise my secrecy" She hugged him and slipped out the door and into the shadows, she knew full well that this was the second time Sebastian had helped.


Lily sat at a small table looking at the older man before her, she had come to him to for help like her mother had told her to do…she was ten.

"My mom said I needed to come and see you…for help" she explained

Sebastian looked at her "And your mother is?" he asked his face stern

"Amanda Verona…she is in trouble" Lily looked worried, he had sounded as if he would ask a billion questions that she didn't have the answers to.

"Ah, well she wants help for you, not her…she has sent you to me to get you out of this country" he responded raising an eyebrow

"What! No please, hide me or something but I can't leave alone! I'm ten!" she screamed

"And yet you have already seen things beyond your years…things no one your age should even dream of…I will honor your request" Sebastian smiled at lily and pulled her into a small room of boxes

"A new identity for you"


Lily remembered the day clearly, it was the day she had become Lily Rosco, they day her birth date changed to the 5th of June 1985, the day she became a brunette with blue eyes. That had changed now she had her natural dark red hair and her deep green eyes. She had become part of her old self, which she was thankful for. Now she was 19, more mature and harder to fool, harder to track. She had ducked and weaved her way through the last 9 years and things had caught up with her that's all.

She booked into a hotel under a fake name and she sat in the small room praying that things went according to her plan.

Nothing had ever been simple for her life, she had had a hard time adjusting when she was ten but now it was like a second nature to her, she had no problem with assuming new identities anymore and that scared her.

Sleep claimed her quickly as she lay on the uncomfortable bed it may be the only sleep could get for a while, once in America she would have to start again, use her money in another of her fake named accounts. Sure it was illegal but necessary.


She knocked on the door of Sebastian's small home and he let her in, handed her a packet and a bag and pushed her out again, she was used to it, he had done it to her the first time, but the new identity had been so much harder to pull off back then, she had spent hours choosing and then he told her to come back the next day.

Lily smiled and headed over to a taxi, Sebastian had called it she assumed.

"Sydney airport please" the guy nodded and off they went

She paid the man and pulled out the bag and packet before going into the airport and making her way through security and onto the plane and the beginning of a new life.

"See ya later Australia! Or not" she smiled; perhaps things would look up for her now.


She stepped out of the airport and into the hot sun, Texas, her new home. She hailed another cab and it took her to the address that Sebastian had given her. The plane ride had given her more than enough time to look over and learn her new life, her new address and phone number and her new Job.

Yet again she paid the driver and watched as the cab left.

The full force of realization hit her as she stepped through the door of the medium sized house, she was alone…she had furniture and everything she would need to start over, but no one to touch base with…all that would come in time, and sooner than she thought, her new job would take her places she had never thought of going, introduce her to people she never thought she'd meet.

She was now a part of the WWE, weather she liked it or not, and the note left by Sebastian stated that she would start tomorrow and that she would have a new family…what ever that meant.