Speedy, Polly, and Guido

(sung to the tune Winken, Blinken, and Nod)

Speedy, Polly, and Guido they live
To defend the country they love—
The three are Samurais and give
All they have from above!.
"Big Cheese is attacking, oh get there uick,"
Al Dante asked the three.
"He'll send a big robot," so off in a vvink,
They soured above the beautiful sea.

To fight off Big Cheese and make Tokyo safe
Go Speedy, Polly, and Guido.

The Big Cheese laughed and sang a song,
As they rocked in the robot's eye,
And the wind that sped them all night long
Gave them a happy sigh.
But soon the Cats did shovv themselves to him
After they landed from their fly.
"Big Cheese, you're going dovvn vve mean right novv,
Never a-feared are we";
So cried to him the brave Samurai three:
Speedy, Polly, and Guido.

All day long their svvords they drevv
The Ninja Crovvs fell vvith a moan,
The robot vvas defeated and the citizens cheered,
Bringing the heroes home.
'Twas all so exciting the battle they fought
As if it could not be,
And all of Tokyo cheered at the bravery they brought
To battle and Cheese's defeat—
But I shall name you the Samurai three:
Speedy, Polly, and Guido.

Speedy and Guido are two brave men,
And Polly is the strong vvilled girl,
And the people of Tokyo are their fans
They're more valuable than pearls.
So look to the skies and open vvide your eyes
And you'll see the sights that be,
And you shall see the amazing things
As Tokyo is safe as can be,
For vvhen Cheese does attack, here's the Samurai three:
Speedy, Polly, and Guido.