Chapter one

Paranoia isn't exactly what I was feeling when I knew that someone was watching me, and I knew exactly who it was. You'd think I'd get over it since its been happening for so long, it was his duty, but I couldn't help the sense of alarm from seeping into my body hinting that he was near. He always kept an eye on me, not necessarily all the time, but whenever he could. This made it difficult to enjoy my favorite pastime: masturbating.

I could hardly keep my desires bottled up as my mind wandered aimlessly to a certain blonde shinobi, imagining him kissing me and touching me places where no one else ever had. It didn't get too graphic, but sliding my fingers between my legs and over my wet slit helped me to imagine it as if it were his hands instead of my own.

Since it was nearly impossible to do such a thing within the walls of Konoha I ventured out into the nearby forest at the same spot everyday. I knew there was more danger, the chance of being caught equal to that in the village, but less chance of being caught by someone I knew. However, the probability of being attacked was greater than that in the village. I chose to take my chances, but this day was different because I could feel his presence. So far I was lucky enough to neither be caught nor attacked while I rubbed myself to climax…but today my luck ran out.

A twig cracked under his foot purposefully and I stilled with my right hand buried between my thighs. I was so close, but I knew he wouldn't make a noise so near unless he wanted to make himself known. I knew that he knew what I was doing. I was paralyzed on the ground in a hollowed out tree trunk, hoping he would leave me be, hoping he would move on.

I lay there staring with eyes wide at the mouth of the opening. I saw his long hair first as it fell over his shoulder to peer into the opening.

"Niisan…" I breathed barely audible even to my own ears.

I'm sure I made a sight to behold with my pants round my ankles, my hand obscured by my white panties, and my face flushing ten shades of red.

Why hadn't he moved on? Why hadn't he just let me be?

Our eyes locked after his eyes grazed over every inch of my body giving me a once over before speaking, "You shouldn't be out here by yourself."

"I-I know." Stupid… Stupid response…

Slowly I dragged my hand from my panties wiping my wet fingers on them before pulling my knees to my chest to pull my pants up all the while watching Neji while he watched me. I'd never live this kind of embarrassment down…

I flinched and stilled as he ducked into the hollow where I lay, my pants pulled to my upper thighs. His eyes regarded mine as he sat beside my prone body, "How long have you taken care of this need by yourself?"

He didn't even seem fazed that he found me doing what I was doing, but was now asking such personal questions, my eyes widened further. I could give no response other than a simple blinking of my eyes. I bit my lip as he moved again, this time his left hand touched my forehead pushing stray strands of hair out of my eyes and my lips parted. I took a quick intake of breath…he was looking at me with such intensity, and his simple touch set my nerves on fire. Did he know what touch could do to a body when so pent up with nervous energy and sexual tension?

I blinked several times before shutting my eyes entirely. This must be a dream…it has to be. Neji wouldn't act so bold!

"How long have you kept this activity secret?" Same question different words.

I licked my lips and peered out at him in a grimace, "M-months…" I raised my hands to my chest and wrung them as if to plead with him not to tell anyone. A defensive gesture, but I couldn't tell if this was a negative or positive response…if it was a dream or if it wasn't. His touch felt real, the sounds of the forest sounded real, his warmth…

The same hand that pushed away my hair moved away from my head and dipped lower and lower until it slid under the elastic of my panties. The pad of his middle finger brushed and pushed at the flesh of my clit hood as I gasped, my thighs clamping shut on his hand.


His finger moved in small circles with the movement that he could afford with my thighs squeezing his hand. Small noises were coaxed out of me even though I tried to force them down while I panted. My thighs eased a bit and that finger slipped further down between my inner labia to circle around my entrance.

"You're so wet."

The tip of his finger delved in causing me to cry out.

"Neji-Niisan! Please!"

His finger didn't enter more than the first joint of his finger.

"What is it?" He asked calmly…too calmly as if he didn't know what he was doing to me.

"This is…you should-shouldn't…" I couldn't think clearly as his finger moved slightly.

"This is better than your own fingers, right?"

"Ah…ah…" His finger slipped further in and my inner walls clenched as his thumb rubbed my clit ever so gently.

"Is that a 'yes'?" He asked as his finger began moving in and out as his thumb touched my clit confidently.


Neji's ring finger nudged against my entrance along with his middle finger and the two slowly sank within me. I tensed, but the fingers slid gently with so much lubrication I had excreted. I felt full as his fingers nudged my insides, and bucked when they began moving within me at a steady in/out pace.

Never had I felt this way before. Not even with myself had my body reached such a feverish pitch. I stared down at Neji's hand moving between my thighs and in my panties and groaned. I heard him chuckle and looked back up to his eyes so much like my own, and climaxed. My body came without my permission, clamping and grasping Neji's fingers as I cried out wordlessly staring up into his smiling face.

His fingers moved until he was sure I was finished then pulled his hand out of my panties slick with my juices. His fingers were coated in the clear fluid that I excreted during arousal. He brought them up to his face examining them, and I became embarrassed all over again. But then he looked me straight in the eye and brought his fingers to his mouth. I was entranced as he licked then sucked on his fingers, but also appalled that he would do such a thing as he just did even if he did give me an intense orgasm.

"Why?" I asked softly.

"It felt good did it not?"

"Uh…" I blushed. I'm sure he already knew the answer to his question, but I answered a soft 'yes' anyway.

"Then you shouldn't feel guilty."

He wiped his wet hand on his pants then got up and crouched out of the hollow tree.

"We should hurry back to the village before we're missed," he called out causing me to scramble to pull my clothes back into place and duck out of the tree to follow.