Pulling Neji back by his shoulders I smiled up at him, "You won't have to."

A large hand moved to caress my cheek, his eyes flicking over my facial features then back to my eyes looking at each one for a second before flicking back to the other, "You mean?"

I blushed and looked away, "H-hai. I'm sure otousan would approve."

Warm laughter vibrated throughout my body as Neji leaned down to bury his face in my neck. He inhaled deeply after his laughter died down and wrapped both arms around my waist to squeeze me tightly against him.

"What would you prefer to be, a spring or summer bride?"


"Otousan, I…have a request to make."

My father's eyes narrowed in on me.

I had finally gained enough courage to approach him in his study in the late morning hours before I knew that he would be served his mid-day meal the day after I gave my virginity to Neji.

"We have a request to make."


My eyes widened and my face flushed as his right hand took my left, his larger hand almost engulfing mine entirely.

My father's eyes flicked to that of Neji then to our joined hands then back to me.

"What is the reason for this familiarity between you and Neji, Hinata?"


"It is our wish that you permit a marriage between Hinata and I."

Father's eyebrows rose in astonishment before slowly lowering, "I was under the impression that you were indifferent to Hinata, Neji."

Neji smiled softly, "That is no longer the case, uncle."

His warm hand squeezed mine causing me to smile gently in return.

"And you, Hinata?"

My father's serious eyes focused all his attention on me as he waited expectantly for an answer.

"I-I wish to marry Neji, father."

He nodded slightly then smiled, "I'll grant your request on one condition."

I felt my eyebrows raise in question as Neji spoke, "And that would be?"

My father's smile broadened, "You must stay chaste until you are wed."


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