There was a mad man on the loose, he had killed and raped 5 young women all tall, slim and beautiful.

Detective's Benson and Stabler had gotten a tip of, of the whereabouts of the wanted fugitive and were on their way to an old abandoned mattress factory; although they should have brought back-up they were confident that they received only a prank phone call, most likely from some punk teenager.

The car pulled up in the front of the factory, Olivia and Elliot stepped out, Elliot walking in front of her.

"Where do think we should start?" Olivia said looking up at the two story complex with her hands inside her jacket. Elliot just looked blankly up, and then continued to walk toward the large metal door. He reached for the handle and expecting it to be locked shut, it was slightly pushed open, he turned around and gave a small 'well what do yah know' look at his partner, he slowly pushed the door open and took small steps inside.

"Hello. ... Is anybody here?" He shouted as the sound echoed through the large empty building.

Olivia closely walked behind as he walked in, a sound of metal hitting the ground echoed, startling both detectives, it didn't take long for Elliot to whip out his gun from his belt and raise it searching corners for sign of movements. Olivia withdrew her gun also, tagging behind Elliot.

The sound of the door slamming shut behind them hid their only source of light, once again startling them,


"I'm right here" he answered searching in the darkness and grabbing hold of her arm. Both were scared although they denied it no matter what situation they were in.

Still holding her arm making sure he would not lose her he walked ahead still holding his gun out with the other hand using it so he didn't run into a wall.

"I've been waiting for this moment for quite a while now" a deep voice rose over the now small area.

Olivia now holding her arm onto Elliot's, moved closer towards him.

"You know you will have to turn on a light if you wanna kill us?" Elliot remarked

"You might bump into a few walls if not"

Elliot thought he had the upper hand and was confident he was making sense to the man.

"I don't wanna kill you, I just want to scare you" the man said with a laugh.

"It's you, isn't it?" Olivia said trying not to sound scared.

"Your very smart detective. … Benson is it?" "Ow yes I've heard some stories about you" the man teased.

"Owell you both better get some rest I'll see you in the morning" the man said yawning. Footsteps fell then all of a sudden stopping, a bright light shot out at the detectives as they fought of the new light Elliot saw a man step outside and slam the door shut again, before neither detectives could get to the door the darkness took over again.