"I don't feel so good" Olivia admitted holding her arm and head

"Don't worry. There on there way" Elliot comforted, signaling for her to put out her arm as he wrapped the coat tightly around her wound, blood now covering her left side.

"AH!" She cried in pain

"It's ok"

Olivia felt tired and drained of life she tried to fight it, she had to stay awake if she feel asleep she might not wake up.

Even though it was just her arm people could still die.

Elliot noticed her sluggish behavior and moved in front of her

"C'mon" he demanded leading her to the back of the car and slowly placing her on the back seat facing out the door. Olivia now tilted forward drooping her head down; Elliot placed his fingers under her chin and moved her head up as he knelt down in front of her

"Stay with me" he whispered holding her head up and squeezing her right hand

The sound of sirens and sudden distant flashing lights jolted Olivia's head up

"Its Ok now" he told her Supporting her weight and leading her toward the arriving ambulance.

Cragen, Munch and Fin hurried out of their vehicles and over toward the pair now lifting Olivia into the back of the ambulance.

"Is she gonna be ok?" Elliot asked shaking violently, as the paramedics plugged and pried into Olivia's now lifeless body.

"Elliot. Let them do their job" Cragen soothed pulling him from the back of the ambulance.

SWATS had entered the building already, and were leading out the suspect.

"I'll take you to the hospital Elliot" Munch suggested patting his arm.

Elliot and Munch rushed toward his car and drove off seconds later, leaving an overpowered Fin and Cragen standing, watching.



Elliot and Munch charged into the rushing crowded hospital pushing and shoving passed. A nurse had noticed and instantly knew who they were opening the widespread doors and leading them speechlessly into a quiet waiting room

"So?" Munch asked confused

"She is in surgery at the moment. But as soon as we know what is going and when you can see her we will come and get you" the nurse told them.

"Ok thanks" Munch commented setting himself down into a cushiony chair next a water dispenser, Elliot started pacing with his hands on his hips, fighting back tears at the thought of doctors prodding and pulling at her flesh with tools and saws but more so, of the thought of losing her was too much to bear.



Fin and Cragen had arrived at the hospital and were seated next to Munch and a now sitting Elliot with his head in his hands.

"So what happened?" Munch gently asked looking towards Elliot.

"What do you mean what happen John!? That son of a bitch shot her!" Elliot screamed standing from his chair and shoving a pointed finger at Munch.

"Elliot, calm down" Cragen demanded standing up and staring sharp at Elliot.

"Don't you tell me what to do, ok, my partner of 9 years might die, so don't you dare tell me to calm down!" Elliot yet again screamed this time in Cragen's direction.

Cragen was shocked at Elliot's sudden outburst and surrendered sitting down copping worried glares from Fin and Munch.

Elliot sat back down only to immediately jump back up as a doctor walked out and toward their direction.

"How is she?" Elliot asked hands on hips.

"She is stable at the moment"

"What … what do you mean at the moment?" Elliot quickly shot back

"She crashed for about 5 minutes while we were operating" the doctor said looking from Elliot to Fin to Munch to Cragen.

"What does that mean?" Fin asked intervening

"It means, if lucky she will wake up in a day or 2, But if her vitals deteriorate she might not wake up at ... all" The doctor pausing in between the last words.

Elliot looked down for a moment

"Can I see her?" he asked

"Yes of course. One last thing is there anyone I need to contact, family maybe?"

Elliot just shook his head

"Ok, room 123" the doctor finished watching Elliot and the others walk away.

ROOM 123


Elliot walked in first followed by Fin, Munch and Cragen.

Elliot pulled a nearby chair over to the bed and sat down grabbing Olivia's hand

Olivia had tubes and wires coming from all angles from her body, the typical few from her left arm running blood and a drip, another large tube in her mouth helping to breathe and a few others from her nose and right arm.

Elliot sat quietly just staring a single tear running down his cheek

Cragen noticed the look that he had never seen on Elliot's face before, the soft caring not so tough look and directed Fin Munch and himself out to give them some privacy.

Elliot now held Olivia's hand with both of his own hands rubbing her hand with his thumb.

Hours passed and Elliot had still not moved from his spot

Cragen had dropped in twice to check on the pair and to update Casey, Fin and Munch.

"Are you staying here tonight?" Cragen asked gently at Elliot still in the same position as before.

Elliot looked up at Cragen

"Look, I'm sorry about before, when I yelled at you and Munch" He said above a whisper

"It's ok. I understand why" Cragen said standing a meter away with his hands in his pockets.

"So, are you staying tonight?" Cragen tried again

"Put it this way until she wakes up, I'm not going anywhere" Elliot said turning back to Olivia and resting his head on his hands which were over Olivia's.

Cragen just nodded "Ok ill see you tomorrow then" He said walking out

Elliot soon fell asleep after.

ROOM 123


Only to be woken up by the slightest movement of Olivia's hand underneath his. Elliot raised his head; his eyes still pushing open as Olivia shuffled her head side to side squeezing her eyes shut tightly and clenched her fists.

"Hey, It's Elliot" he tried, there was no response, he stood up and took her head in his hands rubbing her cheeks with his thumbs, She stopped moving her head but still held her eyes shut tightly and clenched her fists.

"Olivia, Its ok. If you can hear me can you open your eyes?" he tried

He waited for a response once again, but nothing

That's when it hit him. He might never see her beautiful brown eyes ever again. He might never see her heart warming smile again or even see her 'awake and alive' in general again, But he knew he had to be strong and believe that she was going to wake up and everything would go back to normal, and he could see everything good and bad about her again. He just wished to hell that she woke up, and the need and impatience for it to happen were growing, growing so long it was going to eat him up inside.

5 minutes had passed, Olivia had stopped shaking and clenching her fists but her eyes were still firmly shut. Elliot was still sitting beside her holding her hand waiting for any other movement or sign of life.

Beginning to think she wasn't going to move Olivia started murmuring and moving her head, Elliot jumped and squeezed tighter to her hand.

"Olivia can you hear me?"

Olivia still murmured and tossed her head

"C'mon Liv" he whispered

"W... Where are we … we going?" She slowly whispered her eyes flickering open and shut, giving a slight smile.

Elliot smiled and moved a stray piece of hair from her face.

"Hey. I thought you were gonna leave me" He said quietly a slight crying crack in his voice.

"Don't think you can get rid of me that easily Stabler" She joked Elliot giggled and Olivia tried to follow only to be hit by pain from the gunshot wound.

"Take it easy" He reminded her still smiling and squeezing her hand

"How long have I been in here?" Olivia asked her eyes still slightly shut looking around the room

"Not long, But the doctor said a lot different to what I'm seeing"

"What do you mean?" she questioned looking at him with a confused face.

"The doctor said you may not even wake up and if you did it would be a miracle and that could take up to 3 days" he explained.

Olivia just stared.

"I… I don't remember" She said

"What don't you remember?"

"What happened at the place where he took us?"

"That doesn't matter. Just get some rest" he said rubbing his thumb on her hand

Olivia just nodded and closed her eyes.

She felt safe.