Author's Note: A bit of unedited fun! I just recently watched The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective! I hope you enjoy this; it is my first attempt at "GMD" fan fiction.

Olivia's Eyes

I remember that first night when I met Olivia Flanger... well, whatever her name was, I do quite clearly remember that night. It was wet, as London nights often tend to be, and I was just coming back from a case involving a giant rat from Sumatra... or was it Japan? Yes, well, it is of no matter. The point is that I remember her eyes at the moment that her tiny voice caught my attention. I was caught in the despair of my own miserable defeat, for I had not only failed to retrieve the murder weapon but also devastated Mrs. Judson's pillows, when Olivia told me she did not have a mother. And, I thought that, perhaps, for one second, Basil, you are making a bit of a fool of yourself. After all, your mother...

But, that is of no matter. We must get back to Olivia and her eyes, which I remember. Yes, I remember them.

For, you see, as little as I pay attention to the irrelevant details of life, I do hold on to a few occasional useless memories. Dawson insists that these snapshots of the past are related to my psychology in some way, but the poor man cannot be blamed for his naivity. Olivia's eyes alone are useless; what the memory has taught me, however, has been of some importance.

I have learned that you can be brilliant and not illuminate. I have learned that you can be sharp but not pierce. I have learned that I have responsibility sometimes and that, perhaps, there are other mice out there in bottles and mousetraps and all sorts of horrible predicaments who simply do not know the finer shades of geometry... or of evil. Olivia's eyes held innocence on the verge of its loss; I find myself stunned into silence, an event which similarly affects Dawson, whenever I think of what a bit of deduction can save.

Really, I am becoming most sentimental.