The Romantic Holiday
Chapter 1:
Look in Front of You


PDA of Haruno Sakura

Yes! 30 more minutes till we board the airplane to Italy! Heck, it's been so long since I actually rode on one. Did I ever mention that I never stepped foot outside Japan? Unbelievable? Yep…and to think that I'm going to be the age of 24 soon…

I couldn't help but smile when I saw the immigration guy put a stamp on my (practically empty) visa. Then frown when I saw him staring where he shouldn't have. If punching his ugly face wouldn't risk jeopardizing this once in a lifetime trip to Italy, then I would have done it. Real hard.

I still can't find Hinata or Naruto…as well as Naruto's friend (I forgot his name…I don't even know how the hell he looks like), but I guess he's just here somewhere. Actually, maybe he's the guy in front of me now, currently talking to someone in his Blackberry.

Okay, stop staring. I am soo over the fall-for-the-hot-sexy-guy-who-I-don't-know stage in my life. Well, maybe not entirely. I just noticed he had a cup of Caramel Macchiato. Exactly the same as mine.

His hair kind of looks like a chicken's ass though…but his face and body totally make up for it.

I sigh and sip from my drink again. Where are they?! When they arrive, I swear I'm going to punch Naruto on the head. I bet it's his fault he and Hinata aren't here yet. Oh well…on second thought, maybe I won't. He was the one who planned this trip after all.

Actually, it was only supposed to be him and Hinata…he said it was their vacation before they get married. I have no idea why he planned it. Aren't they going to their honeymoon after the wedding too? Oh well…it's romantic. He's probably making up for the way he had proposed to her…

I heard from Hinata that he 'cooked' her Ramen (It was instant Ramen, dammit. All he had to do was pour hot water. So not romantic.), put it on the table with the ring around the chopsticks and asked her. I made sure to give Naruto a really long lecture about that. Plus a few bruises on the head.

Anyway, Hinata asked him if I could come along (she's the sweetest friend ever), because she knows I wanted to go to Italy since I was 12. Why? Because I watched this very nice and romantic movie set in Italy, that's why…and it's the most romantic place I know. Even if I don't have a boyfriend right now, I am still a full-fledged hopeless romantic, so sue me.

Naruto said yes – maybe because he loves making fun of me. It gets annoying, really. Then after a few days he said his friend's coming too. No, in fact he said 'the bastard's coming' – Hinata whispered to me that it's what he calls his best friend. Hmm…I wonder how they get along. I'll just have to see later.

This is extremely boring. I think I'll read for a while.

PDA of Uchiha Sasuke

I answered the phone for the nth time today. Don't those assholes know what a vacation is? I sigh, massaging my temples. I have a gut feeling that Father is behind this. He was furious when I said I'd take a 2-week leave from work.

The phone rings again but I ignore it. The time says 5:02, which means its 30 minutes before boarding and the dobe and his fiancée aren't here yet. Typical Naruto. On the other hand, he said Hinata's friend was going as well.

She better not be someone like that pink-haired girl currently undressing me with her eyes. It's getting annoying. It looks like she thinks Idon't see what she's doing. I roll my eyes. Women.

And who would ever want to dye their hair pink, of all colors?

From the corner of my eye, I see her putting down her Blackberry and getting a very thick book out of her handbag.

What the hell?

PDA of Haruno Sakura

I take back everything I said about the guy a while ago.

He is a total Chicken Ass Jerk. Since I don't know his name (and I don't plan on ever knowing), that's what I'll call him. So what if I have a thick medical book in my handbag? I am studying for my board exam for crying out loud!

I saw it clearly, he was looking at me then – his eyes widened for a fraction of a second and he smirked. I figure he's not one of those 'laughing out loud' types of people.

I gave him a full-on glare that would have made Naruto pee in his pants. He continued smirking, nonetheless. I grit my teeth and look away; opening the book to the page I left off this morning.

So what? The flight would have been boring without anything to do. And besides, I am an apprentice of Tsunade! I wouldn't be at the top of my class if I didn't study…

I took a side glance and what I saw made my blood boil. He was still smirking. I was itching to just go over to him and punch his completely gorgeous, drop-dead sexy face.


To: Sakura Haruno

From: Hinata Hyuuga

Subject: Sorry

Hey Sakura. Sorry, we had to go back because Naruto forgot his bag of instant Ramen in his house. We'll be there in a while. Did you see Sasuke already?

- Hinata

To: Hinata Hyuuga

From: Sakura Haruno

Subject: I'll kill Naruto.

I knew it was his fault! How long till you guys reach the lounge? The plane's boarding soon.

Umm…no. That's Naruto's friend, right? I don't even know what he looks like.

- Sak

To: Sakura Haruno

From: Hinata Hyuuga

Subject: If you do the trip's going to be canceled, so no more Italy for you.

We'll be there in a while...maybe 10 minutes.

Yes, that's him. Really? I must have forgotten to send you his picture. Anyway, he won't be that hard to miss. He's got onyx eyes, raven hair…(it's styled like a chicken's butt –Naruto), and from what I heard, he's an eye-candy.

- Hinata

PS – do you see him now?

Author's Note: Just to let yo guys know, the last parts were supposed to be e-mails. Fanfiction wouldn't allow me to use the symbols x.x

This was inspired by a book written by Meg Cabot. I forgot the title though. Hope you guys liked it. Not as funny as I hoped, but it'll get better later. I always had a difficulty in starting off stories and introducing the plot -.- Anyway, I'll continue if I get enough feedback…reviews are very much appreciated, as well as constructive criticisms. No flames please :)

- Gabbeh