They always stood side by side, never actually looking at one another, always out the window. They stared and stared, wondering how many more days they would be polished and set up on display for little girls to smile at and point out. When set out one day, they caught each other's eye, but only for a brief moment. They stared out the window, smiles on their faces. They wondered who that other doll was, what she was like, why she was so much prettier.

Days passed, and neither had caught a glimpse of one another. The blond wondered if the pink-haired one had been bought. The pinkette wondered if the blond was simply put in the back with the rest of those that hadn't been bought in years. They smiled at the children that looked up at them, but those smiles were stiff, practiced. They wanted to see one another.

Weeks passed, and they couldn't forget. The blonde's smile was the one to disappear from her face, her eyes looking glassier than they had when they'd first been made. The pinkette's smile didn't fade, but it was never as bright as it was the day they'd seen each other.

A month passed. The blond couldn't bother to smile at the children, who didn't have to deal with love and loss. The pinkette's smile was fading fast, no longer a definite line on her face. The blond was taken from the front of the store, and her eyes were closed. The pinkette wondered why there was an empty spot beside her. Her smile, by then, had faded completely.

Another month passed. She was taken from the front, and sat on a shelf with other dolls that hadn't been bought whose features were fading. She kept her eyes open, wondering if the other doll was nearby. The blond finally opened her eyes, looking around for someone who would smile at her the way the pinkette had.

Two days passed, and dolls were moved, some being repainted so they could be sold. The blond and pink-haired dolls were not touched. They were moved, though, sitting beside one another, as they had been when they stood in the window.

They looked at each other, exchanging faded smiles.


A/N: Thank you for reading this. It's my first contribution to Valentine's Day.

Hope yours is filled with hugs and kisses!