Severus regarded the ersatz Harry Potter in front of him with disgust disguised as interest. "Hi, Harry," he greeted softly. He wondered what the imposter hoped to gain by disguising himself as Severus' husband. And why didn't the bloody imposter use Polyjuice? No, he used some sort of glamour.

"Professor!" the imposter cried. "It's been far too long."

Severus raised an eyebrow. "Of course it has, Potter. Probably because both of us devoutly wished it to be forever before we ever communicated with each other again."

"That's not true!" Harry contested hotly.

"Perhaps," Severus smirked. "I'll never tell, Potter."

"I… I liked it when you called me Harry," the imposter said shyly.

"Very well, Harry. What did you come here for?"

"I enjoy your company," 'Harry' admitted with a small smile. "I know we haven't exactly kept in touch, but I was hoping to renew our connection. Don't lie to me, Severus. I know you were attracted to me even when I was in school."

Dear Merlin, had he really been that obvious? Never mind that. Someone was attempting to either get information on him or…

Absolutely not! No one would dress up as Harry to have sex with Severus… would they?

It certainly seemed to be going that way. Severus hoped to trap 'Harry' into some foolishness he couldn't work his way out of. Then he began wondering where his husband was. Harry was usually back by now.

"Mr. Potter, being attracted to you is one thing. Acting on the attraction is completely different. One is a biological response that even I can't regulate. However, the other is morally reprehensible and entirely under my control. Perhaps I should have hidden it better so as not to offend your delicate Gryffindor sensibilities."

"I was attracted to you even then," 'Harry' continued. "Surely you knew."

"Mutual attraction does not immediately precede a relationship or even sex. You were a student, and I know that breaking rules was your specialty, but even you couldn't've gotten away with breaking this one."

"I'm no longer your student. And you're still attracted to me."

"Must I explain the difference between attraction and performance again? What makes you think I'm single, anyway?"

"How many people want to date you?" 'Harry' smirked.

"Do you think this helps you?" Severus hissed.

"You're the one that likes the truth. Besides, hostility's a great aphrodisiac."

"Severus," a familiar voice began, the owner sweeping into the room without knocking.

Then Harry Potter turned to face 'Harry Potter'. "Who the hell are you?" Harry growled.

"I should be asking the same thing of you!" the imposter snapped.

Harry arched his eyebrow and, with a wave of his hand, ended the spell. "Malfoy, how nice to see you again. Why?"

"Severus is mine!"

"I don't belong to anyone," Severus snapped. "Now, my husband and I would thank you to leave."

"Husband?" echoed Malfoy as Harry kicked him out.

Severus laughed. "Afraid I can't tell the difference between an ersatz and the real you?"

Ersatz – adj. Being a substitute or imitation, usually an inferior one. Word of the Day, February 11, 2008)