IMPORTANT! Rory said yes to Logan's proposal at the end of season 7.

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Logan bought her books. Hundreds of them, half of them he didn't know the author of or understand the title. They were expensive books, some of them limited editions from her favourite authors; some were even signed by her favourite authors… but they weren't enough.

She loved his books.

They were worn and ratty from over use. Pages were marked and written in, many had scrawl that wasn't hers. They were the ones that sat by her bedside each night while the books he bought her sat gathering dust on the bookshelf.

She loved his books.

Logan had looked at them once. He just casually opened one of them one day and saw the dedication.

'Dedicated to Rory Gilmore. She made my life bearable.'

Each book's dedication was for her. Sometimes they were nothing but obscure references or quotes he knew he would never understand… but he knew they were for her.

'Guns of Brixton is my Shakespeare'

'Yeah, I looked it up'

'It's always better in a cone'

He never understood them, nobody understood them.

No one but her.


These books went everywhere with her. Work, trips, around town. No matter where they were she would have a copy of a book with her.

He sent them to her first. It was always the same. When a package arrived on their doorstep addressed to her in that all too familiar scrawl… a new book would be clutched in her hands that very night.

She loved his books… and she still loved him.


That was his excuse when he cheated on her that night. A friend of his sister's had shown up at his doorstep three months later, pregnant.

Rory had confronted him, and an argument had followed. Things were said and a relationship ended.

"You still love him!" He had shouted over her voice.

"We're just friends!" was her weak response, three seconds too late.

She loved his books and she loved him.

The divorce had been messy, but they both knew it had to end.


She loved his books… and there was no doubt that she also loved him.

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