To GPPR, the brilliant, talented and phenomenally gifted artist who created an unbelievable (and squeal-worthy) piece of Tekkaman Blade art. Please accept my humble apologies for the delay in the fulfilment of my promise, but I operate on the 'better late than never' principle. I hope you enjoy this ficlet


The plot for this fic was inspired by the comments from fictional journals and novels within the McKinney novels but motivated completely by GPPR's offer of Tekkaman Blade artwork!

Notes on the Run II: Beyond Protoculture
Written by Star

Rand's Foreword

I am sometimes taken back when I realise how much time has passed since the events chronicled in Notes on the Run(1). Memories once vivid as daylight slowly blur and mingle with the fog of time – here is where Rook would accuse me of being a sentimental Drama Queen and remind me to keep it simple. As succinctly as my lovely wife would have me write, I can't shake off my astonishment that more than a decade has ticked on by. Fear not faithful reader; this memoir isn't a requiem for my youth but rather the lament of years gone by for others.

At time of writing the SDF3's return is old news, though I miss the days when it was the newsdiscussed wildly over many a kitchen table and living room. It certainly was in my house; not only was it the return of the heroes I'd worshipped since my youth but also the return of one of my (sorry Rook, our) closest friends, Scott Bernard. Save the tears from our touching reunion, readers, the bastard didn't look any older than when I saw him last! No sympathy from me, Soldier Boy!

To say that meeting these living legends was beyond my wildest dreams is an absolute understatement, but I got my chance to meet the Hunters, Sterlings, Grants and all the rest who were unbelievably, just as curious about my adventures as I was about theirs. The most imaginative mind couldn't possibly fathom what went through their minds upon hearing that the last few months of their lives was Earth's last decade of history. The idea for this book came to me as I listened to the SDF3ers recall their adventures in Newspace(2). Once again, I found myself frightened by Protoculture's omnipotent abilities to toy with our lives.

Furthermore, I felt it necessary to reconcile the experiences of the 'old' and 'new' generations. Heroes in my eyes, to some they are characters from a long-forgotten, half-remembered fable from their childhood. It is my hope that you reacquaint yourselves with these characters, some who choose to rediscover the heroism of their youth, others who prefer to look steadfastly towards the future.

To Rook, who never says die,
Maria, who'll make her old man proud,
(3), who'll surprise us all
And for those who went on before…

Rand, 2049

Next chapter: The Bernards

.:Author's Note:.

Though Harmony Gold has discarded the McKinney novels as non-cannon, I've been exposed to their influence far longer than that despicable excuse of a sequel (and blatant disregard for strong female role models!!!) Shadow Chronicles. I will reference the novels as necessary, please feel free to e-mail me or leave questions in your feedback if you wish to understand the novels further. Please note that I am Australian, which you'll no doubt discover from my spelling (e.g., colour/color).


(1)References are repeatedly made to Rand's Notes on the Run throughout McKinney's Robotech novels, Invid Invasion (#10), Metamorphosis(#11), Symphony of Light (#12) and The End of the Circle (#18).

(2)McKinney, J. 1989. Robotech #18: The End of the Circle. Ballantine Books: New York.

(3)No reference, but spelling is intentional – I've taken some creative liberties so that Rook and Rand had another child, named after Lancer but with alternate spelling (it'd get too confusing!)

::The Boring Bits::

Robotech is the property of Harmony Gold. I do now own any characters and references to the series (book, comic or anime) are done so without the expressed permission of Harmony Gold. Notes on the Run II is not used for the exchange of or quest for money. Notes on the Run II is a fan-based work – I am merely conveying my love for this brilliant series (and disregarding…completely rejecting the Shadow Chronicles!). Needless to say, anyone stealing ideas belonging to the author – may you be punished in whatever way your faith dictates. Any deviation beyond the novels and new characters belongs to me.