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Notes on the Run II: Beyond Protoculture
Written by Star

Chapter One – The Bernards

Whoever said Scott was a pleasant-looking, clean-shaven youth(1) had to have been under the influence of the Garudanian Hin(7). My first impression of our Soldier Boy/Leader was of an irritable, red-faced jerk who mistook me for a rag doll when I didn't offer him the Grand Tour of Invid-occupied Earth(2). That was of course, before our journey revealed his true character and what both haunted and motivated Scott Bernard. Putting my jealousy aside that my friend had been able to stave off grey hair, I struggled to reconcile the man I was reunited with to the boy I met all those years ago. Back then he had the look of the lost(3), fresh from the disastrous Mars invasion force and the loss of his fiancée, Marlene Rush. I was surprised that he'd acquired such a peaceful countenance (so beyond the reach of that 'pleasant-looking youth') especially after Scott shared his encounter with the Regis in Newspace(4). I suspect his newfound lease on optimism had something to do with Marlene's healed psyche, long-battered and bruised in her struggle for identity. That matter had been irrevocably laid to rest at the Intersection(5); she was both Marlene Rush and Invid scion, returned to her loved ones triumphantly whole.

Fascinated as I was by their adventures in Newspace and the revelations of the Intersection, such details have been penned by a far more articulate pen than mine and it is not my intention to retell what can be found in Admiral Lisa Hayes-Hunter's Recollections(8). I would prefer to recall the details of the Buck's party I never had and was determined that Scott would…however have been sworn to secrecy by pain of death (and divorce). So instead, suffice to say that we welcomed the news of Scott and Marlene's pending nuptials, followed by a belated baby shower; in our defence they flew off into the sunset, Tirol-bound straight after the wedding! By the time Scott and Marlene returned freshly reconciled with her parents(6), their young daughter Ariel had begun to crawl (I'd somehow managed to father another child in the meantime; Scott had the gall to offer his sympathies to Rook!). Ariel was a sweet child from the start and dotes on her similarly docile younger siblings, and even if they have had the misfortune of inheriting many of her father's features their mother's dark eyes have saved them from a lifetime of ridicule (that's what you get for mocking my manhood, Soldier Boy!).

Though we'd hoped that the Bernards would choose Earth over Tirol, we weren't surprised when Scott and Marlene decided on the latter. Scott was no longer the same cynical, anguished duty-bound soldier that led us to Reflex Point. Newspace and the inevitable experience of time had changed all that; how the burden of guilt must've eased from his shoulders in the moment he stopped mourning Marlene Rush and ceased to agonise over his love for the reborn Marlene. Similarly, nor was Marlene the same delicate girl we'd protected on the way to Reflex Point and cared for when Scott ran off to find his Admirals Hunter at the conclusion of our journey. Marlene experienced trauma on a level beyond human understanding but the fragile girl had grown into a capable woman, her past weaknesses fast becoming the next, next generation's strengths. With Aurora Sterling on the Interworld Council(9), Marlene is the only other individual who can comprehend the mysterious evolution experienced by some of the SDF3ers' offspring and tutor them accordingly. With most of these children based on Tirol, it made sense for the Bernards to pack up and set sail for the stars.

Where they felt, they belonged.

Next chapter: The Hunters

.:Author's Note:.

Though Harmony Gold has discarded the McKinney novels as non-cannon, I've been exposed to their influence far longer than that despicable excuse of a sequel (and blatant disregard for strong female role models!!!) Shadow Chronicles. I will reference the novels as necessary, please feel free to e-mail me or leave questions in your feedback if you wish to understand the novels further. Please note that I am Australian, which you'll no doubt discover from my spelling (e.g., colour/color).


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::The Boring Bits::

Robotech is the property of Harmony Gold. I do now own any characters and references to the series (book, comic or anime) are done so without the expressed permission of Harmony Gold. Notes on the Run II is not used for the exchange of or quest for money. Notes on the Run II is a fan-based work – I am merely conveying my love for this brilliant series (and disregarding…completely rejecting the Shadow Chronicles!). Needless to say, anyone stealing ideas belonging to the author – may you be punished in whatever way your faith dictates. Any deviation beyond the novels and new characters belongs to me.