This is the tenth story in my fanfic series, "Kaiju Wars". As always, you don't need to have read the previous episodes, and I'll just fill you in here: Miki Saegusa, here 16 years old, is part of G-Force, a small scientific team established by the JSDF. Thanks to a psychic link, she's the adoptive sister of a certain giant fire-breathing beast.

Godzilla is © Toho.


The attack had been swift, vicious and, perhaps worst of all, utterly unforeseen.

The side of the cruise ship was torn open, those who survived the attack left to bob up and down or cling desperately to floating fragments of their previous safety in terrified shouts and screams.

"Mayday!" The captain shouted into his radio, "S.O.S! This is the… the…"

The water bulged in front of the ship, the top of a dark-red carapace breaking the surface before slamming into the side of the ship.

Massive pincers rose from the water, the mammoth lobster screeching into the air as it prepared to lash out. It raised one claw, preparing to strike…

And then they came down, smashing through hull plates and entire decks as tough they were made of paper.

A foghorn suddenly sounded, and the black-painted ship came into view- with the red emblem of crossed swords inside a circle painted on its side- and a spray of light-green liquid suddenly shot up into the monster's eyes.

The lobster screeched again, flailing angrily and painfully as the smell of the liquid, before turning and diving back into the waves.

The survivors looked up in a mix of gratitude, hope and… fear… at the black-garbed figures who approached the side of the ship.

"No survivors." One of the figures ordered darkly.

The survivors looked up in sudden horror as the guns were drawn and aimed right at them.

It was the last thing they ever saw.

And so it begins. The monster in this episode should be pretty obvious to any G-Fan, though I will warn you right now that this will be a more human-focused episode, but there's still some good action and espionage coming up. Hey, after episodes 8 and 9, I think the G-Man's earned a little break.

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