Pericolo! Morte!

An Exciting Announcement,

But Not Chapter Next

Logging into the dusty server that once held the Red Team and their nemesis, Team Bloo, all spectators would find it empty. Empty as it had been for over two years... tumbleweeds... old files... a haunting silence. No gunshots, no torches, not even a single 'Bonk!' could be heard through the entire fortress. As it seemed, sad but true, the server's hosting had long expired and was gone for good...

... until suddenly someone logged in.

Corky materialized out of the ether and looked about at the six feet of dust that had gathered everywhere and sneered, "Well this is looking horrible. I thought it couldn't get any worse than Fingerprint Fridays. Turns out I was wrong!"

His shoes clacked against the scuffed floors as he walked to the exit of Red Team's base, looking over the empty outdoors. Even the cow decoy at this point had completely decayed away, a sorry state indeed. Flicking out his cigarette-case of eletronic Spy goodness, he flipped it open and looked over the contents. "I knew that sapper I placed on the update server was a bad idea. Mon dieu! But I think if I remove it now..."

Stealthily he pried open a console window in the air in front of him and typed in the mystic words: 'sv_cheats 1', 'noclip'. Slipping freely under the map, there he saw the great internet cable that fed the entire server. His old trusty sapper was still chugging away as hard as it could, since the internet cable was self-repairing to a small degree. Prying it free, there was a sudden loud rush inside the wire. As if a sluice had been opened, a thousand files started shooting down that cable and into the very soil of the Fortress. Soon came bugfixes, new content, and so many updates that the cable rapidly started to smell like burning rubber.

"Oh no." The last words to escape the Spy's lips before the entire map flat-out exploded under the weight of the data. The server chugged before rebooting itself, spitting out a larger map with brighter bloom and shinier graphics. A fresh breeze rippled the water under the bridge, but all was quiet once more!

"... mmph mpmmph!"

Pyro, dazed, wandered out of Red team's base and out into the sun, looking skyward. Looking down at the water, he saw his reflection, and suddenly came to the realization that he EXISTED again after all these years. With a surprised yelp, he suddenly about-faced and nearly plowed into Corky when he stepped out of respawn. "Mmmph mmmf!"

"Good morning to you, too, dear Pyro. I see you are the first to revive. Excellent!" Corky dusted the ash off his suit. "But do you know what this means?"

Pyro scratched the side of his mask, then shook his head. "Mmf?"

"It means the war will begin anew! Bloo team, Red team, fighting for supremacy!"

"Mmmfmmf!" Pyro jumped up and down excitedly.

"Unfortunately, amigo, this does not mean a Mission 13. You know that number is bad luck anyway, right?" Corky watched as the Pyro nearly started blubbering at the news. "Oh no, don't start that up. There is good news to all of this: A new server will be purchased, maintained, run...! And it will be called..."

Pericolo! Morte! Rinnovata!

The Second Reckoning: An entirely new continuity

of Pericolo! Morte! after over two years.

Coming This Week... because I love you.