Getbackers: Remake

Chapter one, enjoy.

Summary: They are the Getbackers; what is stolen, they'll get it back. But is that all they are? Follow them on their adventures and discover the secret Midou Ban has been hiding.

Pairing/s: GinjixBan (future chapters), and maybe some other.

Warning: May hold blood and violence.

Spoilers: Parts of the manga.

Other notes: Totally different Ban-attitude. Those who have read my other Getbackers-stories may notice this Ban resembles the Ban I usually display in them. Though in this one he remains pretty quiet, and a little scary. And his whole life in this fic will be different. Which means, his mother did not abandon him, he did not live with Maria and so on. I'll drop hints the further this story will go.

Also, this one will not really follow the anime or the manga all the time. I'll add other missions, and maybe take in some missions from the manga.

There are no Voodoo children in this fic, but Himiko still exists. It's just that her and Ban's relationship are different. You will see.





Chapter One: Mizuki Natsumi

"I shouldn't have gone to the movie after all! Dad must be worried sick by now!"

A seventeen-year old girl was running along a street, looking at her clock as she did while she spoke to herself. She wore a high school-uniform and a bag. From it hung some key rings, all cats. Her long hair flowed behind her as she ran. Her name was Mizuki Natsumi and she was very, very late. She saw an alley and ran into it.

"This should be a good shortcut", she mumbled to herself.

After a while, she nearly tripped over a cat and jumped away. She turned accusing eyes to the poor cat and said:

"You scared me." Said cat looked up at her and she continued, "Aren't you a cute one? Stay like that for a little bit."

She got out her phone and got on the camera. She took a picture, the light shining up the alley.

"Thanks!" she said to the dazed cat.

But she had not gotten any longer than a few steps when someone grabbed her. She spun around and tried to make the person let go of her.

"Who told you?!" a man shouted. "Who told you to spy on me?!"

"Let me go!" she shouted back.

When the grip tightened she took up her phone and took another picture, the light making the man let go. She ran off, just as the man reached forward but he only got a hold of one of the cats that hung from her bag.

He fell to his knees as she disappeared around a corner, and in the slightly better light you could see the police uniform.

"I've been seen…"


Natsumi looked around the shop. The shop-owner stood by the counter, reading a newspaper. Music was playing in the background but the girl did not listen so much. She was more nervous of what would happen when she met the Getbackers. Her friends had suggested her to seek up the Getbackers, because they got back whatever was stolen. Her hand reached out to take the cup of coffee and she sipped the hot liquid.

"Ano", she said and the owner looked up. "What are the Getbackers like?"

"The Getbackers?" the man replied and thought for a while. "They're special. They're not like us, but something more I guess. They are a bit young for this business though, but they're both strong."

"How old are they?"

"Around nineteen both of them, I think."

'Nineteen? They are not much older than me!'

Just as she began to speak again the door opened and she looked. A blonde young man walked inside, with a bright smile on his lips and sparkling brown eyes. He wore a green vest over a white T-shirt along with brown shorts and sport shoes. He had black gloves on his hands.

"Hi, Paul-san!" he said brightly.

"Ginji", Paul greeted. "You got a customer."

Ginji turned to the girl and she asked:

"Are you the Getbackers?"

"One of them", Ginji said. "Amano Ginji."

"Mizuki Natsumi."

The door opened once more and a brunette stepped inside. The brown hair stood up in spikes, but did a good job in almost covering the man's eyes. Natsumi got a look on the eyes as they darted over to Paul. Dark sapphire pools to eyes. She shivered slightly. The man had a pair of round, purple glasses low on his nose and a four-tailed T-shirt that was a bit too big for him. His black jeans looked worn and he had black shoes of some sort. He dragged one long-fingered hand through his hair, and Natsumi noted he had a very pale skin. Unlike his happy partner, Midou Ban merely inclined his head to the owner.

"Ban-chan, we have a customer", Ginji said. "Natsumi-san, do you mind if we get something to eat while you tell us?"

"Not at all."

Ban looked at her, and nodded once. Paul put away the newspaper and said:

"Got lucky today or what?"

"Yeah", Ban answered. "Easy job, easy money."

"The usual then?"

Ban nodded once more. Ginji turned to Paul and said:

"Can I get a sandwich instead of pizza? And I drank too much coffee this morning, so I'll be fine with water."

"Coming right up", Paul said.

'They seem to be regulars', Natsumi thought and let the happy blonde lead the way.

She noted Ban stayed behind a little while. Ginji turned to her and said:

"Don't get scared of Ban-chan; he's just a bit grumpy to everyone."

When Paul came with Ginji's sandwich and water, Ban travelled behind Paul with a plate in one hand and a cup of steaming coffee in the other hand. The owner went back behind the disk and Ginji looked at Ban.

"Ban-chan, you drink too much coffee", the blonde insisted. "You'll be awake for the entire night."

"No I won't."

He sat down and Natsumi looked in disbelief at the man's plate. It was two small sandwiches.

'He only eats that?'

"You eat too little", Ginji continued.

"You complain too much", Ban shot back. "I'm fine."

"You say so every time…"

Natsumi looked back and forth at them. Ban turned to his coffee while Ginji sighed before turning to the girl.

"So, what's the story?" he asked brightly.


A half-hour later Ginji and Natsumi were chatting as Ban had gone upstairs to borrow Paul's computer.

"So you started this two years ago?" Natsumi said.

"We didn't started; we took over", Ginji said with a laugh.

"But you're so young!" she exclaimed. "Didn't you guys go to school?"

"Where I lived, there wasn't much of a chance going to school", Ginji said with a slight smile. "Ban-chan must've been home taught because he's really smart."

"Is he?"

"He knows a lot of stuff", Ginji continued. "Sometimes, I feel like an idiot compared to him."

"Is he nice?"

"Yup", the blonde said. "Many don't see that, but I do. He's really nice, once he warms up to someone."

They did not notice Ban until he tapped Ginji's shoulder.

"Already?" he asked and the brunette raised one eyebrow. "Alright, alright. I know you're fast, but not that fast…"


Natsumi waved to them before she jumped on her train to get home. Ginji turned to Ban and said:

"So her story was true?"

"Aa", the brunette answered. "Corrupt cops are unfortunately not that strange anymore."

"I hate dirty cops", the blonde said. "Shall we go then?"

Ban looked after the train a little while with furrowed brows. He could have sworn he… The brunette shook his head, turned around and followed his blonde partner.

"Where is the first stop then?" Ginji asked.

"The police station; where else?"

"Are you joking?!"

Ginji looked at his partner and whined out:

"Noo, he's not…"

For the first time in that day, Ban allowed himself a smile. Ginji looked at him again and smiled as well. He had been looking for that smile on his partner's face for a while now.

"Let's go then!" he said. "The faster we do it, the faster Natsumi-chan will be happy!"


"Is the security in the building really this low?"

Ginji looked over to Ban as he spoke. The brunette shrugged and replied:

"It's near closing time. They let their guard down a bit."

"You got where the policeman has his desk?"


They slowly went into the big room. There were at least twenty desks, but Ban passed ten of them without a care. He stopped between two of them and looked at both of them.

"You take the left one, I take the right", he said.

Ginji nodded and began searching through the left desk as Ban began with the right. Only after a little while Ginji grinned and said:

"It's gotta be it!"

The brunette looked up and Ginji showed the little key ring. It was of a cat and Ban could read Natsumi's name behind it. He nodded as an affirmative and the blonde carefully pocketed it. Suddenly they heard a rustle in a door, and Ban quickly dragged Ginji over to another desk. He made the blonde hid underneath the desk while he took the one opposite. They heard three pair of footsteps and one voice began to speak:

"Someone took your picture?"

"Yeah", another one answered. "But it's alright now; I got her and we're going to press out from her who ordered her to."

"Isn't that one just a kid?" the third voice said. "Who the hell would order a kid to spy on a policeman?"

"She must have someone with her", the second voice said. "Someone watched the surveillance tape!"

"Whatever", the first voice said. "Where is she?"

"At the third coast pier. Some of the men boss sent is already there."

Ban looked over at Ginji. The blonde looked worried. The three left soon again and Ginji crept out.

"They got Natsumi-chan?" he said in disbelief. "What on earth did she do?"

The brunette was quiet for a while. Then he said:

"Looks like we have more than one retrieval to make."


Natsumi was really scared by now. She did not know what she had done, or why these guys were holding her here. She hoped they had not found out about Ginji and Ban, since she did not want any harm coming to them.

A rough hand forced her head up. The policemen shook her phone and said:

"There are only cats in this!! Who the fuck told you to spy on me?!"

She just shook her head violently, trying to make herself heard. But it was not that easy when she had tape over her mouth.

"Someone is coming!"

Everyone whipped their heads towards the opening, where Natsumi could see the sea and the sunset. Suddenly a Beetle came inside. Her eyes widened as she saw who drove and who sat next to the driver.

The car stopped and the doors opened. From the driving seat Ban stepped out, and from the passenger seat Ginji. The brunette shut the door and stepped forward.

"Who the hell are you?!" the policeman screamed.

"Retrievers", Ban answered. "We take back what is stolen."

"We are here to return the goods to the owner", Ginji continued. "If you had not taken her, you would have had to meet us. We're the Getbackers."

"Getbackers?" the policeman said. "Never heard of you. Now tell me who ordered you to spy on me?!"

"Take it easy", Ban said as he took a drag of his cigarette. "We got the information from general merchants. We have no interest in you."

"Liars! Get them!"

Natsumi tried to scream as the men opened fire. Suddenly there was a cracking sound and they all turned. Ban had appeared in front of a guy, taken a hold of the guy's gun and crushed it… with his hand. Ban took the cigarette from his mouth and said:

"Maybe we should have said we're not like you guys."

Ginji rushed forward and grabbed two of them. He straightened up with a grin as electricity flew out from his hands into the men.

"Stun guns?!" one shouted.

"Nope", Ginji said with a smile. "You can say I'm somewhat of an electrical eel. That is why I can do this."

He hit the switches to the lamps with his fist and sent electricity into them. The lamps shone brighter for a moment before exploding. One of the guys went for Ban, who stopped the fist coming his way with his hand. He squeezed a little and Natsumi shuddered as she heard the bones breaking. He picked up the man by the face and threw him away. With his middle finger, he pushed the purple glasses higher up and turned to look at the policeman.

"Kill them!"

"Ban-chan get down!"

The brunette got down and Ginji shot out electricity on the men. Soon no one else but the policeman was standing up. He picked up a gun, dragged up Natsumi and said:

"One step, and I'll kill her!"


Ban rose up slowly, his eyes never leaving the policeman. Natsumi widened her eyes as she saw those eyes. They looked so like a snake's…

"Don't look at me", the man whispered. "Don't look at me!"

Ban narrowed his eyes, and now Natsumi thought she could even see snake scales.

"Don't look!"

One shot and the brunette fell backwards.


Another shot, and a blonde man fell down as well. The man kept on shooting, even though the girl slipped down onto the ground.

"It's all your fault!" he screamed. "It was because you looked at me!"

Suddenly there was a piercing light, and he covered his eyes. When he could look again he saw policemen standing with their guns directed to him.

"W-wait a minute!" he said. "I'm a police officer."

They readied themselves to shoot, ignoring the man. The first shot hit, and was followed by many others. He screamed and screamed, all until a voice said:

"Exactly one minute."

The scenery scattered like when a mirror breaks, and the man found himself looking at the brunette youngster. Behind him, Ginji was holding the unconscious Natsumi. The brunette flicked the lighter close and said:

"I made you see a dream."

The policeman fell to his knees, whispering:


"I have an ability which allows me to show people a dream during one minute", Ban said. "It's called Jagan, the Evil Eye. Did you have a good dream?"



"Welcome!" she chirped brightly. "Paul-san gave me work here!"

"Paul?" Ginji said and turned to the glass-wearing owner.

"I needed someone to help out, and she was more than happy about it", Paul said with a shrug. "By the way, what happened to you guys?"

Ginji looked down at his wet clothes and then over to Ban's equally wet clothes. The brunette's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. Ginji smiled and said:

"We kinda fell into the river…"

"You fell, and dragged me with you", Ban corrected.

"Maybe you can lend us some spare clothes, Paul?" Ginji said. "It's a bit too far to our apartment."

"What about your car?"


"Ginji so nicely broke the brakes on it", Ban said as he took out his drenched cigarettes and lighter. "You also destroyed my cigarettes and my lighter. You nearly drowned me as well."

"I said I was sorry!"

Natsumi saw them argue back and forth as Paul sighed and went to get some spare clothes and smiled. This was sure a fun duo she had met.


Chapter one finished, yay. Let's see if anyone like this one. Short chapter this time, but there was not really any action here.