Getbackers: Remake

Chapter eleven, the last chapter of this fic, enjoy.

Summary: They are the Getbackers; what is stolen, they'll get it back. But is that all they are? Follow them on their adventures and discover the secret Midou Ban has been hiding.

Pairing/s: GinjixBan, ShidoxMadoka and maybe some other.

Warning: May hold blood and violence.

Spoilers: Parts of the manga.

Other notes: Totally different Ban-attitude. Those who have read my other Getbackers-stories may notice this Ban resembles the Ban I usually display in them. Though in this one he remains pretty quiet, and a little scary. And his whole life in this fic will be different. Which means, his mother did not abandon him, he did not live with Maria and so on. I'll drop hints the further this story will go.

Also, this one will not really follow the anime or the manga all the time. I'll add other missions, and maybe take in some missions from the manga.

There are no Voodoo children in this fic, but Himiko still exists. It's just that her and Ban's relationship are different. You will see.





Warning for this chapter: Heavy implications to sex.


Chapter Eleven: Happy Ending?

Morning came. The sun rose over the buildings, and reflected in the windows. Mugenjou was quiet, but not for long.

The party was expected. After all, their Raitei had returned even if it was just for a short while. Ban looked at his lover for a little while who was grinning and embracing people he had missed before turning around and walking outside.

He met up with Misuru, the Water twins and Paul.

"Thanks guys," he said with a small smile to them.

"No problem," Misuru said. "It feels… lighter somehow, knowing he's dead."

"For years we searched who had done this, and nothing showed up," Shunrei said. "Now Hinorie-sama and Mamoru-sama can rest in peace, knowing you did the revenge for them."

"Speaking of peace," Paul said and groaned, "I want to go to bed now."

"Alright, Kyomu," Ban taunted. "You can go. Thanks for the help."

"No problem. Coming in for coffee later?"

"Sure thing; if Ginji lets go of me long enough."

Paul waved and walked away. Misuru turned to his younger brother and said:

"Am I back in your good grades now?"

"Not a chance," the black-haired man said.

"Come on!" Misuru whined. "What have I done?!"

"You exist."

Misuru ruffled Ban's hair and drew him into a hug. Shunrei and Shunei left with bows to Ban.

"Don't hesitate to call me anytime," Misuru whispered into his ear. "Never again hesitate."

"'Kay," Ban mumbled.

"Go to your Ginji-san now. He's worried."

Misuru disappeared and Ban was left alone. He sighed softly and went back inside. Ginji got vision of him and Ban found himself trapped in the blonde man's embrace. The black-haired man hugged him back and said:

"I'm here."


"You want to stay here? I'm tired and would like to rest," Ban said. "It's okay if you want to stay."

"I want to be with you," Ginji whispered. "Only you."

"But your friends…"

"I'll go and say goodbye to them now. Do not move."

The last was growled out and Ban nodded, unsure of what would happen if he dared to refuse. Ginji disappeared and soon the man heard complaints and Ginji's apologies. The blonde man came back to the black-haired man, turned around and said to the others:

"But I'll visit again, I promise! Okay, Makubex?"

A young teen with grey hair looked a bit sadly at the former emperor before nodding. Ginji beamed at him and said:

"And don't worry; I'll sit and listen to your babbles about computers! Who knows; I maybe learn something!"

"Will you visit soon, Ginji-san?" Makubex asked.

"It depends, but how about in a few days?" Ginji asked. "We have enough money for a day-break, right Ban-chan?"

"Aa," he replied, not sure what else to say.

Soon the two were moving towards their apartment. Ginji held the black-haired man's hand and Ban did not feel like to pull it away. Besides, most people probably saw him as a woman at the moment with his clothing and hair.

As they came to the house they lived in, Ginji began walking faster. He unlocked their apartment door, and they got inside. As soon as the blonde had locked the door he fastened his lips against Ban's. The Jagan-user moaned at the hard kiss and got his hands up to cup his lover's face. He let himself be steered into the bedroom and fell to the bed. Ginji caught himself before he crushed his lover but did not break the kiss. Instead, he began undressing the slightly smaller man hurriedly, hands stroking and kneading. Ban moaned into the blonde's mouth as Ginji spread his legs and stroke the white thighs lovingly.

"Ginji," he gasped as he got free. "Ginji, not so fast--!"

"I need to feel you," the blonde murmured.

"I'm right here," Ban said. "I will forever be here."

"But you are a great leader. They would want you back, as everyone wanted me back in Mugenjou," Ginji said, tears in his eyes as he began kissing and nipping at the black-haired man's chest.

"Fuck them," the Jagan-user panted. "They can handle themselves, pitiful excuses for some shitty clans."


"I'll never leave you, Ginji. Never."

The blonde attacked his lover's skin more aggressively, making Ban groan and trash around. He bit one of the dark nipples lovingly and Ban gasped out:

"Please, Ginji! Take me!"

Who was the blonde to refuse that kind of request?


"Ginji…" Ban said sleepily.

The blonde stopped tucking the slightly smaller man in and looked at him with a small smile.

"What is it, Ban-chan?" he asked.

"Love you," the Jagan-user said.

"I love you too," Ginji said and kissed his forehead.

He finished and lay down next to the man. Ban looked at him, neck slightly bent at an awkward angle. Ginji looked down at Ban's covered body and said:

"How much are you going to hate me tomorrow?"

"Much I think," Ban said and shifted. "But I don't regret it."

Ginji pressed his mouth against Ban's and felt more than heard his lover moan. He pressed Ban's body close and rolled so the slightly smaller man sat on his hips. The Jagan-user rose up, dragging the blankets away so they met, skin to skin. Ginji moaned as he felt the wet skin and puckered entrance rubbing against him.

"Ban-chan, I'm warning you…"

"Sorry, not listening to warnings tonight."

Ginji moved a bit and the black-haired man gasped as the blonde's erection gently slid inside. The former emperor moved so Ban was trapped underneath him, sweaty and moaning. He cupped Ban's face and kissed his nose lightly. Arms wrapped around his shoulders and bony fingers gripped at his skin as they moved.


A few days later

Paul looked up as the door opened. Ban was dressed elegantly in a white shirt and black jeans with black shoes. His black hair was put up in a pony-tail and his infamous glasses were on his nose bridge.

Ginji came inside after his lover, dressed in blue jeans, white shirt and a brown jacket. His gloves were gone, but he still had the same shoes. He smiled brightly at the shop owner.

"Well, well, aren't you guys dressed up?" Paul said around his cigarette, putting the news paper away.

"Ginji-san! Ban-san!" Natsumi cried happily.

"What will it be, guys?"

"Black coffee," Ban replied.

"Coffee and one sugar!" Ginji said.

"Coming right up!" Natsumi said and ran to get it ready.

They seated themselves at the bar chairs. The door opened once more, Hevn smiled at them and said:

"Guys ready for a job?"

They looked at her. Ginji smiled brightly again and Ban said:

"What is it about?"


"All is good and normal again," Misuru said.

"Not really normal," Shunei protested.

"Normal enough," the man decided.

"What should we tell the others?"

"That their leader is happy and healthy. He's smiling like it's no tomorrow."

"Are we going to give them heart-attacks?"

"They need to be shaken around like everyone else," Misuru said happily. "Let's go home."

Shunei disappeared with a bow and Misuru looked once more at his little brother. The Jagan-user's smile brightened Misuru's world back then; he only hoped Ginji would brighten Ban's. But as he saw said man leaning forward to get a kiss, he figured maybe Ban's world had already been lightened up as much as it could be. The thought made him smile.

All was good.

The End

End! Hope you all enjoyed my story, and I promise I will get my lazy ass up and write those one-shots I've been planning! I just have so many things I've started and I need to finish a few of them.

Until another time,