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If Hermione Fell

Chapter 1

Greetings to you, my name is Severus Tobias Snape, and this is the unfolding of the events in which fate ironically choose me to have a part in. I think I will start with the beginning of Potters 7th year. By this time I had already become a spy for the Order, I was working as a Death Eater to gain information needed for the Order. Little did I know that this was my last year having to be torn between two masters.

I remember being unusually fearful for my Slytherin 7th years, this year. I knew it was the year recruiting began for Death Eaters. I knew many would succumb to the combined pressure from both parents and fellow peers. Most of all I feared for my god son, Draco Malfoy, he seemed to be ruled with the ideas of pleasing his parents, and that was his weakest link.

I can not began to tell you the hours I spent gaining his confidence in secret without loosing mine. After a while it became obvious to me just how much Draco was hiding behind the "Death Eater" act. In fact he didn't truly hate muggles or muggle borns he simply didn't understand them. He played the "Death Eater" hoping to please his father, but when even that didn't seem to be enough Draco turned away from his family claiming he didn't want to have anything to do with them, or their 'friends'.

This was a shock to me, I don't know where the boy found the strength to take such a large step on his own but he gained my respect. I went to each Death Eater meeting and listened as Voldermort punished the Malfoy's for loosing control over their son. I heard Lucius curse the boys very name, and I knew that Draco would need to be constantly watched.

I went to Professor Albus Dumbledore concerning the news that I had found. I told him Draco was in danger, I asked for some kind of surveillance to be done. Dumbledore with those sparkling big blues looked at me and told me that he would place a charm around the boy that would tell us when he left school grounds, but as for surveillance we should wait until we are sure of an attack on the boy. He also claimed that since Draco was Head Boy Miss Granger would be around to make sure no one is sneaking about.

I was angry, and instead of being objective and placing my own security charms around him I stewed in my anger. I was so mad that in my anger I made the comment that had it been a Gryfindore I was talking about the whole school would be on lock down, and with that child like remark I made my exit. In the end instead of focusing on protecting Draco I failed him.

It wasn't long before the charms were going off and my arm felt the burning of the calling, they had Draco. I ran to Dumbledore and I shouted like I have never shouted at him before. I told him that tonight was the last night that I would be a spy, I would save my god son even if doing this meant I revealed my allegiance.

I touched the tip of my wand to the dark mark that mocks me from its permanent place on my arm. In an instant I opened my eyes to peer through the dark room, and there I saw him laying on his back in middle of the room. They had his left arm in a guillotine, I watched frozen in my shock as they used the muggle execution device to cut his arm off, it was horrible I remember it as if it was yesterday...

I made my way through the crowd of people that surrounded the guillotine, once I had pushed Avery out of my way I had a front row seat. There standing before the guillotine smiling in his malformed way, the very look sent a nervous shock of fear through my entire being, I was frozen in this fear as I heard the Dark Lord begin.

"Time to learn dear parents, what happens to your precious children should they not agree to join us. The same arm that should be marked mine Young Malfoy will not loose entirely." After his expostulation he gave a revolting laugh of pleasure and released the blade of the guillotine.

The scream of my god son brought me back from my fear, in seconds I had him in my arms and I was running for the exit. It wasn't long before the Death Eaters realized what was happening and they were after us. Running along the corridors of the mansion I rounded a corner and shoot into a room closing and charming the door locked behind us. I was in one of the many spare bed rooms, and thankfully there was a balcony. All I had to do was get him down to the ground then follow and if we could make it to the garden path then I could apparate and be at Hogwarts.

Slowly and we ease I lowered Draco to ground, in that instant I could hear a group of my 'comrades' at the door. I couldn't risk leaving them to follow us, I had to take care of them. I cover Draco with a Notice-Me-Not charm as he lay outside behind the bushes. In the room I stood behind the door that would open at any second.

The door opened and a cursing Avery and Nott stumbled through. I pushed the door out of my face as silently as possible and unseen I sent a series of curses at them. I could hear more coming so I ran to the balcony and looking down I could just make out the space that contained Draco. I levitated myself down to the yard beside him.

Once again with him in my arms I ran like a mad man for the garden path. Some one must have seen me because I felt the thrill of the flesh of my left leg being burnt. But they were too late I was gone, with Draco.

I don't remember the long walk to the castle, all I remember is entering and being swarmed by all of the other Professors. I remember being so high on adrenaline that I cursed at them and told them back away. To tell the truth I didn't feel I could trust any of the twits. They had so often spoken of Draco in such a way that I believed that they hated him, and would have been unforgiving towards him. I had failed him once so I would not fail him again by depositing him into the hands of his judges. They could not see how he had practically martyred himself and they could not see his bravery, they couldn;t ever understand his strength.

At the Hospital Wing the arguments were diving me almost crazy and the stupid suggestions to leave and allow the Head of Gryfinedore to look after him. No I wanted to make sure that Draco would be fine when I returned and at this point I almost trusted no one. Until the Head Master walked solemnly in, his look was grim and sympathetic. "Come Severus, we have much to discus."

"I will not leave him now, sir. And I'll not trust these harpies to watch over my god son." I threw the words at him, trying to make some cut.

"Surely you can trust Miss Granger to make sure no one but herself and Poppy Approach the bed!? She is after all his co-Head." He questioned looking down at the very person. I hadn't even realized she was in the room, or when she had entered. What was she doing here, looking so concerned for her six year rival, did she pity Draco, did she feel sorry for him?

I pulled myself into my most dominating teaching pose and walked straight through the crowd of teachers that moved out of my way avoiding the storm perhaps. I looked down my nose at Miss Granger and she stood there looking back to me with that same worried face. The same frown and the crease that worried her brow. Still in the fit of my passion I asked her demandingly "Tell me Miss Granger, do you hate Mr.Malfoy?"

Immediately she answered "No. I hate his actions." I could see the truth in her eyes and I was intrigued.

"You mean to tell me that you don't harbor any hate for the being raised by Death Eaters?" Half the room gasped at my blunt statement, I didn't care.

She gazed at me for a long time, her honest eyes searching mine, it was odd having a student look at me in this way, she didn't seem to see her feared potions teacher, instead she seemed to see me searching for someone to trust in, it was quite disconcerting. Her answer stunned me, I couldn't believe how wise she was.

"I would no sooner hate a blind man for stepping on my foot, sir." I believed her, and I was shocked that I believed her.

After a few more seconds I hid my shock and trying to regain my old status of feared teacher I sneered down at her and said "How Gryfindore of you." with sarcasm dripping off every word.

Then right back to my passionate seeking manner I went on "Then you are willing to stay here by him, until I can return? You will make sure no one but Poppy come near him?"

"Yes sir." and I believed her.

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