My birthday's in six months, but I wrote myself a birthday shot early. XD

She'd always loved dolls, she'd told him on that night under a starry sky. So it was fitting he'd given her a gift of dolls in a castle.

Many nights together, them alone, with their magic of stars and moons and talk of a faery prince come to steal her away!

He'd wanted to be her faery prince, not out of love-he didn't love- but out of pure selfishness. He'd never had anything-anyone?- of his own except what he'd taken for himself. And he's taken her-tried to!- for himself.

Bakura was greedy and selfish and he didn't share well.

But when she talked of such intimate things and looked at him with passionate violet eyes, she wasn't seeing him but the blond boy who didn't love her as she loved him.

She'd sealed her fate when she'd said "I've always loved dolls and their houses."

There'd been a castle when she was young, with a king and a queen and a little blond princess-her family as royalty, they'd had the money for custom dolls- and the old nanny. She'd spent hours, days, weeks, crafting stories for them, little plays. Intricate plots of hate and betrayal, of love and loyalty and Good defeating Evil. Stupid things girls are wont to do with dolls and time.

He hated the dolls she spoke of as he hated her, even as he wanted to take her for himself. Take her and break her and make her his and mark her as such. Make her see that the secret lover-that she pretended was another!- was no faery prince. He wanted the stupid girl to realize that once she'd taken that bite of the Devil's Apple, she was forever lost to God's Garden. They'd not take her back now.

Stupid girl.

Two days later he gave her the castle he'd made himself. Plastic and wood and metal, he'd lovingly crafted it with his own hands.

The irony wasn't lost on him.

He watched her rapture at the castle, how she laughed and clapped and thanked him, wondering why there were no dolls. He told her they'd be done soon. Painstaking details, exact replicas of her and her friends, he made them all.

Pretty princess turned Queen, he gave that first.

But no king? she asked-too many questions!- eyes sparkling as she carressed it and loved it and kissed him.

Soon darling, he is not finished yet, he promised. He gave her his best smile, the one laced with poison promises and she took the first bite fo the Devil's Apple, never even knowing. Silly girl.

The blond boy's doll was next, her coveted king-no souls in it, he swore- and she danced.

Another bite, too late to take it back now, she was thrown out and she didn't even know God had just slammed the Gates in her face.

The other dolls came soon after, each one she laughed and danced and clapped, kissing her devil-faery prince. The others came to see, and they gave her pretty words and ooh! and Ahh! and wasn't it all just darling! and he smiled his poison promises again. Then suddenly they were silent, on the floor as the dolls were crying out in surprise and fury-now she saw! She knew she'd taken the Apple!- as he laughed.

She cried and he drew her to him, soothed her with pretty words but she refused him. She finally saw him and not the blond boy she'd pretended he was, the boy who didn't love her, couldn't love her as he loved her.

Stupid girl!

He claimed her and she joined them as one of her beloved dolls.

She was his forever, he'd keep them in the little castle for eternity, he promised.

If she was good, he'd make more dolls and more houses and they could enact her little tales for the rest of time.

She loved dolls houses after all, wouldn't she love living in one?

But just to be sure she knew she was his, he took the blond doll and broke him under his heel. Then he tossed the halves onto a forgotten shelf in the corner as she cried.

The broken doll on the shelf haunted her dreams for the rest of ever, wooden eyes filled with hate and bitter betrayal.