Rated: PG / PG-13

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/ romance

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Time Period: 2007

Goblin King (unmarried) – Marak Foxears.


Running... Running.…Tripping and scrambling... Her heart hammers hard against her chest threatening to jump out. A branch catches her off guard as she turns from glancing to the side. She whimper lightly as her fingers trace the delicate scratch trailing down her cheek.

Brown hair is matted down and stray strands cling to her cheek along where the tears lay drying. Looking down she realizes how dirty her clothes are and torn but she can't stop... She can't stop running.

"Give up?" A soft melodic voice muses from all around her half hopeful and half concerned, "You can't keep this up." Footsteps heavy unlike her own and tireless sound from all around her tormenting her. She distantly hears hoofs thundering powerfully.

"Watch me!" The girl hisses increasing her speed though her lungs threaten to burst. Her hand impatiently tucks away strand that fall clouding her vision. 'Run...Don't stop your almost there.' A voice inwardly pleads with her. She looks up her brown eyes connecting with the stars for a sole merciful moment 'Tell me. Where is it?'

The stars are silent and she suddenly falls to her feet fatigue catching up with her.

"No...NO.!" she cries out her scarred and scratch hands blurring as the tears swallow her up she glances one last time up to the moon and stars. 'NO!'

She closes her eyes feeling more distant by the second the footsteps that had heatedly followed her slow and the thundering hoofs slow also.

"ARISA!" she hears a familiar deep feminine voice yell angrily. She opens her eyes and sees a dark figure kneeling beside her but she tenses as the smell of smoke hits her dizzying her further the figure tenses and looks up. And then bright flames blind her... And she falls further...

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