It's a Conviction/SVU crossover and it's going to be short. Hope you like it.

Christina walked into the lounge and huffed, "Seriously, how hard is it to find a detective?"

"Homicide?" Billy asked from beside the refrigerator.

Christina shook her head and tapped the file in her hand, "Special Victims."

"They're hard to track down," Jessica added, "They're swamped all the time."

"Didn't Cabot used to work Special Victims?" Nick asked, gesturing with his coffee.

"How did you know that?" Billy asked, crossing his arms.

"I Googled her before I came to work here," Nick said quickly before checking his watch and walking off.

"Do you think I could ask her how to get a hold of one of them?" Christina asked, cautiously.

Billy shrugged, "She seems to like you. I don't think she'd bite your head off for asking."

Christina nodded and walked toward Cabot's office. Cabot was sitting at her desk reading over something.

Christina knocked on the doorframe. Cabot looked up, expectantly, but started speaking before Christina could open her mouth, "Aren't you handling the Van Buren case?"

Christina nodded, "That's what I came to talk to you about."

"I want to be there in court with you," Cabot added, "You can try it, but I want to be there. I want to be there for every interview you do too. I want this guy put away forever."

"Okay," Christina hesitantly replied, "I wanted to know if you knew how to get a hold of SVU detectives. Rossi said they were hard to get a hold of and I've been trying all morning."

Alex picked up her phone and dialed a number. She paused then answered, "Hey Don, it's Alexandra Cabot from the DA's office. Can you do me a favor and send over whoever is working on the Van Buren case as soon as you can?….Thanks Don." Cabot hung up. "They're on their way. I'll meet you in Conference Room A."

Christina nodded. "Thanks." And she left, amazed at the connections and pull Cabot had.

Christina walked into her office where Brian was talking to Nick.

"You're alive," Nick smiled.

Brian stood from his seat in Christina's chair, "You know, Cabot's been a lot nicer since she broke it off with that Robert guy."

"Maybe the guy was an ass," Christina shrugged.

Cheryl stuck her head in, "Who ordered a Special Victims detective?"

"That was fast," Christina looked at the other two guys and walked out after Cheryl.

Cheryl lead her to a badge who was looking around, wearing jeans and a leather jacket.

"Detective?" Christina asked and extended her hand, "I'm ADA Christina Finn."

"Olivia Benson," the detective identified herself and shook Christina's hand.

"We're meeting my boss in the conference room," Christina explained, leading Olivia into the room.

After Olivia sat down, Christina set out her legal pad and pen.

"This is about the Van Buren case?" Olivia asked.

Christina nodded.

The door opened, but a voice stopped it from opening fully.

"Alexandra!" a man yelled.

Olivia head snapped to the door and saw the back of a woman who was in a black pants suits, long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. Olivia had known Alex came back to town and didn't call or come to see her and she knew that Alex was a bureau chief now, but she didn't know where.

"I want to take the deal," the man pleaded.

"I don't give a damn," the woman said sternly back, "This is my office and you'll take this to trial. No rapist is going to get off that easy here."

The voice confirmed what Olivia feared and hoped for. It was definitely Alex.

Cabot turned around and closed the door behind her, "Sorry about that…" her words seemed to trail off when she caught sight of the detective sitting across from Christina.