Olivia knocked on the door again. There was no answer so she took the key out of her pocket. She looked at it in her hand and ran her thumb around the edges. She hadn't used this key in years. It brought back a flood of memories. Their first kiss, their first date, their first time to make love to each other. It seemed so long ago. It was so long ago, but she remembered every detail. The way Alex looked while she was blissfully asleep. The feel of her fingers gently stroking Olivia's face. The love that made her eyes light up. Emotions saturated Olivia heart and felt it get heavy with them.

She slid it into the lock and opened the door. It was dark inside and Olivia reached over and flipped on the lights, just like Alex never left.

And the apartment looked just like that. Like Alex never left. It looked exactly the same as she remembered it except for a few extra pictures around the mantel and some new paintings on the walls.

Olivia took off her coat, and shoes and set her badge and gun on the coffee table, then walked off toward the kitchen. She was surprised to find food actually in the pantry and refrigerator.

There was a slight noise coming from the living room.

"Alex?" Olivia called. She was suddenly wondering if it was a bad idea to leave her gun on the coffee table.

Then she could make out the sound. It was a tapping against the hardwood floors. It sounded like a four legged something.

Olivia watched the doorway and saw a beautiful German Shepherd waltz in. It looked at Olivia then smelled it's way up to her. When it got to her shoes, it sniffed them then sat, looking up at her.

Olivia knelt down next to it, "Hey, boy." With a quick glance down she corrected her statement, "I mean, hey girl." She petted the dog's soft fur and smiled. She looked at the nametag dangling from the dog's collar. Olivia smiled at the dog and at Alex being ever the prosecutor, "Miranda."

When Alex got to her apartment it was nearly eight. She sighed and opened the door with the hope that Olivia was still there and not insanely pissed.

As soon as she closed the door Miranda came running. Alex smiled down at her. She dropped her key on the table next to the door and took off her coat. Then she took a look around. Alex beamed when she saw Olivia's jacket draped over the couch.

Alex picked it up and offered it to Miranda who sniffed it then walked off. Alex dropped the jacket back onto the couch and followed Miranda.

As they neared the kitchen, Alex heard the water running and the clinking of dishes. When she followed Miranda in the door, she found Olivia, pouring sauce over three plates of pasta. Alex just smiled and leaned on the doorway with her arms crossed.

Olivia looked up with she saw Miranda sit at her feet again and watch her. She spotted Alex and smiled. "Hey, you're right on time. Go sit down and I'll bring it to you."

Alex raised an eyebrow but was way too exhausted to argue. She walked to the couch with Miranda on her heels.

Olivia was soon to follow, carrying the three bowls and two glasses of wine. She set it all out on the coffee table and put one of the bowls on the floor.

"You're spoiling my dog," Alex smirked.

Olivia shrugged, "I couldn't resist those puppy dog eyes."

Alex laughed as Olivia sat down. "Thanks for this. It's been a rough day."

"What happened?" Olivia asked, handing Alex a bowl.

"Well, after you left," Alex started, "I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out why I was living a lie."

"What lie?" Olivia prompted.

Alex sighed and moved the pasta around with her fork, "Robert and Jim. I loved Robert. I really did. He was a great guy. I just…I wasn't in love with him. And Jim…he was opportunity."

Olivia listened to Alex as painful as it was.

Alex finally took a bite and pointed to the dog with a fork, "Miranda has been the only consistent thing in my life for years."

Miranda looked up at the mention of her own name, but quickly resumed eating.

There was a silence that fell over them as Alex became more and more uneasy. "Please tell me I'm not the only one who's made stupid mistakes lately."

"No way," Olivia smirked, "I committed a felony."

If Alex had been drinking something it would have come spewing out of her mouth at that moment. "You what?"

"I gave my half-brother a thousand bucks when he was running from the FBI," Olivia admitted, "As it turns out he was innocent, but I still committed a felony. But since I helped out the FBI no one is pressing charges and I'm still on suspension for the rest of the month."

"You have a half-brother?" Alex asked studying Olivia for a reaction.

Olivia nodded and smiled, "He's a nice guy. You'd like him. And by like him I mean you'd tolerate him because he's a sweet guy."

"And because he's your half-brother," Alex added.

"That too," Olivia chuckled.

Miranda, who by this time had finished eating, walked over and sat next to Alex. Alex pointed down the hallway, where Miranda obediently trotted off to.

"Where's she going?" Olivia asked.

"To check the rest of my apartment," Alex replied, taking a bite.

"For what?" Olivia set her empty bowl down and picked up a glass of wine.

Alex shrugged, "Burglars, hit men, vengeful defendants, you know, the usual."

Olivia studied Alex for a second before leaning back on the couch. "Are you okay? I mean really okay?"

Alex took a moment to comprehend the full gravity of Olivia's questions. She took a deep breath and answered, "I'm getting there."

"You know I'm always here if you need me, right?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah," Alex nodded, "I do now." She set her empty bowl on the table and looked at Olivia.

Alex's eyes conveyed everything she needed to know. She reached over to pulled Alex into her arms. Alex sighed, deflating in the protection of Olivia's arms.

It wasn't until a few minutes later that it registered to Olivia that Alex was crying and she could only tell because Alex's tears were soaking through her shirt.

Olivia reached down and lifted Alex's chin to see the silent tears pouring down her face. She held Alex closer and stroked her hair.

Alex slowed her crying to a stop after a few minutes, then looked at Olivia, "I'm sorry."

"It's perfectly okay sweetie," Olivia continued to stroke her hair.

Alex bit her lip and looked deep into Olivia's eyes, "Do you still love me?"

Olivia smiled sweetly, "Of course. You're my one and only."

Alex tentatively took Olivia's hand, "I love you too."

Olivia used Alex's hand to pulled her closer. Alex let Olivia fold her in the warm embrace that she loved to remember on those cold nights, when she'd lay alone in her bed, pretending to be somebody else.

Olivia took a deep breath and kissed the top her Alex's head. Words couldn't not describe how happy she was. She had Alex, the love of her life, back.

The End.

By the way, this fic is named after a song by The Daylights. It goes really well with this story and is just a great song in general. Thanks for reading.