Chapter 9: The War

In Meridian Elyon is now playing with her daughter Bloom. She had named her this because of a special flower foreign to Meridian called the Blooming Love. People from the planet that her husband had come from give their love this flower and when that happens, the flower would come into bloom right in the person's hand. As long as their love lasted, it would never die even if one of the two did. So when Elyon had her first child four years ago, she had named her after the flower to remind her of her husband and coincidently Cornelia as well. While Elyon is playing with Bloom, she heard a knock on the door but before she could answer, the Oracle had walked in. When Elyon saw this, she had told her to go to her room while she talked to the Oracle. Little bloom ran off to her room past the Oracle and smiled up at him and he smiled back. After Bloom was gone, the Oracle walked in further with an angry look on his face and Elyon mirrored this look. "Elyon, at this very moment your friends are on earth fighting off thousands of demons if not millions and you are here letting everyone put themselves at risk when you know what is going on! I know that you have decided to not fight after your husband had died but if you don't fight Elyon, the earth will belong to the demons."

"I have already lost to much as it is and it doesn't affect me Oracle so this isn't my fight, now leave." Elyon said angrily.

"So you don't think it will affect you any, you're wrong Elyon, it affects you so much more then you know. Two demons made it to Kandrakhar a while ago and since they made it there, I am sure that they could make it to Meridian and you could lose so much more." Elyon was turned around and about to walk away when the Oracle finished his sentence. "You could lose you daughter Elyon."

"Shut up and leave!" Elyon said angrily.

"I don't need to listen to you Elyon. You are about to lose more then you think once the new rebels are done with you."

"What do you mean new rebels?"

"What I mean is that since you're doing nothing to help out on earth, the villagers have once again formed rebels as back up if they are unable to dethrone you as queen. You time as queen is running short Elyon and everyone is beginning to hate you for letting you're husband's death get in the way of your people. They want you off the throne Elyon and if they can't get you off the throne, they will resort to killing you if they must but they won't go down without a fight. You are being cornered Elyon, so I suggest that you decide what you want to do before the rebels have their way with you. Believe me Elyon; they do have the power to get rid of you one way or another. It is up to you, so you had better make a decision Elyon. You have ten minutes from the looks of it because here they come Elyon." The Oracle said looking out into the distance then he left to Kandrakhar.

On earth, everyone is fighting and they seem to be losing grounds not that they had much to begin with. The demon rebels have lost two hundred of the three hundred that they had. Will and the other older guardians have all been knocked out and so have the new guardians. Matt and the other men have been knocked out and so have Rose and Haley and her husband. That leaves Jake and one hundred demon rebels. Unfortunately the other side has only lost one thousand of the millions that they are fighting and the heroes are growing weak. The demons rebels fell in less than an hour which left only Jake and Mey on the ground waiting to die. The demons went for the final strike when hundreds of fire balls came down all around them cutting off the demons attack. Everyone looked up and saw the dragon council and all of the dragons around the world. This confused Jake as to why they hade changed their minds but Jake wasn't going to complain about it. Jake and Mey got up exhausted and grateful. They council landed and explained everything very quickly as the others fought. Everyone that had got knocked out previously had woken up and used some healing potions that they had brought with them. (I forgot to mention that they picked up some healing potions in the last chapter, sorry.) Everyone got up and in a few seconds was fighting once again minus the two hundred and ninety nine rebel demons. Not long after they had started fighting, a fold appeared and everyone looked and stared as blasts came through hitting the demons killing six of them. Then Elyon walked threw with all the rebels behind her and joined in the brawl. Hours past and over half of the demons had been killed and the heroes were gaining ground. Very few of the heroes had been knocked out. The battle went on for days none stop and everyone is getting tired. After two days of adrenalin rush it ended with the killing of the final demon minion and Jake and Mey as the only ones left to fight.

Luckily they had been pushed back all the way to Jakes house. Mey and Jake ran in and got water and started drinking and they were left with just one healing potion left which helped them to stay hydrated. The two ran back to where the battle was and finally got the chance to see what everything looked like. There are bodies everywhere with only them standing. It was like a sea of blood because no matter where they stood, they stepped in blood and the place smelled horrible. Then the dominion walked out of there castle to see how the battle was going but they went unnoticed by Mey and Jake because they have their backs turned. Sacral took this chance to attack the dragon from behind but was blasted into pieces by Mey before Sacral could reach Jake. Jake had turned around just in time to see this. "Thanks Mey but I am surprised to see a dominion leader go down that easily." Jake said surprised.

"He is just temporarily down but he will regenerate. The only one that can really kill him is Katori." Just then Katori jumped down and attacked Mey but she grabbed him and threw him miles away then chased after him leaving Jake to defend himself. Then Ashley and Megan had woken up and got ready to fight but slowly.

With Mey and Katori a few miles away, both were clashing their claws together neither of them getting any ground on the other but Mey was quickly slowing down from all of the fighting before. Katori finally had Mey on the ground and lifted his claw up into the air and was about to strike when Mey said something. "Go ahead Katori, kill me but that will just prove to me that you were lying to me when you said that you still love me. I knew that all you love is power. The second you left me, I thought you would return soon but when you didn't, I knew that power had taken over you. Do you even remember the time we met and the promise you made to me or have you forgotten everything?" Katori sadly shook his head. "Remember those matches that we had when we first met at the fighting ring. I made it to the finals and you were the one I had to fight. Thanks to the power absorbers we were only at half strength so that we wouldn't kill each other. When the match ended, what you said made me feel so happy. You said that I was the toughest demon that you have ever faced. I was even tougher then most of the muscular men that you fought. Shortly after we had started dating for a year and then a few months later we were married. You said the night that we were married that no matter what happens that you would always be there for me and no matter how much power you got later on that you would never let it go to your head and you would always choose me over any job that you could ever possibly have. I guess that was all a lie though."

Then a flashback came to Katori and a few seconds later he slammed his claw down into the ground next to Mey. "Mey, I am so sorry. 'Gasp' Katori gasp as a claw went through his back.

"To bad Mey, just as you got through to him, he leaves again." Sacral said as he left Katori to die.

Mey laid there with Katori in his arms. "Mey…I'm… (cough)…sorry."

Then Emily came up to them. "Here, this is our last potion and most powerful of them all." Emily said as she used it on Katori but nothing happened. They looked down in defeat then Emily walked away to go help Jake. A few minutes later Mey got up and headed to the battle.

When she got there, most of the dominion was killed but Sacral still fought. Then she noticed the blood on everyone's body but she noticed that only two were dead. She quickly ran over and blocked Sacrals attack on Jake who was bleeding badly. Mey knocked Sacral back and they began clashing their claws together. After a few minutes, Mey was knocked to the ground after being cut in many spots. Sacral was about to attack when two claws intercepted the attack. Sacral looked aver and a look of shock grew on his face. "No, I killed you, you can't be alive!" Then Katori smiled and picked him up and threw him away from Mey.

"You will not hurt them anymore Sacral. You used me against everyone. I can't believe that I listened to you. Let's end this now Sacral!" With that, Katori attacked and they began clashing their claws but Sacral was being knocked back. Then fissures started appearing and lightning flashed and the rain started as the two clashed. Both didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Neither of the two demons were moving an inch in any direction. Then Sacral started getting tired and eventually got hit backward getting closer to one of the fissures surrounding the two. After a few minutes, Katori grabbed Sacrals claws and ripped them from his hands causing blood to go everywhere. Then Sacral charged at him and tried to grab Katori but missed and when he turned around, he saw that Katori had his heart in his hand. Katori punctured the heart with his claws and threw it down one of the fissures. Sacral walked over to the ledge and died and involuntarily fell down the fissure. Katori looked up into the sky and just noticed that the sky is blood red but then saw the sky turn back to its original color and the fissures closed up. Katori went back to Mey and picked her up. "I am so sorry I fell for their trick and left you alone." Then everyone that wasn't bleeding to badly woke up. Everyone pitched in and went to go get some more healing potions and took the badly hurt to the only hospital still standing.

A few days later everyone was at the funeral of Ashley Long and Emily Olson. After the funeral, everyone went back to Jakes house. Then Katori spoke up and apologized. "I am sorry for everything that has happened this past year and I also want to repair all the damage done to this world and the underworld.

Six months later and the world was back to normal and almost everything was back to the way it was before and everyone went their separate ways. That night though, Jake and Rose looked at their family picture for a while and then set it face down and went to bed crying. Will and Matt did the same.

The End

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