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Hunted by a Haunting


A woman in her late twenties to early thirties sat on a bench in a park, every plant nearby in full bloom. Her pretty brown eyes and medium-dark skin were overshadowed by her extremely glossy, dark red hair. Her blouse and pants were both a lively green, her baby held close in her arms.

"Lillian!" The woman looked up, her baby didn't stir at all, to see a man approaching, he was pale skinned, but his hair was black as night, the same color as his clothes, his police badge pinned to his shirt. A girl, no more than 13, was following not far behind him; she had grey eyes like him, and equally dark, but far longer, hair. She wore a dress but pants under it.

Lillian smiled sadly; the look on the man's face could break the heart. Her voice was very gentle, "What is it Kole?"

He rested his hand on his head, and then bit his lip, sitting next to her on the bench. The little girl hopped up and sat between them, Kole looked down at her, "Zilla, I told you before…"

She shook her head, "But daddy! You and mom were acting so weird and you just left! I wanted to make sure you were okay."

Lillian rested her hand on Kole's shoulder, "What happened between you and Orah? The two of you have never fought before…" At the look on his face she turned to Zilla, she smiled sweetly at her, "Zilla sweetie; why don't you take Sari over to that nice grassy patch over there? She's been trying to crawl lately; wouldn't it be nice for you to play with her a little?"

Zilla frowned, "You just want me to go away so you can talk about stuff you don't want me to know about." Lillian handed the now half-awake baby to Zilla, and she slowly headed away to the grassy patch.

Kole sighed, "Thank you Lillian." He looked over at his daughter, "She and I made two beautiful little girls but…" He shook his head, "It's just not looking like Darkness and Light were meant to be brought together. Maybe our girls can change that but…" He looked up, "Lillian; Orah and I are getting a divorce. She said she'd tell Serena if I tell Zilla but…"

Lillian sighed, "It'll be okay Kole; you'll figure this out. I understand though why Orah wouldn't want to tell Zilla herself…"

Kole nodded, "I admit, if touching Serena made her as sick as when Orah touches Zilla, I'd be just as testy and angry at her as she is me." Lillian shook her head, "Someday it'll all make sense Kole; I'm sure it will."

"Sooner than you think." A low, hiss-like, scratchy male voice growled to the side of Kole.

Zilla and the baby meanwhile were just playing in the grass, Zilla occasionally picking up the baby tenderly; she lay down in the grass and held Sari above her head, "I wonder if Time's prediction was about us." She nearly hummed as tune before whispering, "When darkness is in its darkest hour, it will go to life, and both their fates will be sealed, with destruction's doom…"

The baby gurgled and made a quick cheerful chirp, followed by a distressed cry. Zilla bolted upright and looked over to see her father and Lillian facing a black being with a strange cloak and alien-like claws. Lillian looked over at them,
"Run!" she commanded as best she could, but Zilla couldn't move, he legs locked the moment she stood up. Lillian almost begged her, "Run Zilla!"

The Creature bent low and hissed, "I'll bring my doom upon Darkness and Life… I'll seal your fate…"

Kole stayed between the creature and both Lillian and the children, "You won't win Tashal!"

The creature smirked a horrible, poiny-toothed, huge grin, "You can't stop me Darkness, once I'm done with the two of you I'll cut off your bloodlines too."

Zilla gripped the baby, she knew he meant them. She knew she had to do something; but what? Tashal held up his claws and pointed them directly to Kole's heart. Zilla's eyes watered in fear and her lip trembled, but she still couldn't move. Kole glanced back at her, "Zilla please! Run. Save yourself and Sari! Please! Zilla remember I love you; now go!"

Tashal laughed in his horrible little voice, "How quaint; too bad however…" He stabbed his claws through Kole, and his insides began to dissinigrate, Kole fell back, dead, off of Tashal's claws. His skin almost grey, "…It's too late for you to save the next generation."

He didn't even give Lillian a chance to move back, he stabbed his other hand's claws through her, and she whispered painfully, "Isaac… Sari… I-" she too seemed to have had the life drained from her, she slumped foreword.

Zilla opened her mouth to scream but couldn't; Sari was crying at the top of her little lungs, enough Zilla hoped, for both of them. He smirked again, "What an amusing child… so afraid… how glorious…"

Zilla spoke without thinking, like someone else was speaking for her, "I'm not afraid of you! You're the one who's afraid!" She bit her lip; why in the universe had she thought that? But words continued to form, as her mind froze, "You're afraid because you know that someday she and I will defeat you." She wanted to scream; he was coming closer, and still her legs wouldn't move, and sharp words still left her mouth, "You're nothing but a coward; you'd destroy a baby?"

He was inches from her, she gripped Sari closer to her, and he raised his claw, "Perhaps, but I won't have to worry about you two ever again!"

A strange darkness enveloped both her and Sari, "No." she whispered, "No!" the darkness pushed him away from them, and the two were encased in darkness. Tears from Zilla hit the ground, "Daddy…" she whispered, "This is my fault…" Sari gripped her tight, the baby might've been a baby, but she knew when her mother wasn't coming back. Zilla bit her lip, it was badly bleeding, "Don't worry Sari; Isaac and the others will come find us… They have to…"

Prowl bolted up-right, his spark pulsing irrationally in his chassis, he couldn't remember what had spooked him so, but had a good idea of what it was; the same thing that had been haunting him for the last half a million years. He rubbed his head as if it was what hurt, not his spark. He stood up and passed his quarters, looking at the hole in the ceiling and the tree sprouting through it; all the birds and squirrels in the tree were peacefully sleeping, much like he ought to be recharging.

He leaned against a wall and rested his head on it, his conscience was killing him, "Shades, I'm sorry." He shook his head, "It was my fault that Decepticon got you."

His own words echoed bitterly in his head, "Stop being so unreasonable! Primus! Why don't you just disappear, forever!" He winced, shaking his head.

"I should've gone after you; told you I was sorry, that I didn't mean it. I should've said something before that Decepticon…" Prowl turned his head, "I was just a youngling; like Bumblebee is now… I didn't understand yet…" He sighed and looked to the animals, hoping to quell his mind. But to little avail, "If I had just been a little faster… gone to stop him a few clicks sooner… then maybe I would have at least had the chance to say goodbye."

He looked up almost gloomily at the sky through the ceiling, "Shadow Lance, you were my One, other than that one mistake I never did you wrong, so why will you not stop haunting me?"

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