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Hunted by a Haunting

Trust in Goodbye

Zilla sat on the stoop of a pretty little grey house, quiet in the shade of it. She was dressed in black and was looking over a group of sullen people dressed in much the same way, eating at what was clearly an after-funeral gathering. The sun was shining over most of the party, but only a few people were smiling. Zilla looked over to a young boy, maybe 14 years old, he was sitting under a tree in the yard, curled up. He was scrawny, pale, and sullen; Zilla walked over to him, "Grim- how are you doing kiddo?"

He burred his face in his knees, "How do you think Zilla? My mom is, is…" he shuttered, resisting sobbing, Zilla wrapping her arms around him like he was even younger, "I don't know what to do Zilla. First my dad and…"

She shushed him gently, "Its alright Grim; don't worry." She knelt down a little closer to him, "Grim, I've already asked Gaea and I have her blessing… I know I'm only a few years older than you but…" She paused, clearly pondering how to word her thoughts, "I was wondering if you wanted to stay with me- if you would want me to be your legal guardian I mean." She looked into his folded arms where his face was hidden, "Instead of staying with your Stepfather or Gaea and Khronos- goodness knows they don't really have time and…"

"Zilla?" He interrupted, peeking out between his arms, "You're sorta babbling like a kid." He lifted his head and smiled, "Would you really?"

"Of course! I know what its like to lose your father, and have your mother re-marry when its too soon just like yours did, but then to lose your mom- I mean, I ran off and lived with Gaea and Khronos for a while when I was your age, I'd rather you live with someone who can relate to you!"

He looked up, "On one condition… you have to promise not to leave me too."

Zilla gave him a little hug, "Never- I promise." She smiled, "Of course; Serena and I share our house so you'll be way outnumbered…"

He laughed somberly, "It'll be like I have two moms, the responsible one and the one that can cook." She ruffled his hair playfully; he looked her in the eyes, "When can I go home?"

She smiled, he was ready to call it home, a good sign, "Anytime you want, we can start packing as soon or as fast as you choose."

He glanced up, "Is today good?"

Isaac sat in his office chair, rubbing his forehead as if trapped in a never-ending headache. A dark-skinned woman with dark brown hair sat across from him, her chocolate-colored silk dress matched her eyes. Everything about her expression seemed gentle- but her lips were pursed in a displeased frown, "You know I'm right Isaac."

He groaned, "I know Gaea but you have to understand…"

She stood up and rested her hands on his desk, "I know how you feel about this Isaac, but you have to be realistic… it isn't safe here. Not anymore. Lillian let herself be taken for her protection. And with her newfound freedom… we cannot afford for things to go wrong."

Isaac shook his head, "But Gaea… she's just a child…"

Gaea shook her head, "As were many of the others. But you know I'm right Isaac. As long as he still lives she won't be alright alone- especially not when she and her friends are always in the news."

Isaac folded his hands and nodded, "I understand Gaea. For her own safety."

Gaea picked her large brown purse off the back of her chair, pulled out a black-bound book with no markings, set it on his desk then placed a small disk on top of it and headed toward the door, "We'll start when Khronos believes the time is best then. Come- they'll be arriving in a few moments."

He followed her to the elevator and stood with her, shaking his head, "This is too soon…"

She shook her head, "It should've been sooner." Her shoulders slumped slightly, "She's lucky to've been alright thus far." Her hands ventured absently into her bag and she pulled out a small dry washcloth and a black hooded sweater, "Let us just hope Khronos is correct as usual. I don't think we can afford for him to be wrong." Gaea pulled a spray bottle out of her bag and sprayed the cloth until it was damp, then continued, "Especially not little Sari."

He slumped his shoulders and hung his head, defeated, "I know Gaea, thank you for allowing me to ease her into all this; but it may take a while before it becomes possible to disclose everything to her- she is just eight remember."

"Don't worry Isaac." The elevator doors opened and the two of them stood quietly in the elevator until the door in the lobby opened to let them out, "Things will turn out fine."

A blonde man likely in his early thirties was waiting on the other side of the lobby near the secretary robot's desk. His tan clothes and pale eyes gave him a fairly bright look while he seemed to brood. Gaea approached him with Isaac only a few steps behind her, his smile wasn't large but it did seem genuine, "I was beginning to get concerned. Blaze and Zilla should be here soon."

The sound of the Autobots transforming was obvious, and Gaea looked down at her watch, "Right on time." The Autobots entered the lobby with the humans as normal; Blaze not even looking up from his chat with Sari nearly hit the door. Zilla on the other hand walked directly over to Isaac and the others. Gaea handed her the towel, "Wash away the blood please- don't want to cause a fuss."

Sari rushed over to her father and began to babble about what had happened for a moment before glancing over to Gaea and the young man, and their interacting with Zilla, "Who're you?"

Gaea knelt down so she was eyelevel with Sari, "I was a good friend of Isaac and Lillian for many years." She brushed a strand of hair out of Sari's face and smiled, "Your mothers eyes and hair, and your father's smile."

Blaze joined them and slapped the blond man on the back playfully, "This is my big brother Zap, he's kinda a grouch but he can be a little cool."

Zap rolled his eyes, "As the family baby who acts as such- you shouldn't talk."

Blaze glared up at him sourly, "Who dies and made you head of the family!"

Gaea placed a firm hand on each of their shoulders, "You boys get along now before I decide to tell you mother of your bickering; I'm sure she would be so pleased to know neither of you has heeded a word she's said your entire lives."

Zilla had removed the sweater and glanced at the damage to the shirt underneath and the sweater itself, she quickly cleaned her skin of the blood and, having already been handed the hoodie by Gaea, put that on instead. There was no visible evidence of the gashes that had been on her skin, and Gaea took the ruined sweater, wrapped it in the towel, put it in a plastic bag, and then in her purse.

Prowl glanced down, "How exactly did you know she would need to clean up?"

Gaea arched an eyebrow at him, as if his existence alone was the surprise, "It is quite common for Zilla to harm herself, and I knew she would be here because she and Blaze were to come here anyway- they were to meet me after my meeting with Isaac."

Zilla shook her head, "Could we please be on our way? I don't like leaving Serena home alone let alone poor Grim."

Isaac glanced over to her, "Thanatos is living with you and your sister? Why?"

Zilla shook her head, "It was either live with us or live with his step-dad; it isn't that he's a bad guy, but Grim would just have rather'd I was his guardian."

Isaac seemed momentarily taken aback, "I was aware Mortimer had passed; I hadn't heard that Lenore had."

Gaea nodded solemnly, "She lost her battle with heart disease and cancer, it wasn't easy on Thantos."

Sari looked a tad lost, "What's this kid's name? Grim or Thanatos?"

Zilla laughed a little, "His name is Thanatos Gabrial Desmond, but his nickname's always been Grim. His grandfather gave him that name when he was little. It stuck."

Bumblebee turned his head, "Seams like a mean name to give someone to me."

Zilla shook her head, "Says the giant yellow bumblebee with stingers."

Sari giggled, but Bumblebee made sure that the fact he was insulted was known. Bulkhead tapped his tiny friend before he got carried away with his un-comprehensible rant, Gaea placed her hand on Isaac's shoulder, "Remember what I asked of you Isaac, and remember that danger is far closer than you could imagine."

Sari glanced at Gaea, Zap, and Blaze excited and headed for down-town, Zilla held back a moment, scribbling something on a piece of paper and handing it to Sari, "Contact me if you need anything Sari." She quickly headed out the door, but headed in the opposite direction as her friends.

Optimus looked at Sari, "I'm not mistaken am I? That is odd behavior?"

Sari nodded, slipping the paper in her pocket, "Very weird. Do you know what all that was about Dad? Dad?" Her father had already however headed up the elevator.

Zilla zipped up the steps of a tan house with mahogany colored trimming and door, the door wasn't locked and she went right inside, seeing Grim on the couch a few feet away, staring blankly at a math book, "Hey Grim, need any help?"

He shook his head, "I'm almost done Z., just a couple more problems." He didn't bother to look up, "Serena's almost done cooking the ham." Zilla closed her eyes a moment to smell the wonderful aroma filling the house, he smiled even with his eyes glued to the book, "Smells real good huh?"

Zilla laughed, "Sure does. I'm going to go get cleaned up for dinner upstairs- you should get around too- can't do homework when your hungry and the house smells this good." He closed his book with a pencil in it and set his things on the coffee table, heading for the bathroom just off the side of the room. Zilla climbed the stairs but stopped halfway up, a tad dizzy, "Whose damn idea was it to make so many fucking stairs to climb?" Zilla went to her room on the left, pulled some fresh clothes out of the drawers, and headed into the bathroom, even changing her bloodied bra and underwear.

Before getting dressed she took a careful look at the cuts, running her fingers along the sealed skin, seemingly checking for breaks. She glanced to her birthmark that ran up her belly, between her breasts and almost to her collar bone; a shiver went through her as Raider moving to slice her flashed in her mind, "The bastard." She muttered, getting dressed, "He'd have sliced my heart." She pulled her shirt over her head, "He'd have killed Sari." She glanced in the mirror, studying the mark on her head, "And he's not even the real threat." She checked to be sure her hair wasn't holding any blood, and then adjusted her hair to hide the cut on her head. Only to realize she had forgotten to put on her turtleneck first. She groaned, "This just isn't my day."

Her sister's sweet sing-song voice reached her ears, "Dinner! Hurry before it gets cold!" Zilla groaned like the mere thought of sitting with the two of them was a chore.

Zilla was sitting on the couch, her sister watching a medical show and Grim on his laptop. She had tried reading a book, and tried to watch her sisters show, but was uninterested. She glanced at her sister during the commercial break, "How was school today? And interning at the hospital after school?"

Serena shrugged, "It was alright, worst was a kid that came in with alcohol poisoning, pretty bad case of it." She glanced over to Grim, "Thanatos, drinking is bad."

He rolled his eyes, "Says the person who goes over to Windsor Canada once a month to legally buy wine coolers."

Zilla rolled her eyes and headed to the door, "I'm going for a ride, anybody need anything?"

Grim looked up, "We could use some more lunchmeat. We're just about out."

Serena stared at the ceiling a moment, "We're out of brown sugar and eggs- but I don't think you should get eggs if you're taking your bike…"

Zilla waved her hand dismissively, "Don't worry; I promise I won't break them. I'll be back soon."

The moment she grabbed her coat and was out the door, Serena looked at Grim, "She's going to stop at Dad's grave isn't she?"

He nodded, "I'd bet my life savings on it."

Zilla drove to a remote cemetery near a forest on her black motorcycle, quite a ways away from Detroit. She walked to the middle of the frost-bitten cemetery, and headed down an isle as if by nature, kneeling before last in the row. Across the top, under the star of David, was the name "Kole Ikabod Foeman." Just above; "Beloved father of Zilla Dae and Serena Nite" and below that; "Detroit P.D. 16 years."

A sad smile crossed her face, "Hi Daddy." She set her helmet on the ground as if it had just occurred to her it was still in her hands. She placed her hand on the stone, "Dad… I'm going to do something I know you would… wholly disapprove of. But I have to. I know you'll understand… I won't let him hurt her. You have to understand I'm going to do something bad… for the greater good." She kissed her fingertips then placed them on the star and her father's name, "I love you dad. I won't betray you." She stood up and grabbed her helmet, "I hope."

She headed back to her bike; she drove a few miles further from Detroit, stopping at the clearing where her father died seven years before. The grass hadn't grown in the path the monster had taken in all those years; the dirt was even a sickly grey. Zilla glanced around after she dismounted and set her helmet on the seat, "I know you're here."

A cloaked man with the familiar dark voice appeared out of the shadows, pure power in his voice, "Ah little Darkness, what brings you to me? Come to fight me again?" The smirk in his voice was evident, "You will fail a second time Darkness."

Her face was almost blank, her lips pursed, "No Tashal. I haven't come to fight you." She looked over to the spot where she and Sari hid from him, "I want to make a deal with you."

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