Shin Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar

Prologue: Life and Death

Author Notes:

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(???'s POV)

At first, I didn't want this new life.

I had no name, back then. From my birth, to nine years ago I was only known as 'Kid'. I'm an orphan- my parents either died or disappeared, I don't know, and I don't really care.

I've lived on the street during my childhood. I was one of the several witnesses of the alien attacks on our planet. We thought many times that we would never see the next day… but we did, thanks to the heroes of 3G. I vaguely recall the name of the strongest of them… GaoGaiGar. The King of Braves.

Anyway. Thirteen years ago, when I was six years old… a meteorite fell near Tokyo. In a strange twist of fate, I found myself near the meteorite's impact crater when it crashed. I don't really know what happened then, but something collided with my hand. Since that time, my hand periodically glowed with a green light. I had gained something right then, but I didn't know what. When I heard sirens in the distance, I felt scared, so I left the area before I was discovered by someone.

Then four years later, when I was ten, I met this person who changed my life. I met Mamoru Amami, who was the current leader of the 3G Defense Company. I didn't know the exact reason why he was named leader- either because of that alien attack or his past experience with out-worldly matters. But I digress… When I saw him, I felt strange- as if somehow, I knew nothing would be the same afterwards.

I don't really know what he saw in me (or on me) when he asked me: " Would you like to come with me? ".

" Where? " I had asked, asking myself why he would want to bring home a random orphan.

" Away from this life in the streets, and into a new light. " He had replied, with a warm-hearted smile. At that moment, something in my heart told me that I could trust this stranger that was going to take me away from what I knew.

I decided to take the leap, because maybe, somehow, I knew that my life was destined to a greater purpose. So, I followed him… right into 3G. My life then became the life of a hero.

At first, I didn't want this life. Then, I realised that this life was the life I always wanted… to fight for something precious. I realised I wanted to fight for this beautiful planet of ours.

I was born with nothing and I was given a life and a name by Mamoru Amami. I had become Ken, a soon-to-be defender of earth.

The orphan kid I used to be died nine years ago, when a new light shone on him. With this new life… I will protect Earth.

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