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Harry Potter: A Dark Story

Chapter 1: A new start to life

'Words' as thoughts

"Words" as spoken

'Words' as memory

Words as spells

He was always known as 'Boy', 'Freak' or 'Potter' at home. His real name was Harry Potter. After the death of his parents when he was 15 months old, Harry was sent to live with his relatives, Petunia Dursley, Aunt on his mother's side, her husband Vernon and their son Dudley, who was a few months older than Harry. Some would think living with his relatives might be almost as good as parents. They would be wrong in the case of one Harry Potter. Although the house had four rooms his room had been the cupboard under the stairs for as long as he could remember. By the age of five he was cooking and doing all the chores for his 'family'. He would suffer from regular beatings from his uncle or cousin for the slightest reasons and though they had enough money, Vernon and Dudley often mistaken for large land animals, Harry was often sent away hungry. Yes, in the first ten years of his life Harry Potter learned to hate his relatives.

When asked about the death of his parents, Harry was told that they had died in a car crash and the Lightning bolt scar that was situated on his forehead was result of that crash. It was his first and last question in the Dursley's house. He was never allowed to ask question and he learnt from early on. As the time passed, Harry slowly became a silent boy. He rarely talked with any one on his own. His schoolteachers complained about his lack of participation in his classes. He answered the questions asked by the teachers only on occasions.

In Harry's opinion, he was a special boy but he was just unnatural. Some weird things always happened when he was angry or desperate. Once he had landed in the roof of the school when he was seven years old while being chased by Dudley and his gangs. He was an intelligent boy and read materials when he got time but he downplayed his intelligence in front of others.

Harry was always examining thoughts in his mind while he was preparing for sleep. While doing so he unknowingly divided his mind into different Harrys. As the time passed he delved deeper and deeper into his own mind and his mind was divided into fifteen different parts. This helped him to solve his problems swiftly and in turn, it also helped him to tune other people out. He would listen to their questions and voices but he always let two of the Harrys inside his mind to block their voices if needed. In classes also he assigned some of them to listen to teachers while he always delved deeper into his own mind to know the answer why he was more special than the Dursley's and other kids.

His times with the Dursley's were same as usual and he was seen as indifferent person who didn't care about others. Soon after his tenth birthday, while looking though his memories he found out he was a wizard.


He saw two people talk with one another while a baby was near them. One was a man with messy dark hair and brown eyes covered by glasses. Another one was woman with long auburn hair and bright green eyes. The baby had also messy dark hair and he was playing with a bunny near the two adults.

"He's already performing accidental magic James. It's sometimes hard to think that a nearly 15 months old baby doing magic". The woman told the man named James.

"He'll be a powerful wizard one day Lily. Won't you Harry?" He picked up the baby called Harry and started cooing him. Harry's toys were scattered throughout the room. While remaining at him father's lap baby Harry somehow brought a soft toy dog into his hand.

"See, that isn't even Accidental magic," Lily exclaimed "He's performing wandless magic already! You'll make us proud by your achievement one day Harry. As your father and mother we will be helping you in any way we could dear."

"You'll grow up to be a great prankster Harry. And Sirius, Remus, Peter and I will teach you all the nasty tricks from a early age". Said an excited looking James.

"You and your marauder friends will do no such things James Potter. He will not be a prankster but be a good boy." Said Lily to her husband James.

"Yes, dear" replied James but was winking to Harry.

End Flashback

From that day onward, Harry knew that he was a wizard and would be a very powerful one. (Changed was to would to make verbs agree.) So he started to dig for more of his childhood memories. Soon he saw his father's friends and many others performing magic.

His days with his relatives passed as usual. He soon started to lessen the pain of his beatings by assigning one of his other Harrys to attend it. To others he was immune to pain while inside his mind, one Harry was feeling the pain and blocking it to the other parts of his body and nerves. If a beating was too painful, more joined to block his pain.

He also started to perform some of the magic that he had seen in his memories. He also knew now that a wizard had killed his mother and father was named 'Voldemort' but while trying to kill him couldn't do so. The curse that killed was the Avada Kedavra and it was etched in his memory forever. He knew that he would use that curse to kill anyone that will harm him again.

He could now summon anything to him as well as stun others by doing the incantations Accio and Stupefy. Of course, other wizards did it using wands but he did it without using wands. His first experiences with the wandless magic were not successful. He repeated his practice doing things differently and at last, he solved the problem. He used his mind powers in order to cast wandlessly. After much practice at night, he could successfully cast those spells easily. Another aspect that his mind power made him easier was that he didn't need to say the spells loudly. He said them in his mind. At first, he was tired with casting spells wandlessly but that soon was solved with repetitive casting.

As days past by he practiced magic repeatedly and secretly as he was now immune to beating and scolding. He always acted like a zombie in his home. His repetitive wandless casting allowed him to increase his magical core but he didn't know that. He also started to make his own spells to use to lock doors and open them. He simply named them 'lock' to lock and 'open' to open closed doors, windows etc. He didn't know that the procedure to invent spells was a lengthy one and required lots of calculations and a registered license from Ministry of Magic.

His time was flying with the Dursley's and today was Dudley's birthday. He was going to the zoo with Vernon, Petunia, Dudley and his friend Piers. He was taken to the zoo, as no one was to watch him at the house. Of course, Dudley made a scene and complained about Harry going to the zoo. Vernon was complaining about motorcycle riders today while driving. Harry suddenly remembered that once he had ridden in a flying motorcycle in the arms of one of his father's friend and someone huge. If he wasn't with his relatives than he would have talked with his adventure in the flying motorcycle but as he was with his relatives so he kept his mouth shut. Besides, he would not waste his time by talking with the likes of them.

His time at the zoo was pleasant as he even talked with a snake and let it on Dudley, when Dudley pushed him aside to see that particular snake. So the result of that trip was that he was send to his cupboard for two months without outside contacts. He was only out of the cupboard for using toilets three times a day. His meal was passed through the cat flaps thrice in a day.

When he was imprisoned in the cupboard, following the snake incident, he felt content. It was a new experience for him not to do any chores and no beating. Whatever beatings he got didn't affected him whatsoever in pain and they would heal very fast. For the first time in his life, he could do whatever he liked without any interruptions, for a long period of time. His time inside his little prison was spent with practicing magic and making new spells that would aid him. He had made a vow a long time ago that no one would be able to hurt him without facing consequences for their action. His family would get their punishment at the right time.

He now knew that before his 11th birthday he would receive a letter from a wizarding school called Hogwarts where his parents had studied for seven years. He also knew that age 17 was the legal age of adulthood in wizarding world. His eleventh birthday was coming near and these would be the last days as a prisoner in his home. He was thinking what to do when the letter arrived. His guardians knew he was a wizard as it explained in their hateful behaviors towards him. He also understood the effect that they had towards the word 'magic'.

His remaining time as a cupboard prison ended and he rejoined the Dursley's household as a slave. His days were again passed into doing chores for his family. His eleventh birthday was tomorrow and he woke up at his regular time, early hours of morning, as he was a light sleeper and only required minimum amount of sleep. He began to cook breakfast for the Dursley's and when he was nearly finished they began to wake up.

They all were having breakfast when mail arrived. Vernon asked Harry to get the mail. Harry went to get the mail and took the chance to look though it, sure enough there was a letter for him, which he knew, would be from Hogwarts.

He deposited all the mail including his Hogwarts letter on the table and resumed eating his meager food. Just as he was about to finish his food he heard a gasp from his uncle and aunt. They were looking at the letter and Harry as if frightened by whatever the letter contained. He now knew that they had read his mail.

There was a small debate between his uncle and aunt in the living room about what to do with the contents of the letter. In the end, they decided to not respond to the letter.

"If we don't respond to them, they will know to leave us alone. We don't spend our time with riffraff such as them." Said Vernon to Petunia.

But to their dismay next day many more mails began to come for Harry in the same type of envelope, which was sealed with a wax containing a badger, eagle, snake and lion, the official seal of Hogwarts. Harry was now moved from the cupboard under the stairs to the smallest room in the no. 4 Privet Drive, Dudley's second bedroom that contained all his broken and discarded books and toys. The change of room was because the address on the envelope was:

Mr. H. Potter.

The Cupboard under the Stairs,

4 Privet Drive,

Little Whining,


But the next letters contained the new address that described his new room at the Dursley's. So when the situation looked out of control, Vernon took all of them to an old house in the middle of a lake that looked likely to fall if a strong wind blew.

Later that night while waiting for midnight when he would turn eleven, Harry wondered who placed him in the Dursley's care. For that person was the soul reason for his abuse and slavery under the care of the Dursley's.

When the watch on Dudley's wrist chimed 12 o'clock a mighty crash was heard outside the house. Suddenly the door crashed down and there was a huge man probably ten or more feet in height looking in from the doorway. His eyes were searching for someone and when it landed into Harry's eyes, it brought a smile to his face and said:

"There you're Harry. You've grown. The last time I looked at you, you were a little child (baby would be more appropriate hereā€¦as Harry, at eleven, is a child now). You're exactly like your father except you've your mother's eyes."

The man had kind beetle like eyes and that alone didn't made Harry wary of the man.

"My name's Hagrid Harry. I'm the keeper of the keys and the gamekeeper at Hogwarts". Said the man to Harry's unasked question.

"Here is your letter from Hogwarts. Read it. Tomorrow we're going for shopping to buy things required at your school. You'll excel at the school, as inside you both James and Lily reside. Both were excellent at studies, and Head boy and girl in their seventh year at school". Hagrid was saying to Harry who was listening attentively. This would be the start of friendship, which remained until their respective deaths.

After some objections from Vernon that was swiftly pushed aside by Hagrid showing his strength, Hagrid and Harry slept.

The next day was bright, and as usual, Harry's woke up early. An owl was tapping at the window. He let the owl in the room and saw that it was carrying a newspaper. He shook Hagrid and woke him up. Hagrid paid the owl some wizarding money. After eating some food that Hagrid had bought the day before, they parted in order to shop for Harry's new school year and probably a new life.

During their journey to London, Hagrid spoke in a whisper with Harry and started telling him about wizarding world. Hagrid was surprised by Harry's lack of amazement about the wizarding world. When Hagrid started telling him about the death of his mother and father, Harry simply said, "I know". Hagrid eyes nearly popped from his face at that simple statement.

"Who placed me with Dursley's Hagrid after my mum and dad were murdered by Voldemort" asked Harry.

"Don't say his name Harry. Most of the people still call him You-know-who even after he died by your hands. I carried you from the ruins of the house and took you to Dursely's on Dumbledore's orders. He decided that you would be placed with them and have a normal childhood. Professor McGonagall and I were not happy, but complied with him." Replied Hagrid.

"Ah here's the famous Leaky Cauldron, entrance to Diagon Alley where we'll shop for your school things." Said Hagrid and took Harry to a small pub, which was nearly packed.

Harry and Hagrid walked out of the pub after some time. Harry had been seen as a boy-who-lived, the savior of the wizarding Britain, so everybody wanted to shake his hands. Harry met Professor Quirrell for the first time. Professor Quirrell taught Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. The said Professor was a nervous one and somehow Harry didn't like the professor. He was suspicious of him.

When they exited the pub by the back door, Harry and Hagrid faced a wall. Hagrid taught Harry how to open the archway to the Diagon Alley. It opened by just tapping the correct sequence of bricks in the right format. As soon as Harry entered Diagon Alley, he was surprised to see so many shops that sold different magical items. His surprise was well hidden behind his passive face. By looking at his face, one might have thought that he was bored of the place.

"The first stop is Gringotts Harry, the wizarding bank, run by Goblins. Your parents had opened an account for you there." Said Hagrid and took Harry to a large white building where two Goblin guards were stationed with a pointed spear at their hands. The walls at the side of the large door warned anyone about not to take that didn't belong to them.

They were taken to Harry's vault by a goblin named Griphook, after Hagrid had produced a key to Harry's vault. Harry took a lot of money from his vault but still it looked like it didn't make any difference. Hagrid had explained about wizarding money. Hagrid then asked the goblin to take him to another vault as asked by Dumbledore. From the vault, Hagrid took out a small package.

Harry and Hagrid then proceeded to trunk shop. The shop was full of different kinds of trunks. Many of them were enchanted with different spells. Some of the trunks were even enchanted to make them multi compartment ones with large rooms. When Hagrid was looking at other trunks, Harry discretely bought a five compartment trunks. There were different keys for different compartments. One compartment just looked like a simple trunk. Another was huge library devoid of any books. Another one was a room fit to live in with an attached bathroom. Other two were big but were left for the user to make any type of room as liked. He then asked for the shopkeeper to put additional charms such as reducing and enlarging charms as well as feather-weight charms and some security spells which was to make the trunk open by Harry only. Harry also bought a feather-light bag, in the next shop.

They then took off to the robe shop to buy clothes used that to be wore at school by Harry. "Do you mind if I go for a drink Harry? I don't like riding in the goblin carts," said Hagrid. "It's all right Hagrid. I'll probably be at bookstore", replied Harry. Harry bought normal looking clothes to be worn on daily basis in order to replace the clothing provided by his aunt and uncle.

Harry went to the bookstore and bought all the required books for the seven years on every course offered at Hogwarts. He then proceeded to buy extra books for reading. He knew that knowledge was power. If Voldemort would return than again, as Hagrid had said, he will be attacked and also he would be able to take revenge on anyone that will hurt him. His extra booklist included books about potions, magical theory, a huge book about different spells used for fighting, a healer's book as well as history of different wars of the wizarding world. Overall, he spent about five hundred galleons on books. He put all of them in a feather light bag and then into his trunk first compartment.

Just as he was exiting the bookstore, Hagrid came towards him and gave him a white owl. "This is your birthday present from me Harry. You can use owls to send letters. They are quite useful fellows." Said Hagrid.

"Thank you Hagrid," replied Harry and put the owl in its birdcage. They completed the shopping and had lunch at the Leaky Cauldron.

"Could we use magic at home Hagrid?" asked Harry.

"You can only use it before you go to Hogwarts. After the first year, you're prohibited to use magic at home, by the Ministry. I think they monitor the magic cast through the wands." Replied Hagrid.

Hagrid and Harry then went to the London's train station. Hagrid gave Harry the ticket to Hogwarts as well as to Surrey, towards his aunt house and said, "The train to Hogwarts leaves at 11 o'clock morning at 1st of September from platform nine and three quarters". "Thank you Hagrid, for your help and gift", replied Harry. He had talked more with Hagrid than anyone in the past year put together.

As soon as Hagrid left thinking Harry was boarding a train to Surrey, Harry also left towards the Leaky Cauldron. There he paid for his room until the day he was to leave for Hogwarts. He paid more to the barman known as Tom, for his silence. Harry didn't want to spread about his staying in Leaky Cauldron for a period of one month. He was hoping to practice much magic in this period of time.

His time at the room was spent learning different types of books and practicing them. His aim was to learn all the important different topics studied at Hogwarts by the end of his first year. He would only read Muggle Studies, Astronomy, and Divination on his spare time or in his classroom.

Harry spent first few days by learning the basics of each and everything. The will and intent required to cast spells correctly. The more clear the intent and the will; the better the results the spell would produce. This was his theory after his one-month stay at the inn. He also studied different type of plants required in Herbology and Potions, as they were quite inter-related. He had knowledge about different type of reactions shown by different type of Potions.

On his departure day to Hogwarts, Harry packed his first-year books on the first compartment of his trunk and all the other books on library portion of his compartment. His robes were already packed. He had already thrown the cast-off given to him by Dursley's the first day he stayed at the inn. His trunk was reduced and after paying any dues left to the innkeeper, he parted towards the train station.

Harry reached towards the train station with nearly twenty minutes to spare. He now realized the problem that he didn't know about the way to the platform nine and three quarters. There was platform named nine and platform named ten but not the required one by Harry. Just as he was about to check all the platforms like the entrance to Diagon Alley, he heard "packed with all the muggles. What's the platform number?" Harry turned around towards the voice.

A large family of redheads was moving towards the platform no. nine. Harry was on platform number Ten. There were four boys and a small girl with a mid-aged woman. The woman looked liked the mother of the four boys and the girl. 'She's cute', thought Harry, looking at the small girl, whose hand was captured by her mother.

"Its platform number nine and three quarters mum. Can I go mum?" asked the girl. "You're not of age Ginny. Ok Percy you go first, then Fred and George and then Ron". Said the mother. As Harry looked a tall redhead boy known as Percy suddenly vanished as he was passing through platform number nine. Then the two boys called Fred and George also vanished. 'They look like twins,' thought Harry. Then the boy named Ron also vanished from the site. 'So it is magical passing. I've just got to pass through the platform', thought Harry. As soon as he passed through the barrier, he saw a huge train with Hogwarts banner on the station.

Harry chooses to sit at the last compartment of the train. 'I don't want to be disturbed', thought Harry and cast 'lock' spell. The train passed through many places such as mountains and plains. Harry didn't pay any attention to the outside scenery, as he was immersed in his books. By now, Harry could cast almost all the spells written in his books. He could cast spells up to third year wandlessly and soundlessly. He had experimented in casting spells with both hands. It felt tiring and he couldn't keep it up for a long time. He had vowed to rectify that problem.

Soon the train started to slow down and Harry changed into Hogwarts robe. "Please leave your belongings on the train itself. It would be taken to your dormitory separately" was announced on the train. Though Harry wasn't pleased to leave his trunk on the train but he did so. "You could hunt Hedwig. I'll meet you at my dormitory". Said Harry to his owl, which was named Hedwig. The name was taken from his history of magic book. Hedwig hooted softly as to confirm her understanding. She then flew away.

"First years, first years come here. You'll be taking boats to reach to Hogwarts" called Hagrid in his booming voice. Harry walked towards him. "How are you Harry?" asked Hagrid. "I'm fine Hagrid", replied Harry. "No more than four on a boat", said Hagrid. Harry got in a boat, and was soon joined by three other nervous looking first years. The boat then suddenly moved forward and after sometime, the first years looked at a beautiful castle that was Hogwarts. After reaching the land, all the first years moved towards the castle. They were greeted at the door of the castle by a stern looking old witch.

"Here are the first years Professor McGonagall," said Hagrid to the witch.

"Thank you Hagrid. I'll take them from here," she replied. "All of you stand in line. You all are welcomed in Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. In a few minutes, you'll be sorted into different houses. There are four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each of them represents their own characteristics. For the next seven years your house will be everything for you. Any rule breaking will be punished and good deeds will be rewarded. Wait here for a few minutes. I'll come back for you". She said and entered through the huge door.

For the next few minutes every first year were in their own world. There were some who were thinking about everything they had read in a book. Some of them were nervous. Some were amused as well as some were acting indifferent.

Suddenly the door opened again and Professor McGonagall walked towards them. "Follow me in a straight line," she said. The first years walked through the door and saw a huge hall where many people were watching them. There were many students inside the hall and few professors. The ceiling of the hall was showing night sky. It was reflecting the weather outside but not many of the first years knew and they watched it in awe.

Inside the great hall, there were four long tables and at the farthest from its entrance door there was a single table for the teachers. The four tables seated students wearing different colored robes. Each table boasted their own color and own flag. Those were the house tables, one for each house. Above each table there was a banner depicting different animals: A lion for Gryffindor, badger for Hufflepuff, eagle for Ravenclaw and a snake for Slytherin. At the head table, there were fifteen to twenty teachers. At the middle of the great hall, there was a three-legged stool where an old hat was placed.

The first year students were watching the old hat with curiosity and suddenly the hat spoke and started singing. The hat sang about different qualities present in each of the houses. Gryffindors were valued for their bravery, Hufflepuff for their loyalty, Ravenclaw for their knowledge and Slytherin for their cunning.

"When I call on your name you will come to the stool, put the hat on and wait for your sorting. The sorted person would then go to their own house table and sit. Others would wait for their turn to be sorted." Informed Professor McGonagall.

"Abbot, Hannah" was the first name mentioned. A nervous girl of fair complexion put the hat on and sat on the stool. After some time "Hufflepuff" was heard from the hat. The Hufflepuff section of the crowd cheered. Hanna Abbot stood from the table, placed the hat on the stool and went to sit on the Hufflepuff section of the hall. Soon first years were sorted into different houses and suddenly "Potter, Harry" was called. Mutterings and whispers started breaking out inside the great hall.

"Harry Potter?" Harry heard "you mean the boy-who-lived". It was whispered as he was walking towards the sorting. Harry calmly walked up to the sorting hat and put on his head. "Ah, finally I have the pleasure of sorting the famous Harry Potter. Now Mr. Potter would you allow me to examine your head in order to sort you out?" said a voice inside Harry's head.

"You would not tell anyone about what you see there," replied Harry. It was not a question or a suggestion but a command. "No Mr. Potter it would be a secret between you and me. I must complement you on having such dangerous Occlumency shields. Your shield not only protects but also attacks other invaders," replied the voice.

After some time the hat spoke again, "you are hard one to place Mr. Potter. Your loyalty to those loyal to you would make you an ideal Hufflepuff. You are brave and courageous enough to be sorted in Gryffindor. Well your knowledge about magic and your wisdom would rival Ravenclaw herself. Now Salazar Slytherin himself could only match your power and cunning. You puzzle me Mr. Potter. Which house would suit you best? Ok I'll ask you to choose yourself a house. This has been the first time since my creation that I gave this opportunity to anyone. Whatever house you choose to be sorted into don't let your other characteristics to disappear." Harry pondered into his mind and at last replied to the hat about the choice he made about the house.

The whole room was waiting for the sorting to be finished. Many students and teacher were wandering why Harry Potter's sorting was taking such a long time. Almost all the professors thought that Harry would be sorted Gryffindor because both of his parents were in Gryffindor house as well as every Potter before were placed in Gryffindor.

Suddenly the hat spoke "Slytherin".

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