Miami Fic Talk Challenge Prompt #10 - Breakfast
Fic - #17
Somewhat based on the song 'Pendulum' by Indigo Girls

The pigments of another Miami morning filtered in, banishing the dark for another 13 hours before its shift returned.

Calleigh pulled to a halt at the beach side. She wasn't surprised to see him already there, leaning against his Hummer, eyes cast to the horizon. He slowly turned to her as she broke the silence with her car door. He lifted off the car to meet her.

She smiled to him, her gaze drooping as he smiled back. The assault of cologne – expensive cologne – hitting her as she neared. It wasn't something she had the pleasure of often.

She held out the small white paper bag and takeout coffee. He thanked her and placed the cup on the hood of the car, taking a glance inside the bag and shooting her a bemused smile.

"I know you. You won't have eaten yet." She smirked.

"You're right."

It was becoming a regular thing – meeting at the beach for coffee. Usually only when one wouldn't be in work that day for a court appearance, conference…

This time it was Horatio who would be missing. He was due in court for the final day of testimonies for a case. It was yet another that had consumed his all and left him perilously close to the edge. She could see his every fibre almost jumping – excited to finally get his chance to convey his findings and the truth amidst the politics.

His blue eyes were glistening with the hell he was going to give them all. Lord, did she wish she could be there!

Confidence emanated from his every pore. His hands flared his suit jacket to the sides as they took their rightful spot on his hips. His hair slightly ruffled from the morning breeze helped along the boyish charm that would easily win over every female on that jury. His hands were resting just above his holster that housed his immaculately kept service pistol with which he rivalled her in accuracy. But she always liked a challenge.

"I should get going," he mentioned, breaking his gaze from the vista and his attention from Calleigh. "Will I see you tonight?"

"Of course," she grinned. "Your place or mine?"

His hands dropped from his hips. "I was thinking we'd go out…" he said, not sure himself if it was question or a statement.

"Horatio…" Her face contorted into apprehension.

"I think it's time. I hate feeling like we're doing something wrong, Calleigh."

Calleigh hated it too, hated little else as much, but it was logical. It was what they had to do. Wasn't it?

Horatio knew that her head would be firing different scenarios for every outcome. He pulled her too him and pressed his lips to hers.

"I'm not ashamed," he whispered as he pulled back, keeping hold of her hands.

"Neither am I, Horatio, but the consequences could be detrimental to our careers."

He kissed her again before climbing into his car. "Think about it. Let me know." He smiled and peeled out of the car-lot, leaving an air of disinterest to what hits his career might take. It wasn't the most important thing to him anymore.


Horatio sat on the wooden bench outside the court room, wondering -not for the first time- how expensive a cushion must be for the uncomfortable seats to still be bare.

"Lieutenant Caine?" The bailiff announced to the hallway. "Lieutenant Caine, you're up!"

Horatio stood and walked to the door, eyes following his steps from the other witnesses and experts for the case. Just as he was about to enter, his cell phone trilled in his pocket. He stopped short and flipped it open, reading the message from Calleigh.

'Let's do it. x'

And so it began...