Great green eyes with a tint of gold

All the stories have told

Of a great Lion whose mane is as soft as fleece,

He goes around the world making peace.

He breathes on you, and you feel love,

Feeling unworthy of His love.

Then it's time to go, and you protest,

Saying, "Surely you jest!"

"Your work is done, you've got to go home."

He says with assurance, but I don't feel the same!

Then He says, "There you will learn my name.

You will still feel Me there, you will feel my care,

To talk to me, just reach me in prayer!"

I started to understand then, Who this was.

I suddenly found myself back, I could hear the hurrahs,

Of the doctors that brought me back to life,

I had a terrible life, it had been full of strife,

And had a bad accident in my car,

As I had been driving to the bar.

Blackness had swallowed me, and I found myself in a place

That was beautiful and perfect and I saw a face

That spoke to me, and would erase

My troubles, my worries, if I would let Him.

Out on a whim, I agreed gladly,

For I needed help badly.

So we talked for a while, and I couldn't believe

When we sinned, how much He would grieve.

I found He truly loved us, that was the truth!

If only I hadn't wasted my life as a youth.

I had no family, I was all alone.

But very quickly, I was shown

That there is another family with you on earth,

Others who care about your spiritual birth.

Now I was back home, my life changed.

I had indeed exchanged

My old life for a new, and now I practically flew

To church as I shared what happened to me.

They shared in turn how Jesus had died on a tree.

I can hardly keep my mouth shut as I share the news

To friends that just sit there, drinking their booze.

They don't understand what I'm trying to say,

How I have a wonderful father to whom I can pray.

I'll have to work on their hearts, not everyone got

To see what I saw,

How I looked at this Lion with some sort of awe.

I will leave you now to think about what I've said.

Please don't put Him aside, it's for you He bled.