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Chapter 16:

"Ok, what do you think about that?" Maureen asked and handed Amy a mirror. She had brought a load of hair gel to the hospital and done Amy's hair spiking it up and styling it to make Amy feel better about herself. It was the day that Amy was free to go and Amy was still trying to get used to her new look. All the gang were in the room apart from Roger who had gone to sign Amy's release papers. Maureen had spiked it all up which gave her a rock edge

"The perfect little boho rocker" Mark said with a giggle and Amy lowered the mirror

"I love it, thank you Maureen" Amy said and gave her a hug. "Guys could you do me a favour?" Amy asked

"Of course, anything" Tom responded with a soft smile

"What is it?" Joanne asked

"I want to get Roger a really important Christmas present. Has he finished his new song yet?"

"I think so sweetie, why?" Maureen asked

"Well in that case I have a few phone calls to make, and I need you to make a few too" just then Roger entered the room and all looked at him surprised, but what surprised him more was that the group were huddled around Amy listening intensively

"What's going on in here then?" he asked raising an eyebrow

"Just girls talk Roger! You know sometimes us girls need some alone time too!" Maureen defended the two of them

"And the boy's excuse is what exactly?" Roger asked looking at Tom and Mark

"Sometimes we need alone time too but need a second opinion" Tom said making Amy smile at how silly he sounded. Roger held up his hands in defeat

"Ok sorry! I like the hair Amy! It looks like how mine used to be years ago actually" Roger explained

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that. Now you're going for the Bon Jovi look" Mark responded

"Hey, he's good musician" Roger defended

"And he's hot" Maureen added

"See, the longer hair is always a positive thing!" Roger defended

"Now I'm a mini daddy? I guess I'll dress up as Joanne next for dinner!" Amy giggled jumping down from her chair. She came to Roger's side and put on her leather jacket which he held out to her. "Are you ok daddy?" she asked noticing a strange look in his eyes

"I'm fine, I'm just glad you're coming home" Amy held up her arms to him so he picked her up and gave her a hug

"Ok, enough with the mushy stuff before you make me cry!" Maureen said making Amy giggle

"You ready kiddo?" Roger asked

"Then I'll ever be!" Amy responded putting on her sunglasses

"Quite the little diva film star isn't she?" Mark asked and the group left the hospital


Amy felt pure bliss as the taxi they were in pulled up outside their building. It hadn't changed at all apart from the thick layer of snow that coved the rooftop, steps, windowsills and curbs. "I'll be right back" Mark said walking across the street to the pay phone

"What's he doing?" Amy asked Tom

"The buzzer broke again on the door" he explained. Amy looked up to the balcony when Mark had hung up and saw Tamsin

"Hey, look out below!" she called and threw down the keys which Mark caught. Amy waved at Tamsin who waved back. The group walked up the stairs and Roger opened the door to the loft. As soon as Amy walked in she was showered with confetti

"Welcome Home Amy!" she heard making her smile. When the confetti settled she saw the place was full of balloons and a 'welcome home Amy' banner was across the windows. In front of her clapping and smiling stood two people she didn't think she would ever see again

"Tamsin! Chelsea!" Amy squealed and hugged them both

"And don't forget ..." Mark said and from Mark's room came Tamsin's dog Ollie

"Ollie!" Amy said with a broad smile and stroked the dog. "He's ok!"

"Ollie's as tough as old boots which incidentally he loves to chew up. Believe me I have lost many a pair of stiletto heels that way" Tamsin explained and Amy looked up at her spying Mark wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Amy smiled having learnt the previous day that Tamsin and Mark were an item and were happy together

"Chelsea, I can't believe your here" Amy said and Chelsea picked her up

"I couldn't miss your home coming. I would have visited you in hospital but my dad wanted us to have some family alone time. I'm glad you're ok"

"Better then ok, are you?" Amy asked

"I'm perfectly fine thanks to you" Chelsea explained and noticed her teddy

"Now this must be the infamous George"

"Yep, you like him?" Amy asked holding up the bear

"Very much, kind of has a Johnny Depp thing going on don't you think? He's very handsome in his leather jacket" she asked with a giggle and lowered Amy to the ground

"Come on guys, let's get everyone a drink" Mark said and the group headed for the kitchen

"Do you want to see my room?" Amy asked raising an eyebrow which Chelsea understood as being a signal

"Yeah sure" Chelsea followed Amy into the room and shut the door behind them. "What's the really reason for being in here?" Chelsea asked

"Daddy doesn't like me to ask but ... what has happed to the school? Sister Margaret? Tristan?" Amy asked softly so the others in the next room wouldn't hear them

"The school has been closed down and all the girls have gone home. The police are contacting all students that were at the school and suffered injuries to add as evidence to the case against the heads of the school. Sister Margaret is in prison awaiting trial for child abuse since n one has bailed her out. We may need to give evidence again for Sister Margaret's trial and the one of child abuse in the school. I don't really know about Tristan. All I know is that he's in police custody. I'm sure you will never have to give evidence in court over him as your file in social services is enough" Chelsea explained

"What will you do now?" Amy asked

"I'm going to take the rest of the school year off to spend time with my family after that I think I'm going to qualify as a paramedic. I've always wanted to be one so it makes sense. What about you?"

"Carry on as I was before. I've been thinking about acting and music; I like the idea of doing what daddy does and acting too"

"A stage performer? It sounds perfect for you" Chelsea watched Amy's face go all serious. "What?" she asked

"Thank you Chelsea, for everything. I don't know what I'd do if you weren't my friend"

"I'll always be your friend and I mean a proper friend. The ones you talk too nearly every day and see each other as often as possible, not a friend who you never see and rarely talk to deal?"

"Deal! I've never had a best friend before who was just mine except for George" Amy explained

"Well sometimes you need a girl to talk to" Chelsea said

"Well as my new best friend I need a favour" Amy said and Chelsea raised an eyebrow

"A favour? I think I can help you it depends on what it is"

"Are you in contact with Helena from the school?"

"Yeah, why?" Chelsea asked

"Then I need you to make a phone call, I missed my daddy's birthday so I have to make Christmas extra special" Amy said before laying out her plan to Chelsea


December 24th 1991

Roger zipped up his leather jacket and wrapped his scarf tightly around his neck. He had gone to meet up with his band at their usual practice place but no one was there. A chill went down his spine as the cold began to get to him so he began to walk back to the subway, his guitar and case strapped to his back. He heard a familiar tune play from his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, a present from the gang for his birthday. The caller ID showed it was Mark

"Hey man you ok?" Roger asked

"Hey did you get my message?" Mark asked

"Message, what message?" Roger asked confused

"Your band called home I just heard the message on the machine. A gig opened at the Life Cafe. They tried calling but couldn't get through to your cell. You must have been on the subway or something where the signal wouldn't work. Anyway they are at the cafe and you need to get there is 30 minutes"

"What? I'm on the other side of town!" Roger responded and began to walk faster

"Well you had better run" Mark responded

"Ok look, tell them to do a couple of songs to warm up I'll be there ASAP"

"Ok bye" Mark hung up and roger cursed loudly as he hung up. It took him 40 minutes to get to the street the cafe was on. He ran down the street and entered the building

"Sorry I'm –"

"SURPRISE!" he heard and looked around to see everyone clapping and cheering including his band. Amy walked towards him as he took his guitar off his back

"What the ...?" Roger asked picking up Amy and she hugged him

"I couldn't give you a birthday party so how about a birthday slash Christmas party?" Amy said and Roger smiled

"You didn't have to do that!" Roger said and Amy smiled

"I wanted to besides I want to hear that song of yours"

"Really?" he asked

"Of course"

"Can I have something to eat first?" he asked

"Of course"

"Since when did you become Miss Bossy?" Roger asked

"Well I did plan, decorate and used my cheap manipulation to get this party together so I think that makes me qualified for the post!" Roger giggled and lowered her to the ground to hug his friends and thank them for coming. For the next hour everyone chilled out drinking, eating and celebrating Roger's birthday

"So are you going to give us a sing song Roger?" Chelsea asked

"Yeah come on Roger, Amy hasn't heard your song yet" Tom added

"It would be a good edition to my film" Mark said picking up his camera

"And your band are right here" Joanne added

"Ok then" Roger stood up and walked to the stage with his band. They tuned up and Roger cleared his throat as he approached the microphone, his guitar in hand. "Ok everyone. I began writing this song several months ago and Amy really liked the tune of it. So I worked at it and this is the end result, and it's called 'All for Love', and I hope you like it" Roger explained and everyone began to clap and cheer. The band began to play the song and Amy couldn't help smiling broadly being so proud of him. Mark began shooting and Maureen put her arm around Amy's shoulders

When it's love you give I'll be a man of good faith.

Then in love you live. I'll make a stand. I won't break.

I'll be the rock you can build on,

be there when you're old,to have and to hold.

When there's love inside I swear I'll always be strong.

Then there's a reason why. I'll prove to you we belong.

I'll be the wall that protects you from the wind and the rain,

from the hurt and pain.

Let's make it all for one and all for love.

Let the one you hold be the one you want,

the one you need, 'cause when it's all for one it's one for all.

When there's someone that should know then just let your feelings show

and make it all for one and all for love.

When its love you make I'll be the fire in your night.

Then its love you take. I will defend, I will fight.

I'll be there when you need me.

When honour's at stake, this vow I will make:

that it's all for one and all for love.

Let the one be the one you want,

the one you need, 'cause when it's all for one it's one for all.

When there's someone that should know then just let your feelings show

and make it all for one and all for love.

Don't lay our love to rest 'cause we could stand up to you test.

We got everything and more than we had planned,

more than the rivers that run the land.

We've got it all in our hands.

Roger played the guitar solo to which everyone applauded and cheered, Amy, Maureen and Tom jumped up on the table and applauded making Roger smile

Now it's all for one and all for love.

It's all for love.

Let the one you hold be the one you want,

the one you need,

'cause when it's all for one it's one for all.

It's one for all.

When there's someone that you know then just let your feelings show.

When there's someone that you want,

when there's someone that you need

let's make it all, all for one and all for love.

Everyone cheered and applauded the band who bowed and smiled to the crowd. Roger put his guitar aside and approached the table. Amy reached out to him so he picked her up and gave her a hug

"That was amazing, I can't believe you composed that from that tiny tune I liked" Amy said

"Well it stuck in my head. You liked it?" he asked lowering he to the ground

"Oh yeah! And I think someone else did too" she explained and everyone looked confused. Amy turned to one of the booths from which a man and a girl stepped out from smiling broadly. "The party is only part of your present. Daddy, guys this is my friend Helena Bennett who attend Saint Joseph's with me and Chelsea" Amy explained

"Helena, who helped you when Chelsea wasn't around?" Roger asked

"Yeah that's right, it's such a pleasure to meet you Mr. Davis" Helena said and Roger shook her hand

"You too, I'm glad you're here and doing well"

"Thank you, I am very well as is my father. Chelsea and Amy got in touch with us a week ago to request you meet him" Helena explained and her father held out his hand to Roger

"Mr. Davis I am Neil Bennett I'm a record producer and talent agent associated with A M records" he explained and Roger looked at him in shock. He had known of A M records for years and loved the artists that were signed to them

"H ... hi!" Roger responded shaking his hand

"When Helena told me I had to come down here on Christmas Eve I was quite sceptical as to what I'd find but when she mentioned your name I couldn't ignore her for two reasons. Your name has been told to me a few times and I've heard you play before which really impressed me. The second is your custody battle. If it weren't for you my daughter along with all those other girls would have continued suffering without any knowledge so I had to meet you in person to thank you and say I am forever in your debt"

"You're welcome and if it weren't for your daughter and Chelsea then mine would not be here. I have a debt of gratitude to you also" Roger responded

"Your talent may be able to repay such a debt. Now on the subject of your talent, your song writing has really matured and that song is a particular interest to me. At the minute I'm looking for song writers to compose and write for a new film version of the Three Musketeers. I think you may be exactly what we are looking for. With lyrics and music like that combined with one of our artists you could be earning a lot of money for such a talent. Here's my card I'd love to set up a meeting in the new year with you to discuss it further" Neil handed over his business card

"Thank you so much" Roger said shaking his hand

"You're welcome, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Roger you and your family deserve it"

"Thank you and the same to you sir" Neil smiled and left the cafe followed by Helena who waved to Chelsea and Amy as they left. As soon as the two left the cafe erupted with cheering and Roger couldn't move for shock

"H .. Wh ... you ..." was all Roger could stay and ran his hands through his hair as Amy giggled

"How did you do that?" Mark asked on Roger's behalf

"You're not the only one with connections Marky! You have TV connections I have music connections" Chelsea said with a smile

"Could you get me a record deal? 'The full performance works of Maureen Johnson' I'd call it and I could wear that leather cat suit I wore at Halloween for the cover!" Maureen gushed making Tom laugh

"So was it a good birthday present?" Amy asked Roger before biting her bottom lip

"Good? It's ... I ... I can't speak!" Roger replied and picked up Amy, spinning her around. Amy giggled and clung onto Roger as tight as possible. The sound of someone tapping a spoon against a glass alerted Roger and everyone else in the room to the stage where Mark stood in front of the microphone

"Ok everyone it is speech time so grab your glasses" Roger lowered Amy to the ground who headed to the stage to be by Mark. She pulled up a stool and Mark lifted her up to stand on it as Roger grabbed his drink. "Ok so we are gathered here to celebrate three things, the holiday's, Roger's birthday and the return of Amy" the crowd cheered making Amy blush. Roger was surprised she wasn't hiding behind Mark. He was proud of Amy for overcoming her fears of people and being able to stand up on a stage in-front of everyone. Mark took the microphone off the stand and handed it to Amy

"Alright everyone? Are you enjoying our little bohemia party?" Amy asked making Roger laugh and everyone cheer. "Ok well I don't want this party to focus on my return as that's old news but I want everyone to raise a glass to my wonder daddy and wish him a happy birthday, to wish him a wonderful career with A M records and for all of us to have a happy and safe holiday. To Roger and to us" Amy said holding up her glass of milk

"To Roger and to us" everyone responded raising their glasses of beer and champagne

"Now there is just one more thing to say if Mark will be so kind as to sit at the piano, I taught him this especially! If you know the words sing along" Amy giggled and Mark complied. He began to play and the manager of the Life Cafe brought out a guitar shaped cake with lit candles

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROGER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" Amy sang and got applause from the crowd and Roger. Mark did an over the top theatrical bow that reminded Amy of what Maureen did when she first told Amy about the Life Cafe. Amy rushed over to Roger who stood over his cake and Mark grabbed his camera

"You ready to blow out the candles?" Amy asked

"Only if you'll blow them out with me" Roger said and Amy nodded. "Ok 1 ... 2 ... 3" Roger said and both blew out the candles. Amy instantly began to giggle and waved the smoke from her face. Music filled the room and everyone began dancing around the room. "Can I have a dance?" Roger asked

"I think I can arrange that" Amy responded and began to giggle again. Suddenly a load of food landed on the table in front of them making Amy gasp

"FOOD FIGHT!" Maureen yelled as Roger and Amy looked at each other. An expression on each of their faces said here-we-go-again

"DUCK!" they yelled in unison as they ducked under the table just missing a load of pasta with meatless meatballs, a fine way to end a bohemian birthday bash


(A/N: Well I hope you enjoyed the end of my story. First things first, the song entitled 'All for love' is a record from A M records which was released in 1993 for the film 'The Three Musketeers'. It was written by Bryan Adams and was performed by him, Sting and Rod Stuart so the song doesn't belong to me as don't any character that is from RENT apart from the characters of Sarah, Amy, Chelsea, Helena, Tamsin, Neil, Evangeline and Margaret. Now I've been getting hundreds of hits but no one has really told me what they think. I'm planning a sequel and I was wondering what you thought of me doing so? If the majority vote is no then I won't! Anyway if it is a no then I really hope you enjoyed this story and thank you for reading, reviewing and favouring it means a lot as this is my first RENT fic! TKAMB aka Becky)