Mama Wheeljack Part 3

By AutobotV

Sorry it took so long...very long...I will try to update!

It's the day you've all been waiting for! Wheeljack and Soundwave are off on their wait...second date! I have been looking at all your ideas and I found some of them interesting...and I got some nasty ideas in my mind when I read them! So thanks for sending your ideas and enjoy! Right now Soundwave was waiting at the meeting point for Wheeljack, all polished and shiny. He left Frenzy, Rumble and Laserbeak at home because that lot always caused a hassle when he wanted alone time, complaining about leg room or something. He only brought Ravage but he was neatly tucked away inside of him, you never know when Bumblebee might be about. He wanted to impress Wheeljack since this was their official date and he even bought Wheeljack a...a...a...Soundwave what is that?


AutobotV: Ohhh...aww you even shaped it like a heart!

Soundwave: I DID?

Anyway Soundwave waited patiently for his date to arrive and his spark jumped a couple of beats when he saw Wheeljack running up to meet him. Wheeljack halted in front of Soundwave and straighted himself up, trying to make himself look at least presentable. By the way, he's wearing his face-guard again. Wheeljack seemed to give an expression that he was happy when Soundwave gave him the heart shaped Energon cube.

'Thanks Soundwave...why is it shaped funny?'


'Right...anyway...where do you want to go first?'


Wheeljack stared at him confused and Soundwave smacked his own head. He had told himself not to take advice from a human but did he listen to me? Nooo...he had to go and talk to Spike, that little brat! As Soundwave tried to recover from the mistake he had made Wheeljack shrugged and took Soundwave's hand.

'How about we start off with a walk? I know a cool little park!' offered the Autobot.


Wheeljack now felt stupid. It was a few miles off from where they were and Wheeljack forgot that Soundwave transforms into a cassette player not a car. Wheeljack could get there easy but unless Soundwave grew a set of wheels he wasn't going any where. Jeez this date is starting off well! Wheeljack tried to solve the problem and came up with a solution.

'How about you slip inside me and I can give you a ride?' he suggested.

At that moment Soundwave went red, really red. Jeez he's going redder than Cliffjumpers paint job! Then Energon started spewing from his nose and he began to freak out.


At first Wheeljack was confused. What stage was he talking about? What did he say wrong? Why was Soundwave freaking out?Wheeljack replayed with what he said a second ago in his head to try and spot the problem.

'How about you slip inside me and I can give you a ride?'

After a few moments trying to figure it out he started going red himself. He had no idea he had said something so normal and yet it sounded so...dirty Soon both Wheeljack and Soundwave were freaking out and I just started whisling and wooing!


Wheeljack: I-I-I didn't mean it like THAT!

AutobotV: Soundwave seems to think so! But the question is did the readers get it? If not I'll start off with...

Wheeljack: NO, NO, NO, NO! Just leave this one out OK?

AutobotV: Fine.

Wheeljack tried to clam Soundwave down. Soundwave was still freaking out and a fountain of Energon was spewing from his nose, running down his face. Wow, Soundwave's a perv...WHAT AM I SAYING! Excuse me I'm going to run off and hurt myself. Wheeljack shook Soundwave's shoulders a bit.

'Soundwave I'm sorry, that came out wrong!' he cried.

'I-I-IT'S FINE...WHY DON'T WE JUST WALK?' stammered Soundwave, who finally stopped spewing Energon.

'Sure, but are you OK? You look like a little stiff, do you need a hand?'

Soundwave spewed even more Energon and began to totally spaz out so bad he made Red Alert look normal. Wheeljack tried to calm him down after he figure out, again, what he had just said.

'I didn't mean it like that Soundwave! I'm sorry!'


Soundwave fainted after losing so much Energon and Wheeljack tried to wake him up, unaware that the couple were being watched from the shadows by a single wait two...oh no wait three, yeah three Decepticons, who were all called basically it's just the one guy but he's split into three. They watched...or should it be he watched? Anyway they/he watched the couple from a distance. Then they all faced each other.

'OK here's the plan! We wait till Soundwave is distracted and then we grab Wheeljack!' said one of the Reflector bots.

'Why do we want him again?'

'We're of the same mind you idiot! We...I mean...I have been over the plan an hundred times already!'

'I don't remember.'

'You're an idiot.

'It wasn't me it was him! And you just called yourself an idiot you twit!'

'Hah! You called yourself a twit!'

'Wait if I'm remembered and you didn't remember then how did...'

At that moment a bolt of lighting shot down from the sky making the mechs jump in fear. They had clearly pissed someone off but who, I wonder. After a moment or so they heard the angelic yet demonic voice of the writer booming all around them.

AutobotV: This is getting confusing, from now on you guys shall be known as Reflector 1, Reflector 2 and Reflector 3! Got it?

Reflector: Who's Reflector 1?


Reflector 1 sighed as he decided to go through the plan again with his other two comrades. He somehow pulled out a board with lots of pictures, maps and words. Clearly they had been planning this!

'Look it's quite simple. We kidnap Wheeljack, force him to make another FIL or pile of crap and then we make Optimus Prime fall in love with us! Happy now?'

'How are we supposed to catch him with Soundwave standing around? He'll kill us!' cried Reflector 2.

'We'll just wait till he passes out or something. We can't do it now cause it's not in the script so we just got to wait as the story progresses. Are we all cool?'

The Reflector bots were silent until one said,

'So I'm Reflector 3 right?'

Anyway Wheeljack had finally awoken Soundwave and the two began walking towards the park. It was quite a while away so I magically sent them there instantly however they had no idea that I did that because I promised Wheeljack no funny stuff. Wheeljack and Soundwave were now in a nice, peaceful, cute little park.

'We sure got here quick didn't we?'


As they walked around they then noticed a funny looking ice-cream stand that was called Energon Ices! Serving the ice cream was none other than Grimlock, our loveable yet dummy of a Dinobot. Wheeljack was surprised that Grimlock could run his own business, he couldn't run his brain half the time.

'Grimlock? What are you doing?' demanded the mechanic.

'Me Grimlock make Energon Ice cream! Couples get free scoop but me Grimlock not know what couple is!' boomed the dumb Dinobot.

'Well...we're a couple...I guess.' muttered Wheeljack, blushing when Soundwave glanced at him.

'OK...Me Grimlock will give you free scoop.'

The Dinobot then gave the couple a scoop of ice cream, which seemed kind of pointless since they were wearing their face-gurads. As Wheeljack took his ice cream, Grimlock suddenly held out his hand.

'That's 4.98.' he demanded.


'No, me Grimlock say couples get THREE scoops!'

'We only got two!' argued Wheeljack.

'That's because Grimlock got the third scoop!' snickered the Dinobot, as he tried to force the ice cream in his non-existing mouth.

Wheeljack just sighed and was thankful that Grimlock was too busy trying to figure out how he was going to eat the ice-cream. He looked at his ice cream, almost forgetting that he had his face-guard on. As he quickly slipped it off he glanced over at Soundwave and went bright red when he saw that Soundwave had also removed his face guard was was licking the ice cream. Wheeljack just stared and his own ice cream melted in his hand.

AutobotV: Aww being naughty again?

Wheeljack: N-no. I just never saw his mouth...I mean full face before.

AutobotV: Yeah I bet you wanna taste of that!

Wheeljack: S-shut up!

Soundwave noticed and stopped licking the treat, looking at Wheeljack with concern

Then he sent Wheeljack a cute little grin, even I'm turning into putty just thinking about it. Wheeljack went bright red when Soundwave spoke.

'Is something wrong?' he asked...wait a minute.

AutobotV: Soundwave what happened to your voice?

Soundwave: Oh that? It happens when I take the face guard off. Plus I was getting annoyed talking in capitals...why?

AutobotV: Oh I'm not complaining, you just sound so sexy right now. Well you sound sexy with it on but you know what I mean.

Wheeljack just continued staring, his face getter redder by the minute when Soundwave tried talking to him. Wheeljack was holding his ice-cream so tight it melted into his hand. Soundwave even noticed that Wheeljack was getting redder and hotter by the second.

'Are you OK? You have a fever or something?'

Then Soundwave did something that I taught him how to do by the way! He pressed his forehead up against Wheeljack's to check his tempeture. Now Wheeljack was getting hotter and even more redder. Soundwave was face to face to him and their lips were inches apart! Wheeljack was freaking out and sort of tried to get near but get far from Soundwave as possible. I just decided that this was going no where so I gave Wheeljack a little push! Wheeljack thought he was going to explode when he somehow ended up kissing Soundwave! Soundwave also went red and jumped back. Wheeljack forced a cheesy grin before running off.

'I just using going to the loo's!' he cried.

Soundwave cocked his head in confusion.

'Since when did we ever use toilets?' he pondered.

Wheeljack slammed the door and tried to stop his spark from jumping out of his body, he was that nervous. He pictured a rather hot and smutty moment between him and the Decepticon, but due to ratings I cannot release that information. I just giggled like a little school girl and sent him back out there, but he has no idea that I've done that. Wheeljack looked around in shock to find himself with Soundwave again and tried to think of something to rid his mind of dirty thoughts.

' do you want to go next?' he asked.

'The movies?' suggested Soundwave.

Wheeljack flushed, I told him that's where couples go to make out and stuff! The mechanic nodded and the two mechs left Grimlock all alone, who was still tyring to figure out how to eat an ice-cream, even though he doesn't have a-

Grimlock: I know, me Grimlock will transform!

AutobotV: He does have brains!

Meanwhile Wheeljack was trying to figure out what to watch with Soundwave, looking at a long list of movies. Wheeljack wanted the Decepticon to pick the movie since he had no idea what to choose.

'Er...what do you want to watch?' asked the nervous Autobot.

'How about that film about an empire of machines that enslave mankind and feed off their energy while they dream and think that they are alive in a made up world and a puny human, who has strange powers, has to stop them!?'

'Sorry, Prime says I can't watch that confused him.'

'Okay, how about the one where machines have taken over the world but they have to send one back in time to kill the mother of a human who could stop them?'

'Prowl told me it was a film meant for Decepticons.'

'How about we watch the one where aliens come down to Earth and ride around in giant robotic tri-pods and destroy man kind?'

'The old one or the crap one?'

'The crap one.'

'...What the heck...anything with Tom Cruise.'

As the mechs entered the building to buy popcorn and soda, they were unaware who else had entered the cinema to watch the crap film! Earlier on it was Optimus Prime, OP Jr and Prowl.

Optimus, is this wise? OP jr is still too young for a violent movie like this!' sighed Prowl

'Nonsense, he needs to learn how we Autobots fight Decepticons...I'm just gonna tell him that the big giant tri-pods are Decepticons so he'll grow up to hate them!'

'That's not it! That movie is crap and terrible!'

As they entered, they were shortly followed by the Reflector bots! After seeing both Wheeljack and Optimus prime enter the building they got rather excited...or should that be HE got excited?

'Hey, I saw Wheeljack and Optimus Prime come in here!'

'Sweet, this will be like hitting two Starscream's with one stone! We get Wheeljack to build the FIL and get Optimus Prime to make sweet, hardcore love to us!'

'Don't you mean Starscream and Sky Warp?

'Shut up Reflector 2!'

'I'm Reflector 3!'

As they ran in, and while I was recovering from a bad mental image, Megatron arrived and he was carrying a pregnant Starscream. The red Seeker was still whining and knitting as Megatron carried him into the cinema, thinking a movie might make Starscream's water burst.

'Hurry up Megatron! This is supposed to be a good film!'

'Yeah right, anything with Tom Cruise is bound to be dull.'

'But it has man killing machines in it! You like man killing machines!'

'We ARE man killing machines! Besides that's the only part I'm looking forward to!'

As all the mechs entered the building to watch the film, Wheeljack sat close to Soundwave, not noticing that the cinema had gotten dark or who else is in there...jeez what is going to happen next?