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Fire and Ice

Chapter 1 Genin exams

''Mei get back here,'' called the 5 chunin and a junin running at a fast pace but as the minutes passed by they seem to be slowing down. Mei was getting tired too so she had to hide. The nearest place to do so was the old Uchia manor." Dam it," thought the 13 year old girl" as she ran to the Uchia manor.

Mei was desperate now she had to escape these ninja who knew what they were going to do to her. Mei was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that she was at the Uchia mansion until she accidentally stepped on an old wooden Uchia fan that was lying on the ground. 'This might be useful for later' she thought

Mei was surprised this was the big and mighty Uchia house it looked like an old run down shack! Wasn't the last survivor of the Uchia clan supposed to take care of the compound? Well still with all these cobwebs those crazy (in her mind) ninja would have a hard time seeing me.

But as Mei went in to the house she saw that the place looked more livable in the inside than on the outside. She saw an old bedroom that had a cozy bed that was covered with a black fury blanket. The bed also had an assortment of small black pillows that had the Uchia fan on it. There was a study desk covered with papers and some droplets of ink splattered over it.

The next room was the kitchen. It had a sink, a stove, a refrigerator and a cupboard full of fresh food in simple it was like a normal kitchen.

Next was the living room which had a leather couch with a matching black armchair also it had a glass table that had junk food on it. The thing that caught Mei's eyes was the large flat screen TV. As Mei started drooling over it there was a crash in front of the house and a series of loud yells'.

Mei started panicking but stopped right in her tracks when she heard a cold voice behind her "Hide," the owner of the cold voice simply said. The brown haired girl did so and hid under the couch well what choice did she have she was in a strangers home and those ninja were looking for her and wanted to put her in as much pain as possible without killing her.

Right after Mei hid under the couch the 5 drunken chunin and junin barged into the room kunai in their hands. "Where's the demon child," one called out. But hey stopped in their tracks when they saw who was in the middle of the room. "What do you want," called out the black haired boy. "Nothing we were just leaving," they nervously replied.

Beneath the couch Mei was laughing her head of and she almost screamed out in mirth when the ninja were begging for there mom (in their minds of course) when the boy glared at them.

When the ninja had finely left Mei got out from under the couch, when she finished dusting herself off she looked at the boy and was about to speak when the boy interrupted her "No," the boy said. "No what?" asked Mei. "You were going to ask me to go on a date," he replied surprised that that this girl didn't jump on him at any chance.

"Why would I do that I barely know you," she said.

" Whatever just get out of here," he said in again a cold voice. Not wanting to make a commotion she left as fast as she could picking up the fan on her way out. That was weird thought Mei as she ran to her rundown apartment when she got there she went straight to her bed and fell into a deep slumber.


Mei woke up in a damp sewer she was drenched in water. She was chilled to the bone since she was only covered by her pajamas. Up ahead she saw an unholy red chakra taking the form of a fox. She fallowed the red fox to a huge cage that was adored with strange runes and seals. Suddenly two huge silted red eyes and fangs appeared in the cage. When that happened Mei was hit with an enormous wave of killing intend which made her fall to the cold water.

"Foolish human you can't even take a little bit of killing intend," roared the 3000 year old fox.

" YOU CALL THAT A LITTLE" Mei shouted back still in the friged water.

" Shut up little human I am going to tell you why the villagers hated and abused you that way." he said to the girl. "To make you want to have revenge and let me free," he evilly thought.

"Why, please tell me,' pleaded Mei changing her attitude towards the fox.

"No," the Kyubi simply said.

"But you just said…" Mei uncertainly asked.

"I change my mind," the great beast smugly said.




"Yes but on one condition," Kyubi said as he got annoyed by the girl.

"Whatever it is I will do it," Mei eagerly said wanting to know why the villagers hated her so much.

"You stop with the stupid mask," the beast requested. "The genjutsu too," the beast added.

"Fine," Mei said in a cold tone.

She put her hands on a ram seal and cast the genjutsu off. Now in front of the Kyubi stood a girl about five feet tall with silky golden brown hair big chestnut brown (that looked golden in the sunlight) eyes that you could get lost in but where devoted of life. She had a cute button nose with blood red lips. Her skin was pale and also devoted of life like it had not been kissed upon by the sun. Her body had curves in all the right places and was nice upon the eyes. But the most eye caching thing about her was her big bust that even bigger that Tsunades (amazing) and it was going to be bigger as she grows up. She was a girl that was defiantly growing up good on the looks department.

"Wow," was the only thing the great, almighty demon lord of hell could say.

"Stop gawking at me and spit it fur ball'' Mei rudely demanded.

"Fine, fine it's because I'm sealed in you by the fourth hokage Kazakama Arashi your father, Your mother was an Uchiha." the beast bluntly said.

"Well that explains it'' Mei said already plotting the villages downfall." Well I got to go or I'll be late for the stupid academy," said Mei still plotting.

Today was the graduation day for the academy and the day Mei would drop her mask forever. Konoha was going to get the shock of their lives when they see the demon child the supposedly untalented dead last Mei thought. Today instead of that stupid orange jumpsuit Mei was going to wear black baggy pants, a tight black tank top that framed her bust perfectly, she had the standard kunai pouch around her leg the she also had a beautiful sword strapped to her back. It was black and red to that showed Mei's personally perfectly. On its hilt was carved a nine tailed fox representing Kyubi. Well better go Mei evilly thought wanting to see the villages face. Mei was walking down the street getting stares and drool mouths from the men and jealous looks from the woman. But the weirdest thing was the older generations they looked at her like they were seeing a ghost. Mei finally got to the academy with no cold glares maybe they didn't recognize her she decided. Mei went down the hallway to room 18 her classroom. She went in classroom 18 nervous about what the students' reaction would be. Well it wasn't what she expected. Mei went in the classroom and suddenly everybody was as silent as Shino. The boys started drooling well expect Sasuke, and Shino. The girl's only reaction was them fighting over Sasuke and who got to sit beside him. Mei walked over to the crowd of girls and pushed through the girls and sat beside Sasuke since the boys couldn't go through the mob of girls to start bugging her for a date.

" What do you want dobe," Sasuke said. In an instant Mei was in front of Sasuke glaring at him with full force and full bowl of killer intent. Mei was opening her mouth to yell at the boy when she was pushed into Saskue and kissed her. A second latter they pulled away coughing and spitting like they had been given poison.

"Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,'' Sakura shouted angry that she had not gotten 'her' Saskey-kun first kiss. The other girls felt the same.

"BE QUIT AND LISEN UP,'' Iruka called out. ' Today is the graduation exam in which you will have to make a henge of me and a bushin.

"First Mei Uzomaki, make a proper henge and a bunshin,'' Iruka requested. To which Mei did flawlessly much to Iruka's and her class's surprise. But they quickly forgot about it when their names were called.

Everyone in the class passed the exam today, so I wonder who will be in my team if it's not that teme (Sasuke) or that pink haired fangirl (Sakura) I'm happy.