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Saratobi was getting very annoyed at the start of the day but this was ridiculous demanding a C-ranked mission was unheard of by gennin fresh out of the academy but theses gennin had exponential power and skill not only individually but also as a team. Saratobi wondered what this grand team would be like without Hendi's intervention. Mei would probably never have unlocked he Sharingan and just know the Shadow clone jutsu while Kakashi trained Sasuke alone. Sakura would never have taken being a Konoichi seriously until it was to late and Sasuke would just be a spoiled little brat. Reluctantly he agreed to give team 7 a lower C-ranked mission. He called in Tazuna and gave them his protection. Which he insulted by saying "Theses brats look rather weak and would run at a moments danger. The tall one looks remotely strong even if you say theses four are strong I'll believe it when I see it." While Tazuna was speaking this Hendi was reading his mind and what he saw appaled him to the highest degree 'to bad the rest of my people are dead killed in was and surprisingly they sent me the runt of the litter to theses people I am strong but compared to anyone else that were in my clan I was the weakest. Wait why did I remember that? Am I slowly begining to regain my memories?' Hendi thought.

'Somthing about this Tazuna person seems to not add up Hendi is looking at him with a very curious look. That isn't to be taken lightly.' Mei thought while she was giving a curious look to both Hendi and Tazuna.

"Team 7 we will meet up in one hour at West gate. Dissmissed." Kakashi staited lazily

Hendi started to run to the place where he first came to this planet to find who he really was. Slowly but surly he remembered he was in a choir and was the runt of the entire family but now the last of his people in the entire world like he cared about that, now he never wanted to leave a place where he called home ever again. All he wanted to do was to protect Mei from all harm and danger that was in the village. The more he kept running to the sight the more slowly the memories came back to him. He remembered his older brother having so much power that he was able to bring music out of no where but now it seemed to him like it had been a trick of his mind that served no purpose in his old home but now it seamed like it could be useful here. Slowly making his way threw the wreckage not looking for anything in specific but not knowing what in the world he was looking for. Near the middle of the wreckage he saw something shinny that caught his eyes. He had found the disk he remembered and started to transfer the chakra into it. The disk made a sound and surprisingly it actually worked as a weapon. A smile proceeded his face as he skipped around to find the right and loudest of the songs on that disk. He finally found it the loudest song. It had the shrillest of soprano and the deepest of basses and everything in between. The song was a perfect mix and the right things for attacking papooses. As well on the same disk he found a powerful hypnotic song. A smile came across his face as he put the disk in his weapon pouch. Mai came threw the trees just after he pocked his disk Mai saw the grin and expected it was best if she did not ask anything. Slowly they packed while enjoying the time they had together. The hour time limit they had quickly passed as they threw the last things in a sealing scroll. The couple quickly made their way to west gate where Kakshi was a little bit behind schedule. When the three of them were starting to wonder what was taking him so long he appeared and Hendi gave him a look that would kill him if looks could kill. Team 7 was shortly on their way to the wave and and their first S-ranked mission. The team and Tazuna were walking at a blistering 1.5 miles an hour extremely slow in ninja standards. Both Mei and Hendi were ready for anything from bandits to S-ranked criminals discussed as bandits while Kakashi was reading his smut. When the team finally reached to where the demon brothers were hiding both Mai and Hendi struck the puddle. Hendi took out one of his disks and just said "Secret jutsu Sound of Hypnosis." that song was a primly a low bass song and with the right amount of Chakra it could be hypnotic and put people to sleep. Kakashi looked stunned for a second as that speed he would only expect Jonin and above to wield but the jutsu he used was at least a B-rank. Hendi and Mai bound the two and Hendi woke up the two from there hypnotic sleep. The one remark he had "You can take one of three options you can live and tell us everything and travel with us and we can see if we can get you into Konoha. The second is you don't cooperate and we will eventually kill you or we can just kill you." The two looked at each other for a second and spilled the beans everything they knew. Hendi looked like he was deap in thought and muttered to himslef "looks like I am going to have to use that jutsu to bring down two of the seven. We might run into a third with Kasame running free."

True to his word he released the demon brothers but Kakashi was sceptical at first but his suppositions were cut short when two of the legendary swords came flying by one was owned by abuza the other Kasame. Zabuza's rough voice straited "I now know why the demon bothers failed a Shatingan Kakashi."

Kakashi just smiled and shook his head no and he pointed to Mai and Hendi who were very much ready for a full out assault Hendi had his hands on two of the loudest disks he had and ready for a full out music assault while Mai had her Shatingan blazing. Almost without warning Hendi did Music style Chorus of a thousand angles. An extremely destructive justu and very dangerous to thouse who get in his way it could kill the opponent in one clean hit but surprisingly to Kakahi he did not kill them but only wounded them and knocked them out. He then blasted the trees where a fake hunter nin was stationed but insted he toned it down a little bit. just to knock her out. Hendi just smiled and Kakashi that thoes two justu did not take that much chakra at all but in power he used S-ranked in destruction D-ranked in chakra and B-ranked in control thus making it an A-ranked jutsu. Surprising everyone Hendi took out another disk and said in a quiet voice sound of rebirth. Trees started to go back where they were and everything that was destroyed came back to life. Shocking Kakashi once more. Sakura was petrified at the shere power those jutsu had it would have been bad if he crashed landed near Iwa or an enemy of the leaf he would kill them or not capture them and show them mercy. What was just seen is that he was mercifully to his captured enemies treating them right talking with they like they were old friends that havent seen each other in a while. His true heart was seen here in theses acts even the most experienced shinobi wouldn't show mercy like this maybe he had a reason why he spared there life all of them would probably find out later when they reached Tazuna's house. The journey was almost over when they defeted both swordsmen and captured them alive. About a day later Zabuza and his apprentice woke up after a long rest and found there surrounding was deffenetly not a prision but of a spacious house. Zabuza groggily getting up he herd Kasame's and Haku's laughter boom up from downstairs and Zabuza thought ' I don't ever remember Haku of Kasame laughing like that ever before.' The closer he got to the downstairs the louder the laghter became. When he finally came down the steps Hendi decided to make a smart remark by saying "Looks like sleeping beauty finally decided to show himself. I know all of you are wondering why you were spared I have one reason I know of you past in the hell hole you once called home and I have to say if the Mizukage didn't get wind from a wannabe swordsman you would have succeeded in overthrowing him. The real reason why I spared your lives is that I saw my own family destroyed before my eyes and I hate killing some one who is not deserving death besides that Konoha needs some water specialists. And from what I have seen of you Zabuza you treat you aprentince like she was your own daughter and no I already have a girlfriend she was the one with the satingan blazing when you where knocked out."

Each one of them got a good laugh from Zabuza's expense but it was short lived when Inari came in the room. He did his little rant on how Gato was going to kill all of them and how sad he was without his father figure. Mai bashed him on his head and yelled at him that he didn't know pain was when the entire village was against you and trying to kill you. Needless to say Inari ran off to a spot by the sea he sat there while he cried himself to sleep. Dawn seemed to come very early the next morning after Hendi had to hold Mai as she cried herself to sleep.

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